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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Gates says his book is ‘an honest account’

Defense Secretary Robert Gates
Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he doesn’t regret anything he wrote in his controversial new book and calls the memoir “an honest account.”

In “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary of War,” the former Pentagon chief under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama raises questions about Obama’s war leadership and harshly criticizes Vice President Joe Biden.

Gates tells CBS’ “Sunday Morning” that people credited him with being blunt and candid while he was in the Cabinet and that “I could hardly be any less in writing a book.”

Gates say how some are looking at the book reflects the country’s polarized political process.

He says he didn’t think that waiting until 2017 — after the next presidential election — to weigh in on important issues “made any sense.”


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1 thought on “Gates says his book is ‘an honest account’”

  1. I watched a Gates interview, and the main criticism he had of Obama was that he was not gung-ho 100% sure about his decisions in the Afghan war. But being thoughtful and considering other choices, and honestly critiquing your own decisions in retrospect is a sign of competence! It is the incompetent who are absolutely sure about their decisions, even when they were wrong.

    I think Obama made a mistake discussing his qualms about the war with Gates, since Gates seems to have no understanding of how intelligent humans make important decisions. It is imperative that a President (and a Sec of Defense) have the character needed to send our soldiers to fight and perhaps die, but it is always a disaster when they do it without a lot of thinking and discussing options first.

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