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Sunday, December 3, 2023

‘Duck Dynasty’ debacle apparently over…for now

Phil Robertson: Back in the swamp and on the airwaves.
Phil Robertson: Back in the swamp and on the airwaves.

Is the end near for the hysteria over Duck Dynasty honcho Phil Robertson’s attack on homosexuals and others things he doesn’t agree with?

After suspending Robertson “indefinitely” from the hit reality show about a backwoods multimillionaire family that thrives on duck calls and controversy, the Arts and Entertainment Network is quietly planning to air new episodes of the series in January with the head of the title family in place.

In the mean time, the Cracker Barrel restaurant and store chain is apologizing to customers for pulling selected “Duck Dynasty” items from its shelves and begging customers to forgive, forget and return.

Robertson, in typical fashion for his carefully-crafted TV persona, is not backing down from his controversial and some feel inflammatory remarks but it adding that he doesn’t “hate anyone.”

The brewing controversy has given failed politician Sarah Palin a chance to recapture the limelight she craves by jumping to Robertson’s defense while opponents led by Charlie Sheen plus the gay and black communities continue to denounce the duck patriarch and demand his removal from the public airwaves.

Some now wonder is the entire brouhaha was, like the “Duck Dynasty” show itself, a carefully-scripted public relations stunt to hype even more public interest in the program that is already a ratings bonanza for A&E.



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