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Friday, April 12, 2024

Rand Paul’s latest fantasy: A lawsuit over NSA spying

Rand Paul:  Yeah, he said that
Rand Paul: Yeah, he said that

Republican Sen. Rand Paul, the rabid right-winger who thinks he could be the next President of the United States, is filing suit against the Obama administration over the data-collection policies of the National Security Agency.

And his lead lawyer on the case is another right-wing reactionary — tea party favorite Ken Cuccinelli, the Virginia Attorney General who lost last November’s governor’s race when voters in the Old Dominion decided he was roo rabid even for them.

Paul, son of thee-time failed Presidential candidate Ron Paul, is using his web site to urge Americans “to stop Barack Obama’s NSA from snooping on the American people.”

Paul neglects to mention that the massive NSA spying probems that has angered and concerned Americans started under the administration of former Republican President George W. Bush.

On Fox News’ “Hannity,” the Kentucky Republican told host Eric Bolling that  every American with a cellphone would be eligible to join the suit as a class action.

Paul says that people who want to join the suit are telling the government that it can’t have access to emails and phone records without permission or without a specific warrant.

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5 thoughts on “Rand Paul’s latest fantasy: A lawsuit over NSA spying”

  1. Two suggestions: Turn off Javascript and turn off images.

    Two more: Turn off cookies and turn off referrer information.

    It’s wonderful how much more peaceful that makes web surfing. The more administrators try to enhance my experience, the more things I like to turn off.

    Of course, the above remarks might very well get me into hot water with this website’s administrators. They know better than I where the butter on their bread comes from.


  2. I use Google and have NEVER had an Ad. If you were to work through setup you would find the check box or better yet use a third party email client….

  3. I bet at least 90% of the people who complain about the NSA are using Google and Facebook everyday. Those companies are actually much worse than the NSA. If you really care about your privacy, then you should be using Ravetree, DuckDuckGo, HushMail, or any of the other privacy-based sites that exist. True, you may not be able to hide from the NSA, but at least your photo won’t appear in an ad, and you’ll still have control over how the public can access your personal info.

  4. Or are they more afraid that the people will wake up and remember that is was they (“Rabid right-wing reactionaries”) that gave the NSA and other agencies the authority and power (remember the Patriot Act and the adjustments to the FISA, two of the legacies from that right wing religious buffoon we called President G. W. Bush) to do just what they are doing now.

    Hmmm, look into the mirror and be afraid, be very afraid.

  5. I find it interesting that anyone who speaks the truth in this massively unconstitutional NSA spying scandal is now being labeled by the media as a “rabid right wing-er”

    Indeed, it’s the “rabid right wing” that’s doing everything in its power to KEEP all that illegal spying firmly in place, thereby turning our once proud nation into little more than a police state.

    But, then again, to paraphrase Rand Paul’s former father (former Congressman Ron Paul), “Truth has now become treason in an empire built on lies.”

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