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Friday, June 7, 2024

Sadly, Republicans today are driven by hate, racism and intolerance

The real 'constituency" of the Republican party?
The real ‘constituency” of the Republican party?

It too often takes a lot to get past the self-righteous rhetoric of the rabid right-wing of the Republican Party, driven by fake grassroots organizations like the tea party.

Behind all the fact-defying hyperbole, Republicans are driven by hate, racism and much more.

Republicans fear and oppose tolerance, equality, fairness and elimination of discrimination based on race, gender or nationality.

The GOP is a party of bigots and the government is shut down today for no other reason than a deep seeded hatred of a black president and a society that is changing to welcome gays and those of differing religious, cultural or psychological beliefs into our midst.

I spent most of my 15 years in politics either working for GOP members of Congress or the committees that support their party or dealing — often with difficulty — with those who genuflect to the vocal right wing that controls the party of the elephant.

Although I never registered as a Republican or considered myself a party member, I took their money and looked the other way when it came to the GOP’s disgraceful, disruptive and dangerous beliefs and activities.

I finally walked away when a GOP consulting firm ordered me to craft a campaign that would smear gays with lies and innuendos because that community supported the opponent of the Republican candidate represented by the firm.

I made a lot of money as an operative for Republicans.  I also went spent the end of each day drowning my guilt with singe-malt scotch.  It has taken 19 years, four months and four days as a coin-carrying member of Alcoholics Anonymous to deal with that part of my life.

Politics, at one time, was driven by issues and not personalities.  Those on opposite sides of the political aisles fought like cats and dogs over issues during the day, then spent social time together as friends and colleagues.

To borrow and adapt a phrase from the Mafia:  It wasn’t personal, just business.

But that changed dramatically in 1994 when Republicans won control of Congress and let hate-driven leaders like Newt Gingrich control the party’s agenda.  Gingrich, as Speaker, ran the House of Representatives with spite and personal vendettas.  His actions drove black Omaha Congressman J.C. Watts from a leadership role in the House.  Watts was also viewed as a “Republican in Name Only” (RINO) because he favored moderation on many issues.

More than one Republican has defended his racism not with a denial of his own racist beliefs but instead by pointing out that long-time West Virginia Democratic Senator Robert Byrd was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan.  They fail to mention that the late Senator spent most of his remaining years in office apologizing and trying legislatively to make up for that period in his life.

The hatred and personal vendettas of Gingrich continues with Republicans on Capitol Hill today.  The rabid right-wing that controls the party is driven by a tea party agenda that is racist in nature and intolerant in practice.

Last year, I attended a tea party meeting in Roanoke, Virginia, where I sat in the back and did not identify myself as either a reporter or a former Republican political operative.  Over the next 90 minutes, I heard President Barack Obama referred to several times with the “N-word,” gays called “fags” or “queers” and Jews called ethnic names.  All Obama programs were called “Socialistic” or “Communist.”

When I wrote about that meeting afterwards for a local newspaper, not one member or official of the tea party denied what was said or happened in the meeting.  Their only claim was that I was “not a true American” because I questioned their beliefs and goals.

Thankfully, such bigots and haters are not the America that I know and love.

Sadly, however, they at the moment control the political party that controls the House of Representatives and has also brought the American government to a standstill.


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8 thoughts on “Sadly, Republicans today are driven by hate, racism and intolerance”

  1. I registered to vote when I was 18 years old. I registered as a Republican.
    I am white, female, married with 2 grown children we managed to put through college.

    I used to work as a subcontractor restoring old homes. My retirement goal post has been pushed out to age 67 by the government. My body is older than most- because I worked so hard physically. I did my bit. I paid my taxes, supported the schools and was a volunteer in my community. Actually, I still do…I work, pay taxes and give of my time to kids in school who need help.

    I am not happy with a lot of what the President has done/not done- but I voted for him twice because the GOP has lost its collective mind.
    I left the GOP when they started calling moderate republicans like myself RINO. Really? Fine. I am now an Independent.

    The racism, the hatred of anything non Christian and non white of the GOP makes me so angry it borders on rage. They have theirs and the rest of us don’t matter. If they all burst into flames tomorrow the USA would be in a better place.

  2. I too left the Party, into which I was born, years ago. Sandy is right about the atmosphere in today’s Republican Party. The Dixiecrats have taken over the GOP. It is indeed “criminal.” I will have none of a party that does not understand the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

  3. Wake up people apartheid is strong in America. Some republican are no different than the terrorist we are fighting and killing overseas. Here in the south thats why we call them Southern Confederate Taliban (a southern white terrorist). Things will get out of hand before its over. Minorities are not going to tolerate the abuse like the sixty and we are not afraid because we all ready know what its like. The demographic in this country is changing and have change, for the people that can`t handle it they are in for a rude awaken. The good thing is some people will feel what Geronimo felt its coming.

  4. I too fell from respect within the GOP when I began to question their agenda within the RNC. The impeachmenty of Clinton woke me up and sent me running away from the only Party I had ever been a member. I didn’t leave gracefully and began a search for any party with integrity. I found it with Ross Perot. Bush 41 was an empire builder and I gave up on him at that time. I never voted for a GOP candidate again.

    Because of my years of financial support, I was invited to a general meeting of the Republican National Committee being held in Phoenix. It was all religion and unless I was a Christian I could not be a Republican. This is anti-American and I walked out. It showed me that there was zero agenda other than religion. I landed in the LP who turned out to be just as bad as the GOP.

  5. Thank you Doug. I have not one self aggrandized christian republican friend left that hasn’t run screaming into the streets for no other reason than that the Presidents skin is not white. I look to it as a favor from the gods that their true character is no longer hidden. As for the cure for their malady I’m not sure I would apply it to help any one of them, as that would entail blind trust they cannot earn nor deserve.

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