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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Turn out the lights. John Boehner’s party as Speaker is over

The Speaker is at a loss for words and soon will be out of a job. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)
The Speaker is at a loss for words and soon will be out of a job.
(AP/J. Scott Applewhite)

Talk to any Republican, conservative or moderate, and they will say privately that John Boehner‘s future as Speaker of the House ended Tuesday night when the House failed to even vote on a flawed GOP bill to reopen the government and avert a default on America’s debt.

“He’s dead.  His effectiveness is gone,” says one Congressmen I knew during my days on Capitol Hill.

Saying Boehner’s effectiveness is gone may be wrong because it is based on an assumption that the hard-drinking, hard partying and seldom hard-working Ohio congressman was ever effective in his job as leader of the House of Representatives.

If Boehneer ever had a chance to be any good at his job, he lost that chance when he decided to kowtow and listen to the rabid right wing who owe their places in Congress to uninformed American voters who replace reason with racism and patriotism with partisanship.

Boehner’s latest failure is just another example of how far the Republican Party has fallen.  The party of the elephant and Abraham Lincoln is a rotting shell of it former self, a refuge for those who hate America and put intolerance, personal pettiness and a blind allegiance to outdated stereotypes and beliefs above what is necessary to appropriate serve a diverse nation.

Sadly, Boehner is far from alone in the downfall of America as exhibited in Tuesday chaos that brought the nation one-day closer to financial collapse and ruin.  His second-in-command, Eric Cantor, is the latest in a long-line of Virginians who have brought old-south racism, intolerance and bigotry to the halls of Congress.  Other bigoted Virginians like Virgil Goode and George Allen may be gone from the House and Senate but they can depend on the likes of Cantor to carry on their tradition of hate and intolerance.

As a Virginian, I cringe at the antics of self-serving hypocrites like Cantor.

Unfortunately, Cantor will be the likely successor to Boehner if voters are stupid enough to keep the rabid-right Republicans who currently control the GOP in Congress next year.  One can hope that voters will finally wake up and send the miscreants packing but depending on American voters to step up and bring necessary change seldom works.

Of course, depending on change at the ballot box also means giving voters a real choice.  Replacing a member of the rabid right with someone from the extreme left isn’t the answer.  We need a Congress of moderates and independents who are willing to work together and put the nation above partisanship and party agendas.

Which means we need real choices on election day.  Picking one party hack over another is not a choice.  We need new slates of candidates who think of themselves only as Americans and not as Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals.

In other words, we need what we ain’t got and, given the current state of politics in America, what we don’t stand a chance of hell in getting.

So what are we gonna do?  I wish I knew.

Even worse, I doubt anyone else has an answer either.


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5 thoughts on “Turn out the lights. John Boehner’s party as Speaker is over”

  1. “Even worse, I doubt anyone else has an answer either.”

    This is why they invented ‘Science’ and scientists. Nobody knew what to do there either, and resorted to prayer and mysticism.

    So: Try something. If it doesn’t work, learn from that, and try again. Try something else. Learn from that, and try something else. Easier said than done.

    The only guaranteed failure is trying nothing.


  2. Doug,

    I agree with Sandy; good commentary. Commenting on your quote “We need a Congress of moderates”: I can only totally agree with you, even the Holy Bible says that “Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. – Philippians 4:5 NKJV.” I hope you are healing well from your Motorcycle accident. Keep up the good work!

  3. There is no place in our government for drunks and instability.Get your priorities in order, curb your addictions, if need be… become addicted to helping the American People….

  4. Good Commentary/ There is much we can do if we could grow a team who agree to read and follow your words. Just this morning, a Republican just threw in his hat as my Congressman. We put Dr. Ruiz in 2 years ago and he has been carefully efficient. I will work for him.

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