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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Obama’s humble act was just that…an act

President Barack Obama: 'Yes, it was my fault." (AP/Charles Dharapak)
President Barack Obama: ‘Well, damn, I got caught in yet another lie.” He didn’t say that, of course, but his body language did. (AP/Charles Dharapak)

Barack Obama strode to the podium of the White House press room Thursday wearing a carefully-prepared face of humility as he told the nation that he realized he needed to “win back the confidence of the American people” and admitted, for a change, that when it came to the fire he’s been under for failures in his health care “reform” package, “this one’s deserved.”

But the President’s show of humility was, at best, orchestrated by handlers who managed to convince him to bury, on the surface at least, his super sized ego and act like he’s genuinely sorry to have misled Americans.

“If you like your plan, you can keep it,” he told Americans over and over — right up to the day the flood of cancellations began arriving to millions of Americans who found they couldn’t keep their insurance because the new law gave companies a reason to cancel under the claim that the existing plan didn’t meet minimum qualifications set by the law.

“I completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of Americans,” Obama said with a well-rehearsed contrite look on his face.  “Americans whose plans have been canceled can choose to enroll in the same kind of plan.”

“Same kind of plan” does not mean Americans will be able to keep their existing health insurance or that they will not have to pay more for something that resembles the plan they are losing.

Obama is not requiring the insurance companies to rescind their cancellations because the lobbyists from those companies tell the President they don’t want to do that and Obama, in another broken promises, listens to the lobbyists that he promised as a candidate would have no role in his presidency.

Another day, another broken promise by a president who lies repeatedly to the American people.

Obama’s plan, discussed of course in vague terms, only gives insurance companies “the option” of taking back customers if they want to do so and — even then — the extension is only for a year so those who get to keep their plans will only be able to do so for another 12 months.

This is a “fix” by a humble President?  Hell, no.  It’s another lie by a manipulating con artist who got into office by pretending to be something he is not and won re-election because Republicans put up a candidate who, astoundingly, was even worse.

Obama is not “humbled” by what has happened on Obamacare.  He got caught lying, again, to the American public and he is trying to squirm his way out of it with a carefully manufactured “fix” that won’t work.

At the podium, Obama said he believes “the Affordable Care Act will work.”  He’s lying. He knows it can’t work because he allowed the health insurance industry to create a plan that can’t work because it serves their needs and not the needs of millions of uninsured Americans.

Obamacare is a sham act from a sham President who conned the American people into buying a fake message of change and hope.


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2 thoughts on “Obama’s humble act was just that…an act”

  1. Mr. Thompson,

    During my daily walks way back in early 2009, I told my fellow walkers that Mr. Obama was doomed
    on the healthcare issue and that he had misled the people during his campaign on Single Payer. You must remember seeing Senator Max Baucus chairing the committee on healthcare reform was bad news. After all, he was simply the face of the insurance companies. My friends told me that I was wrong on this issue. I assured them the most prominent visitor to the White House during Mr. Obama’s first thirty days in office was Billy Tauzin, former congressman, and at that time, CEO of PhRMA insured the medical industry was writing the bill.

    The American people have been screwed, blued, and, tattooed. When will the people realize Obamacare is merely a plot to get kick old, sick, poor, and disabled people off the insurance rolls. They only want healthy people on their plans. Let’s see if the millions who have been kicked off will have the guts to protest from coast to coast, border to border.

    To those millions who no longer have insurance because of Obamacare, I hate to be the bearer of further bad news but just like black and white television, Blue Cross and their friends ain’t coming back to you.

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