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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

America’s problem: It’s the system, stupid!

“You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world.”

Whenever I write about politics and show an equal distaste for both Democrats and Republicans, some partisans try to claim I cannot be a political agnostic.

Which, in my opinion, shows just how dumb and stupid many political partisans can be.

It is the nature of partisans to believe that everyone, without exception, must subscribe to one political affiliation or another or subscribe to one or the other of the standard stereotypes that are overused to describe beliefs.

Perhaps politics has numbed down America to that point.  God, I hope hot.

It is the nature of politics, and the power brokers that run parties, to both discourage and do everything in their power to stop individualism, freedom of thought or independence.  By nature, political parties are structured to demand absolute adherence to dogma and singular ways of thinking.

Which is why political parties themselves are dangerous entities.

What makes this even more laughable is that whenever someone like me suggests that both the Republican and Democratic parties are out of control, too many out there suggest that the way to solve the problem is to simply create more political parties.

We saw this in past Presidential campaigns with the rise — and well-deserved fall — of the so-called “freedom movement” — supporting the outlandish idea that maverick Texas Congressman Ron Paul was America’s much-needed savior.

To accomplish this, those who genuflected to Paul’s propaganda pushed an organization that — in typical political party mode — required absolute acceptance of certain beliefs and required behavior.

In other words, yet another mind-controlling and mind-numbing organization that told people what to think and punished those who did not follow the line of the day without question.

Which goes to the heart of my concern about the political system that controls American government:  The problem is not limited to Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians or conservatives or moderates or the right or the left.

The problem is the system itself and nothing constructive can be accomplished without the complete and absolute destruction of that system.

For lack of a better term, I’m not talking about evolution but revolution.  The current system must be replaced.  It cannot simply be changed.  The American system of government needs a total and complete overhaul.

We must find a way to take money, greed and a lust for power out of the current equation that defines how America functions.

How?  Hell, I don’t know. I’m not smart enough to come up with a system that could work but I do know that the system we have now is not working and simply fiddling with it or attempting a piecemeal approach cannot even begin to solve the problem.

I’m not talking about scrapping democracy because America does not have a democracy and hasn’t had one for a long time.  We don’t even have anything that resembles the bastardized Democratic Republic envisioned by the nation’s founders.

America’s government is not representative of the people.  The people have little or nothing to say about what happens in Washington and any and all attempts to bring about change are thwarted from the outset by those in power.

It is both hilarious and disturbing that the so-called “tea party” movement was billed as an attempt by “the people” to regain control of America.  The tea party was a cold, callous, carefully-designed campaign funded and controlled by two billionaire brothers to advance their own agendas and create a false impression of “grassroots.”

For a while the effort appeared to succeed because it thrived on gullibility of the masses — nothing more.

America is in trouble.  America is headed for oblivion.  Simply throwing out the incumbents or replacing one set of partisans with another is not the answer.

It’s the system, stupid, and until we replace it, nothing will change.


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2 thoughts on “America’s problem: It’s the system, stupid!”

  1. Ah…there’s nothing quite like the visage of a rabid partisan. I’ve known a few in my lifetime. They have a form of mindless, ‘fire in the belly’ zeal for their party that can scare the bejeezus out of any sane man or woman. They treat anyone of the opposiste ‘faith’ I.E., party affiliation as if they were spawn of the devil.

    When they found out my wife and I were registered as Independents and had been so for our entire politically involved lives they try sell their partyline as if we were agnostics or worse, political atheists.

    Truly, this political disease is destroying our nation along with the perfect mechanism for endless gridlock; I.E., a bicameral system of government. Our founding document is fine, but continual warfare between the upper and lower houses of Congress have gotten out of hand.

    Even a worse case scenario would be if both houses were controlled by the same party, then we must suffer the effects of unilateral, mindless partisanship in spades thrust upon the nation.

    Financial armageddon is stalking this nation. The day is soon to come where sovereign default will be a fact and no amount of politicing will change that outcome. Only then with necessary massive cuts in the government payroll , program outlays, government properties auctioned off .etc will our citizens realize that the sytem is truly both broken and broke. By then, there will be no redemption, but simply the weeping, wailing and the gnashing of teeth while blood runs in the streets.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Doug, I heard a comment years ago that I have believe to be mostly true. It said that the only difference between a Democrat and a Republican is that one is in office and the other is not. With the standard dogma of each taken out of an equation, it is true. The all lie, cheat and steal to gain what you have once again pointed out. They want control and will do what they think is necessary to gain it. A second one I heard is that if their lips are moving they are lying. Sounds right to me. Plus two from you. One regarding American vs. Democrat or Republican (which I cannot remember in it’s entirety) and the one you use as a banner at the top of your main page.

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