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Friday, June 14, 2024

Cruz: Another loud no-substance rabid-right Republican

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz:  If a camera or microphone is on, he's there (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: If a camera or microphone is on, he’s there (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

No doubt about it.

Texas freshman Senator Ted Cruz is the latest rabid right Republican to think he’s ready to become President of the United States.

Cut from the same shoot-from-the-mouth and “hyperbole over fact” mode as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum and others from the party of the rampaging elephant, whi believe enough voters have taken leave of their senses and support their fantasy flings, Cruz keeps mouthing off about how he represents “the people” and is putting their concerns “front and center.”

Which, of course, is the same load of bull that we hear from all the other members of the flamboyant fringe that continues to exert incredible influence and control over the self-righteous Republican party.

Those closes to Cruz say that while he tries so hard to come across as a true believer, he is — like so many of the tea party mannequins — a self-centered, self-promoting and selfish political opportunist who will do anything for a headline or TV sound bite.

“Ted Cruz is a phony, a fake who takes money under the table from tea party controllers like the Koch brothers and promotes their agenda to the detriment of the party and the nation,” says long-time Texas Republican Hal Blanchard, who says he flirted with the tea party back in the beginning but soon learned the organization was not what it claimed to be.

“The tea party and those like Ted Cruz who promote its ravings, are controlled by conservative power brokers who serve corporate masters,” says Blanchard.  “They are a a group of confidence artists depending on the gullibility of angry voters with less than average intelligence.”

Which means con men like Ted Cruz fit right in.  Cruz grabbed headlines with his rabid control of the Senate floor in a long “non-filibuster” against Obamacare early in the budget fight that closed down parts of the government for 16 days and led the nation perilously close to financial ruin.

That time in the spotlight satisfied the Texas Senator’s ego and obsession with attention, say those who know him and have watched his rise from obscurity.

“Ted will flame out,” says lifelong Texas Republican Andrea Morgan, who considers herself a a moderate and now an independent.  “His major liability is his big mouth.”

Shooting from the mouth is a common disease of tea party favorites.

Some long-time political professionals say Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s move to take the Republican Party back from the rowdy right is a positive sign for the party and trouble for those like Cruz.

“He’s just one of 100 members of the Senate,” says Branstad, who thinks the future of this country will come from the states and not Washington.  “I believe the leadership of this country is coming from the governors and the the states and not Washington, D.C.  I don’t think one freshman senator can turn this all around.  I think it’s really going to take executive leadership.”

Yes, Branstad is no fan of Washington or its hijinks.

“I’m very disappointed and very critical of both parties for the lack of leadership in Washington, D.C.  The president and the Congress, both parties, both Houses I think deserve the kind of low approval ratings they get from the American people.”

Public approval ratings for Congress are at their lowest point in history.


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