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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Cuccinelli, often caught lying, claims ‘truth is our friend’

Ken Cuccinelli: Can a candidate known for lying claim the truth is his friend? (AP)
Ken Cuccinelli: Can a candidate known for lying claim the truth is his friend? (AP)

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, whose campaign for governor is struggling in the final days of the race against Democrat Terry McAuliffe, claims he still has a chance in the race because people are learning more about him and “the truth is our friend.”

An interesting comment from an official who has come under fire for shading the truth and lying outright as the state’s top law enforcement official,

Cuccinelli has come under firse for stalling investigations against major contributors to his campaign, lying about his relationship with the scandal-scarred CEO of Star Scientific and other campaign irregularities,

He trails McAuliffe by as much as 15 points in latest polls and the Democrat is raising more campaign cash by a 7-1 margin.

Cuccinelli claims the disparity in fundraising comes from McAuliffe’s past roles as chairman of the Democratic National Committee and the chief fundraiser for former President Bill Clinton.

But Cuccinelli fails to mention that much of his campaign cash shortfall comes from many traditional Virginia Republican campaign donors who have shunned him because of his many ethical and legal problems.

He is also hurt by the scandals surrounding current Republican governor Bob McDonnell and the traditional mistrust of Republicans from the government shutdown .

With four days to go until the election, most political pundits in Virginia consider Cuccinelli toast.

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