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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Time to scrap Obamacare and find something that works

An idea that more and more Americans are agreeing with.
An idea that more and more Americans are agreeing with.

The Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare and once considered the President’s signature accomplishment, is now the latest example of inept administration, flawed policy and glaring failure.

With increasing problems and security threats, the troubled web site now stands as the poster child for a President who, more and more, just can’t seem to do anything right.

And while former President Bill Clinton leads a growing list of Democrats who want at least a delay in implementation of the flawed program, which is scheduled to take effect on January 1, other members of the party of the donkey talk privately among themselves and express the once never-considered thought within their ranks that Obamacare may need to be scrapped so the party and the nation can move on.

“Yes, there in talk within the walls that the Affordable Care Act is not ready for prime time and may never be what we thought it could be,” a senior White House aide told me privately this week.

More and more, it appears he could be right.  Obamacare is not what the President promised when he mesmerized a nation looking for bright new leadership.  It is a law written by health care lobbyists — the same kind of lobbyists that Obama promised would never be part of his administration.

It became more and more impossible to implement as a viable improvement because the White House allowed crippling compromises to get it passed and those changes turned the law into a mystifying piece of legislation that defied logic  — as demonstrated every day by the mounting list of problems surrounding and the broken Obama promise that Americans could keep their existing health insurance if they desired.

Former President Clinton is urging Obama to back changes in the law that would stop tens of millions of Americans from losing their existing health plans.  Obama is stubbornly refusing.

Other Democrats want, as the very least, a delay in the requirement that Americans be on board with Obamacare or have some other form of health insurance by March 1 or face a penalty.  Obama is resisting that as well.

The few who have managed to work their way through the flawed Obamacare system often find themselves suffering “sticker shock,” with premium prices are far more than they can afford to pay along with castigating restrictions that will keep them from qualifying for the subsidies necessary to pay for the insurance.

Republicans came under fire for demanding delays or complete defunding of the Affordable Care Act as a condition for avoiding the 16-day government shutdown in October.  Now, public sentiment appears to be growing to taking another look at Obamacare and, perhaps, accepting the fact that it is a failed law that should be scrapped.

As more and more problems emerge from the law that never deserved the term “reform,” it is more and more obvious that Obamacare is a law that can not work.

More importantly, it is a law that should be recognized as a mistake and scrapped before it does even more damage to an already-hobbled American health care system.


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7 thoughts on “Time to scrap Obamacare and find something that works”

  1. One need only have a rudimentary understanding of human nature to realize the ACA was destined to failure. The young people needed to sign up to make it an effective program. How many young healthy single people would voluntarily sign up to have a car payment sized monthly extraction made from their earnings?

    Better to pay the $90.00 penalty come tax time early 2015. It just makes fiscal sense. 25% of them wouldn’t even use the coverage once in the year. And they’ll take the $300 penalty tax time 2016 too.

    The other problem also is the young are living in their parents basements thanks to the lousy economy. No job, no income means no money to spend on healthcare insurance.

    The ACA also never had the political support required to motivate those people outside of the system to get in to the system. Indeed, nearly half would rather sabotage the plan.

    Those in the workplace still have employers paying half or more of their insurance, so they aren’t looking to exchanges and their employers are exempt from compliance for another year. This accounts for around 58% of Americans per the BLS, though a percentage of those are the self-employed that might be interested in the ACA coverage.

    Most of those that have signed up are the ones that were previously denied coverage due to previous health conditions. Likewise, the baby boomers sheer numbers ensure this pyramid scheme is too far upside down to ever pan out to anything but a hyper expensive boondoggle on the American people.

    But the biggest problem with the ACA is it doesn’t provide healthcare, but healthcare insurance, and it doesn’t make it universal or affordable, so what is the point?

    Maybe that was the intent from the beginning, simple wealth confiscation. Reverse Robin Hood in action, robbing the poor to pay the bankers.

  2. Well, 3 computer engineers from San Francisco proved it could be done better, faster and much cheaper. Why do the local, state and federal governments think they have to pay so much to get something done?

  3. “Time to scrap Obamacare and find something that works”.

    I think the sequence is wrong. Find something that works and then scrap Obamacare. Doing it the other way around is exactly the Tea Party ploy to kill any sort of solution to our national embarrassment w/regards to affordable health coverage.

    Judging the success of the program solely on its Web site implementation is seductive but misses the broader picture. We at least have a start for a program that, by consensus of every other nation in the developed (and quite a few in the undeveloped) world delivers affordable health care to their citizens. That took 40 years to get done. that is an unvarnished big deal.

    There are some underlying efforts going on to clog the web site:
    I imagine even CHB has had a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack or two when Doug has ruffled too many feathers. They are hard to defend against. But more importantly, the fact that they happened is not a reason to not read CHB any more than a clogged gov. website is a reason to trash something really important.

    Granted, the ACA is a mashup of outright giveaways to the health insurance industry, but it is the best we could get and ought to be celebrated as such. Trashing it because the website is slow is just silly. Fixing the problems should really be the emphasis.

    I am tired of hearing about problems without any suggestions of solutions to those problems that don’t involve devolving to some sort of lawless/leaderless feral society.

  4. Quote: Time to scrap Obamacare and find something that works

    I disagree! Let me see, it has been just over a month since this new law went into effect? As a self-employed small business owner I have nothing but praise for Obamacare. At the age of 62 I was paying over $800 a month for good coverage. Signing up on was simple and easy and I will be getting equal coverage for half the price.

    • LOL, of course you think it is great Bill. Obamacare tries to force young men who don’t need sickness care insurance into paying premiums, to subsidize you. They get ripped off, you get free money. What is not to like if you are 62?

        • Everyone, notice Bill did not disagree with me. That is because I spoke the truth. Obamacare is trying to force young people into subsidizing his insurance, they pay more, he pays less. Money flows from their pockets right into his.

          Assuming, of course, the whole thing doesn’t self-destruct because of Obama incompetence or because young guys figure it out and refuse to go along.

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