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Friday, June 21, 2024

Political parties? We don’t need no stinkin’ political parties

You got that right.
You got that right.

Always happens.  I write something that raises the question of misdeeds or dishonesty of an elected official I get accused of being a member of the “other party.”

Recent pieces about the many problems and failures of Obamacare brought several sharply worded replies that claimed I was a “right winger” or “part of the Republican conspiracy to destroy America.”

Some  of those replies never appeared because our spam filter flagged them for the use of obscenities or threats of violence.  That often happens.  Both sides have extremists who can’t express themselves without the use of four-letter words or a promise to beat the hell out of someone they disagree with.

A recent column about Obamacare sparked intense debate on our ReaderRant bulletin board.

Such is the nature of politics today.  When one writes or says something that questions the actions of a public official who belongs to a political party, the mass assumption out there is that the criticism comes at the behest of the opposite party.

Which, sadly, showcases the shallowness of too many of the discussions that surround political activity these days.  Too often, they focus too much on the hyperbole that controls political agendas and are, sadly, a regurgitation of “talking points” and “spin” of one political party or the other.

Political parties?  We don’t need no stinkin’ political parties.

At least I don;t.  I share equal disdain for all political parties and/or groups of organizations: Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Liberal, Conservative, Right-Wing or Left.

For the record, I am not a Democrat or a Republican a liberal or a conservative, or a right winger or a leftie.  I don’t belong to any political group or any organization that makes political endorsements or backs candidates for any office.

The only label I subscribe to is the one that says “American.”  I firmly believe that no political party puts America above its own self-interests.  No political party accepts the concept of individualism.

No political party gives a damn about “the people,” because doing so runs afoul of the narrow, often single-interest agendas of the cash-laden special interest groups that dominate all parties.

Whenever anyone starts a conversation with “I’m a Republican” or “I’m a Democrat” or “I’m a (insert party here),” I stop listening because the verbal diarrhea  that follows is too often taken directly from talking points of some party or ideological group.

Whenever possible, I prefer to have conversations with people who think for themselves and that is getting harder and harder to do in today overtly-partisan, narrow-focus agenda-driven society.

We once were a nation of individuals.  We were a nation that embraced freedom.

No longer.  We are a nation of political followers, led by parties or organizations that seek absolute control through restrictive rules and dogma.

America, in my opinion, cannot and will not survive as a partisan political nation.

It cannot, and will not, overcome its many problems until its citizens — by and large — rid themselves of the shackles of party affiliation and start putting ht needs of America ahead of the partisan agendas of political parties.


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3 thoughts on “Political parties? We don’t need no stinkin’ political parties”

  1. Doug, I’m with you 100% on this. I’m either a dem or a rep, not a leftie or a rightie — in fact I don’t even know where I fit on the political scale. I, however, refuse to align myself with anything that is “organized” — be it politics or religion. I have too often found myself having to vote for who “appears” to be the lesser of two evils, or who will be more likely to appoint non-partisan judges to the federal bench. This country is supposed to be based on secular laws, not religious ideology. Our federal legislators are supposed to insure and promote the general welfare and they all seem to fail so miserably on this score.

  2. Doug, I agree with you 100% on political parties. I do not trust them (or Corporate) as far as I can see them or throw them. Like you, I am an American first and foremost. And an independent second.
    And I can hardly wait to see this wonderful new ‘plan’ the Repubs have come up with. Probably as bad if not worse than the Dumocrat’s Obamacare. Just another bs plan to make the already rich insurance companies richer. Unfortunately Corporate now owns this country lock, stock and barrel. Hell, they own the political parties.

  3. “It’s nice to say let’s be bipartisan. But we’re a partisan nation. We were raised as a partisan nation.” ~ Colin Powell

    I agree. After all, it gives us Americans something to bitch about.

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