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Friday, December 1, 2023

More serious problems for Obamacare web site

Obamacare's constantly-crashing web site.
Obamacare’s constantly-crashing web site.

Call it the misfit gift that keep on giving problems and headaches.

There are more troubles for the Obama administration‘s troubled and error-prone HealthCare.Gov website.

Adviser Jeffrey Zients said Friday that the trouble-plagued federal healthcare website is improving, but that higher volumes of visitors are exposing new capacity and software issues.

Zients, speaking in a conference call with reporters, admitted progress this week ran into serious roadblocks., he said, is “a long way from where it needs to be.”

The Obama administration continues to struggle in its uphill battle to resolve problems with the website by the end of November, when it has pledged to have the system operating smoothly for the vast number of users, including uninsured people interested in obtaining subsidized private health insurance.

Elsewhere within the administration, an Obama aide admitted to Capitol Hill Blue Friday the President’s goal of a working web site by the end of November “is turning into a pipe dream.”

“It is looking more and more like we will not, and can not, make that deadline,” the aide said.  “The odds increase daily that we may have to accept a delay in implementing the system.”

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