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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The tea party: A dangerous organization controlled by haters of America

The fire from within that threats to consume America.
The fire from within that threatens to consume America.

The dust still hasn’t settled from the debacle that kept the government closed for 16 days and drove the nation to the brink of financial default, but those responsible for the bulk of the national disgrace are promising harsh political retribution to anyone who actually came to their senses and voted to end the madness.

Various tea party-related organizations, all part of a dangerous cabal that threatens the security and future of the nation, say they will punish any and all such Republicans by putting up primary challenges in 2014.

Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican, clings to his inane belief that his actions are a “service to the people,” and vows his campaign of reckless rhetoric and nonsensical flamboyance, will continue.

Good.  The more these groups carry on like shrill harpies the more it should piss off a too-long-dormant mass majority of voters who have had it with the wackiness of the rabid right and their headlong march into anti-American madness.

It’s time to publicly declare the tea party and the fanatical freaks who follow what they are: A dangerous, fringe group who answer not to the grassroots as they falsely claim, but to a couple of self-serving, power-mad billionaire brothers who have no interest in helping the majority of the nation or serving freedom or patriotism.

Charles and David Koch are loyal only to themselves and not the nation and should be treated as anti-American fanatics.  Those who follow such madmen are no better.  FreedomWorks and other aligned organizations should head the list of subversive organizations maintained by the government.

These groups came dangerously close to destroying America in the last two weeks.  They are, in our view, enemies of the state should be treated as such.

The deal that brought the shutdown to an end and averted a financial default at the last minute came because enough Republicans told the wackos that have controlled their party for too long to go to hell and crossed over to vote with Democrats.

That brought the current crisis to an end — for now.  But it all will be repeated right after the first of the year unless Republicans — and those who vote for them — tell the lunatic fringe to go screw themselves and return to doing what they were put into office to accomplish in the first place — serve America and not the America-hating rabid right cabal that threatens the future of this country.

America is burning and the fire that threatens to consume all that this nation stands for was set from within by phonies who claim to be patriots but who are — in reality — anti-American fanatics who pose a real and present danger to the nation whey falsely claim to serve.

If this over-the-top?  Damn right it is, but when dealing with hyperbolic fanatics one must resort to the tenor of those under scrutiny.  Gives them a taste of their own medicine.

However, this is America where even haters of this nation can exist and express their opinions.  We may not care much for the tea party but they have a right to exist in a free country.  In American, fools can both survive and thrive.


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3 thoughts on “The tea party: A dangerous organization controlled by haters of America”

  1. Doug,
    You are on fire. A fine series of posts!

    It will be interesting to see how all of this shakes out RE: TP funding. Even the Kochs and Grover got a bit squishy toward the end.

    I wonder if the subliminally obvious idea that anarchy is bad for biz has surfaced enuf to get seen by the right-wing big-biz enablers of the baggers? There has to be some autopsies going on in the CoC, Koch Industries, Bradley foundation, etc. board rooms as I type. They are all about money. Politics is a distant second. When politics come up against money in their value system, politics doesn’t win. Politics is a tool to make money. When it ceases to work for that purpose, the baggers are going to be selling pencils in the bus station for a living. If the Koch hermonos pull back their seemingly endless bux, it would be fatal to the movement. I think we are on the cusp of an epiphany for the sugar-daddies of the crazy.

    Anarchy is good for Rupert’s ratings, so he will press on, but I wonder about the rest?

  2. I enjoy reading all the hyperbole in this column and the last few articles. But this statement-

    “These groups came dangerously close to destroying America in the last two weeks.”

    Is not even remotely close to reality. If the US government ever stops borrowing money, it will have to live within a budget and stop pretending to offer all sorts of free lunches. Living within a budget will not “destroy” America, although it will probably feel like that to some people. Trust me though, America and Americans will still continue to live.

    I would compare it to a very wealthy man who for a very long time spent $100,000 a week on his lifestyle. He then loses his fortune and is forced to live on $1000 a week, that includes room and board. Now if you were to ask him, he would probably tell you it feels like his life is over. But in reality, people live on that every day their entire working life…and many do it on even less.

  3. When President Bush 41 announced his new agenda to save American rights, we called it “One World Order Under God.” He represented a wealthy force of Americans who shared his desire to take Democracy down a peg or two. I had a dozen books on this subject. I suggested (on another site) that voting Americans could be trusted to protect themselves and their congressional districts. No one listened to me and I was told to leave the Republican Party.

    Perot saw the truth and ranted for years on why our generations of children could not read or think. The most precious of our rights come from our individual choices. The greatest choice we have sits in our religion.

    Our Republican leaders are trying to legislate for Jesus Christ

    The polls organized by the group at Esquire showed that the majority of Americans want a Secular Government. I did not make this up! What annoys me the most is that this exactly what happened in Spain, Italy and France when the laws of the Pope were spread all over Europe.

    Nobody wants to close a church; simply to keep it out of our government. A modern American voter cannot separate federal laws from church doctrines and we will follow until we have an armed guard at our temple in D.C.

    Ben Franklin saw this and tried to warn the people to tend to their children’s thinking abilities. Many of us learned this from Ayn Rand who wanted leadership qualities added to the family laws.

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