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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Katie Couric joining Yahoo News as new ‘Global Anchor”

Katie Couric: Becoming a presence on the web
Katie Couric: Becoming a presence on the web

Katie Couric, once the queen of daytime news talk shows as co-host of the NBC “Today” program, is expanding beyond mainstream TV to become the “Global Anchor” of Yahoo News.

Couric will develop video-based news coverage for Yahoo starting in 2014, joining New York Times stafffers Megan Liberman, David Pogue and Matt Bai.

As the “Global Anchor,” Couric will report live on news events, interview newsmakers and have other chores as the web site makes video a regular part of its news home page.

Said Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on Monday:

I’ve always respected Katie for her thoughtful, charismatic approach to journalism. From pivotal coverage of natural disasters and historic elections to the Royal Wedding and the Olympic Games, groundbreaking interviews with heads of state and leading tastemakers, her experience is unmatched. Katie is dynamic, savvy and has a way of connecting with viewers that I really admire.

Responds Couric in a formal statement:

It’s very exciting to be a part of a leading company at the intersection of content and technology. I have great admiration for Marissa Mayer and her team and their commitment to bringing news, entertainment and information to the Yahoo community across multiple platforms.  Joining Yahoo offers a tremendous opportunity to reach people all around the world in the way that they’re using and consuming media today.

Couric will also continue to host “Katie,” her daytime talk show on ABC.

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