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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

What America needs is an American to lead a nation in distress

Too much to bear.
Too much to bear.

Two burning questions that occupy the minds of most Americans nowadays are “what has happened to our government and what will it take to fix it?”

Neither question has an easy answer because any solution must, by design, involve politics and politics as practiced in America puts party above patriotism and personal interest above what is best for a nation.

Finger pointing abounds and there is, of course, plenty of blame to go around but solutions cannot be found until those involved in our leadership stop thinking of themselves first as Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals or left-wing or right.

Which means, sadly, that solutions will most likely remain impossible to find because those involved in leadership cannot step away from their party labels and affiliation long enough to function first and foremost as Americans.

Each side in the endless stalemate remains wedded to hard-core positions.  For Democrats, that means no delays or changes in Obamacare, no massive cuts in spending.  For Republicans, it means no return to pre-sequestration spending levels and, of course, at least cuts in or outright elimination of Obamacare.

The fringes want their tidbits as well:  elimination of federal funding for abortion is one example.

Lost in all of this is the simple need to pass a continuing resolution without add-ons and an increase in the debt limit to allow the government to pay its bills.

The rest can, and should, be argued at another time and in proper legislative procedure.

America’s government today is a process of inaction, delay and stonewalling.  Progress is not considered because it is not, under our current system, considered a viable political alternative.

What we have instead are two legislative bodies of misfits using misappropriation and misapplication of both power and process to bring matters to a screeching halt and leave our government in constant crisis and misdirection.

This, sadly, is what happens in  system where publicity-seeking, spotlight-grabbing egomaniacs get the attention and dominate the headlines.

A time might have existed when America’s system of government had the envy of other nations of the world but that time has long since passed.  Today, we are — rightfully so — a laughing stock around the globe —  a nation that cannot function and one controlled by radicals on both sides of the political aisle.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is a drunken, pitiful excuse of a leader in that body but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is no better.  He’s a former bag man for casino bosses who can’t make a decision on his own without someone paying him off.

This could be a vacuum where a strong President could step in and take charge but Barack Obama is neither strong nor Presidential in this mess.  His only goal seems to be to protect what little is left of his tattered Presidential record.

What remains is an America crying out for a leader to save the day.

If such a leader exists, he or she won’t be a Democrat or a Republican.

It will have to be an American — if any exist in what is left in what once was a great country.

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5 thoughts on “What America needs is an American to lead a nation in distress”

  1. The entire globalist agenda is to destroy a sense of nationalism; therefore the concept of a definitive leaders. Citizens are to be ruled by shadowy corporate interests with ‘feelgood’ agendas pushed upon the citizenry by faceless bureaucrats and the power of modern communications technology.

    There’s to be no Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower or even a John Kennedy in our future, but basically ‘salesmen’ as Obama et al. who are elevated to high office by media facilitators owned soley by the aforementioned corporate interests. Americans are so brainwashed by advertising facilitated by these mega media interests that they even look upon candidates as simply celebritized products.

    There are external forces that can intervene and destabilize their agenda, such as pandemic, major geologic events, grid destroying solar flares and of course the one now facing us immediately in the form of financial collapse; I.E., sovereign default.

    Out of such sea changing phenomena will come movements to secede the Union along with balkinization of regions resulting in a new landscape for once what was a single nation into many.

    This is not necessarily a bad thing, but simply what happens in the wake of failed to simply decayed empires. It has happened before and will so again to not only our nation, but those into the future.

    Like it or not China, India, Malaysia and other nation’s to the far east are more than likely to become the premier replacement centers of world power into the future. Just as the U.S. replaced the British Empire post WWII, so too these aforementioned nation’s are on the rise. They too will experience similar decay in the centures to come and will be replaced by some emerging order whatever that might be. We’re simply witnessing the evolution and final devolution as in our case of world empires, although ours has been short-lived due to seemingly a system of government that no longer serves the needs of the people, but the wealthy few.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Lisa:

    I wish I had a definitive answer. I fear the system itself is now too established to allow any substantive change. Changing the people won’t work as long as the people who are the current problem are the ones who must approve change. Scrapping the system is difficult. So is revolution. But drastic, system-altering change may be the only real answer.

    • Mr. Thompson, you are photographing high school basketball games. I suggest you take under your wing an apprentice or two for such matters.

      I further suggest that your fears are what you fear. It’s not my ass on the line, but you would know better than I about how those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

      These are simply my opinions. Think of them what you will.


    • Doug, thanks for your response. What is disturbing to me is that so many of the issues I protested against in the late 60s and early 70s are still issues. For a while it seemed progress had been made in areas such as womens rights, equal rights, voting rights, and the environment, but it seems a new group of knuckle draggers is trying to resurrect those fights — and most of them are “social” issues.

  3. Doug, I know you spent time employed in/by the Congress. What are your suggestions as to how this can be changed? I am disenchanted with our Congress at this time and am equally disenchanted by what was happened with our country. When I took my many oaths of enlistment in service to our country I did it with the sense that this country was worth it. Now I am not so sure. Thanks.

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