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Thursday, July 18, 2024

America: Land the greed and home of the grave

Ask not for whom the system reaps for it reaps for thee.
Ask not for whom the system reaps for it reaps for thee.

Yes, Virginia, a time once existed when America was considered the land of of the free and home of the brave.

As the overused saying goes, that was then and this is now.

Today, America is better known as the land of the greedy and home of the grave.

The greedy run things in Washington.  Every decision made by Congress is based on greed and the first question that affects that decision is “how will it benefit me.”  In these cases, “me” is the elected representative, whose priority is never the majority of voters in his or her district or state but the moneyed few who pay for the votes and provide largesse.

The only “we” that interests such people are those with the big checks and a route to a lucrative lifestyle while in Congress (or the White House) and who can and will provide a comfortable living once the ludicrously-called “public service” is over.

America’s government is a corrupt, rotting cesspool of vipers controlled by a even-more-corrupt political system that is ruled by money and greed.  Those who ignore such realities face grave consequences, hence the “home of the grave.”

A tiny shred of idealism remains in me, one that hopes there is an answer at the end of the dark, foreboding tunnel that America has become, but that shred is tattered and almost gone.  America’s government is a system ruled by liars and the only defense offered by those who still support the liar of their choice is usually a sad, tired line of “well, his lies are not as bad as those of the other guy.”

Honesty is not, and never can be, an expectation in a system where “spin” rules and facts become irrelevant.  Those in search of answers shift from one false prophet to the other because those who promise salvation consider themselves first and only.

Political failures litter America’s landscape liked sewage.  The sad fact that enough people once considered candidates like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and so many others once worthy of serious support only showcases the shallowness and failures of the system itself.

As 2014’s mid-term elections approach next year, a lot of talk emerges about a “throw out the incumbents” mood growing in the nation.  But throw them out and replace them with who?  Odds are, the crop of alternatives won’t be any better and could be even worse.

In the 2016 Presidential race, the prospects look no better.  Republicans flit from one national joke to another with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as one of the latest favorites.  Ted Cruz?  God help us.

On the Democratic side, the party of the donkey may have to fall back on former First Lady and past Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as their choice.

Wait a minute.  Didn’t Hillary say after she stepped down as Secretary of State that she would not run for President?  Yeah, she said something like that.

But what’s another liar on the ballot.

Been there, done that.

And most likely will do it again.


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2 thoughts on “America: Land the greed and home of the grave”

  1. Doug wrote: “Republicans flit from one national joke to another with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as one of the latest favorites. Ted Cruz? God help us.”

    Doug, there’s no need to worry about Ted Cruz running for President. He’s not a US citizen by birth. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  2. Another long list of what is wrong with D.C. We voters tend to do better with our local State governments.

    We gave too much power to the House and Senate in D.C. and because of our lack of interest in the people around us, we got shuffled by the two major parties into choosing who they want and promoting many who were filled with rotten agendas.

    America is a democracy that has been allowed to be run by billionaires instead of the individual citizens. There have been many books written as warnings of this but few active voters do not read. Many get their news on major networks who are owned and run by those same billionaires. We must not forget the churches who declared there was never a legal separation from the government and rewrote our social laws directing all laws that come from the individual churches. Europe, Africa and many other nations did the same thing and ended up under Islamic laws.

    We will never declare a true independence until we take the voting rights to our own good.

    Instead of welcoming new immigrants to our home, we feared their darker colors and different Gods and we simply lost our government to leaders who had a very unAmerican point of view.

    It took many generations of bigotry to show us how wrong these separations have destroyed our individualism. I see nothing in the future for America to return to our individual rights given to us by our founders. Even the founders have been rewritten as racist bigots.

    Many of us have given up any hope of a peaceful nation.

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