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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Typical white people politics

This is one white person who understands fully what Barack Obama meant when he called his grandmother typically white because she viewed blacks with suspicion. Typical white people may still make the difference in this year's Presidential election and too many of them are still ignorant, racist louts who make judgments based on their own fears and stupidity.

This is one white person who understands fully what Barack Obama meant when he called his grandmother typically white because she viewed blacks with suspicion.

Typical white people may still make the difference in this year’s Presidential election and too many of them are still ignorant, racist louts who make judgments based on their own fears and stupidity.

We can preach tolerance until the cows come home but it doesn’t hide the fact that typical white people still do typical things and that includes distrusting blacks.

One has only to look at the reaction of supposedly enlightened white people to understand that typical white racism still guides how they feel about things.

On MSNBC this morning, the network’s political director Chuck Todd said Obama’s comments made him “uneasy.” Morning host Joe Scarborough, the former Congressman known as “ego Joe” on Capitol Hill and who resigned suddenly after an attractive female assistant was found dead in his Florida district office, preaches in his usual sanctimonious style about how Obama is saying things he shouldn’t say.

In a typical political season, candidates shouldn’t talk about race but this is hardly a typical political season. Like it or not, the Democratic race for President is all about race and gender.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has played the race card again and again, using Obama’s relationship with fiery black minister Jeremiah Wright to raise guttural fears among the uneducated rural whites who make up much of her base. Obama’s campaign counters by releasing a photo showing her husband shaking hands with Wright, a move that was both transparent and stupid. Obama’s recent mistakes and decisions raise needed questions about his true beliefs and while he went a long way towards dealing with them in his speech earlier this week he has negated some of that by his actions afterwards and he needs to realize that his former pastor will not go away as a campaign issue.

Jeremiah Wright is as much of a racist as any sheet-wearing Ku Klux Klan follower and Obama should have severed his relationship with the minister a long time ago but racism spills from church pulpits, black and white, and white ministers like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell called the 9/11 attacks “God’s will” because America, in their words, had become a sin-filled nation.

Too many so-called people “of God” use misinterpretation of the Bible to justify racism, intolerance and division, be it a black minister decrying whites or a right-wing white minister calling gays “sinners.” Religious extremism is not limited to Islam-spouting fanatics who blow themselves up in public marketplaces

Hillary Clinton needs the prejudices of typical white people if she has any shot at winning the nomination.

These typical white people will still cross the street when a young black male walks toward them. These typical white people will call blacks “African Americans” in public and “niggers” in private. These typical white people will tell a pollster they might vote for a black man for President but they go into the voting booth and pull the lever for the lilly-white candidate.

Yes, Barack Obama’s grandmother was a “typical white person” from an era when whites needed to feel superior to blacks in order to deal with their fear, ignorance and prejudice.

The racism that influenced his grandmother and other typical white people of her generation should have died a long time ago but, unfortunately, it lives on today with other typical white people and without them, Hillary Clinton and others who use racism to advance their political ambitions would be a historical footnote instead of contenders for the Presidency of the United States.

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  1. Bryan, I was indoctrinated for 20 years in the belief of the Mormons. When I refused to be baptized, I was threatened that there would be orders issued to baptize me after my death. Such folly is unbelievable.

    I attended a revival meeting on the Colorado River and had the hell scared of me as I was on the infidel list. I survived and stayed away from Evangelicals. For some weird reason I did not buy any of it. Once the human brain starts thinking out of the box, no bloated yelling Reverand can touch the person. We are the breeders of the next generations and it is imperative that we show our offspring how to keep an open and clear mind.

    I deal with closed-minded fools all day and night and they have to stick with their majority in the churches as they are convinced any other way leads to hell. They only started voting in 2000 and hopefully they will go back to church where they can’t hurt anyone else.

    Every morning I turn on the television for the latest news and wait for the wave of the latest idiocy from one candidate on another. The churches have planted the idea that Obama is a Muslim and is a plant to take over our government. I met with a number of women on Thursday and they all received proof that Obama hates America and they waved a Drudge Report as proof. Someone in their church passed this out. We can either run from the problem or prove them wrong!

  2. I’m not at all in disagreement with you Sandra. There was truth in his diatribe, but I also heard words of encouragement from the good Rev to separate us further from our American ideals and to become as tribal as the people we are trying to democratize (INSANELY) in the middle east. Is he playing into the hands of the shadow government or a willing participant? Cynical as it sounds it warrants a yes or no answer. Greater forces are at work here and we know for a fact smirky has not the brains to pull off what has become our demise. We as you say have engineered it by our apathy and seemingly false comfort level while believing that the boogie man slayer, Big BRO will save us with duct tape, debit cards, and never ending war.

  3. Obama has painted himself into a corner where he is no longer the black cndidate for President of the United States, but the candidate for President of the Black United States. Oh well, all glory is fleeting. Bye bye.

  4. Bryan, there are millions of Americans who heard a glimmer of the truth in Wright’s words. Are we bound, for some reason, to keep our mouth shut? Division is not the problem, the problem is not opening the discussions to all points of view. What is the endgame for most Americans?

    My endgame is for individual freedoms and a return to the spirit of libery. I believe that this was the endgame of our founders. I’ve mentioned this on many forums and have been thrown out when there was no rational argument against my point of view. It wasn’t 9/11 that hurt us but the reaction to it that removed our American values and erased the spirit of liberty. I ask openly if this was the endgame of Bush 43????? He played all his cards wrong and he destroyed the lives of many Americans with his unwarranted wire taps. He was so consistent in his actions that put America in harm’s way that it had to have been planned as the law of averages are never this consistent.

  5. Founded in rock beats foundered in sand as so much of the argument here is.We are Americans first and foremost. Until we relate our situation to that one fact, we will always be divided, and idiots like the Rev.Wright will have an audience.

  6. Sandra,

    You are not the only person who believes that the events that led to the 9-11 attack have more to do with American foreign policy of interference in the internal politics of other soverign nations than “they hate us for our freedoms.”

    This is but one of the things that makes being a true patriot so difficult — being a true patriot means that you have to be objective and rational about the things your government does, who they do it to, and why they do it.

    One thing our propagandistic politicians forget is that it was NOT just Americans who died in attacks on the Twin Towers. There were foreign nationals from many other countries who also died that day in the Towers. But, our politicians are so arrogant that they only refer to the Americans who died. I believe that just that very minor issue is a glaring admission of some feigned superiority that many Americans believe we are entitled to.

    Take a look at what has happened and is still happening in Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. Just since Bush was installed in office, our CIA participated in a coup against him, kidnapped him and took him to an island. He was then returned to Venzuela. When Chavez learned that the price of home heating oil was more than poor Americans could afford he offered to sell several American cities home heating oil at a rock-bottom price in a humanitarian move to help other people.

    Shortly after 9-11 and subsequent to our invasion of Iraq, I took the opposite point of view from my former husband and two friends (a married couple) all of whom who professed to be “Bible-beliving” Christians. They thought it was good that we “went to Iraq” and I argued against it — citing the fact that several former weapons inspectors (Hans Blix and Scott Ritter) stated the so-called WMD had been destroyed years ago, and the fact that Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11. Three against one aren’t good odds when the three are religionists and one is a realist.

    Until our country is willing to look at things from an unbiased and unprejudiced perspective we will continue to have serious problems with the way we are perceived within the global community and it will continue to be OUR fault — not the fault of those who disagree with us.

  7. I’m already in trouble here and I really want to make another statement that could finish me off.

    In my research of American actions within the world affairs I have to agree with some of the Reverend’s words. Somehow many Americans feel that we are at the top of the line of humans and the world should simply get over our invasions of other nations. Our winning WW2 was a moral victory over the dictators of the three nations that we won. It brought America into the position of building the Military Industrial Complex. Had this been used for our own defense and security, it would have been the moral victory that our government expounds on.

    If we take a close look at the wars against other nations who did not attack America’s shores then the Reverend was correct. The cancer of empire building started during and after WW2. We flexed our power over innocent people and killed far too many. The Media tried very hard to get us to attack, with nukes, the Russian people when many knew Communism was dying on its own.

    America strutted around like the Romans during their Empire building and we lost our moral values with this dance of arrogance. When we lost the respect of the other nations, we stood up and claimed to be a Christian nation. Was anyone thinking about this? I keep coming back to my original fears that we Americans in our celebration of power have lost our look at right versus wrong.

    My family immigrated from the British Empire to a free world only to find ourselves in a position of accepting what we left behind. To add to the insult was the fact that the new Americans were slave owners! Even in Sunday school we were taught that Black people wore the mark of Cain and God marked them as brother killers.

    Americans have been poking Islam in the eye for generations. Americans carry hatred for many other members of our own species because we are taught to do this. This is the Christian movement at its worst.

    The fear of the afterlife should scare the shit out of any Christian believer who have spread lies, false rumors regarding parts of our own species and they do it in the name of Jesus Christ. We learn in Sunday School that God will strike us down if we sin and many people believe it happened on 9/11. I reject this as nonsense but I cannot help but believe that if President Bush knew it was coming and did nothing about it, then we deserved what we got. The crime is that we look the other way because he is a Christian. We could easily expect further attacks (and Bush knows it) but not on his time in the White House. This would hurt his legacy.

    America is guilty by having citizens too lazy to look into what we stand for on the globe. We were not founded on being warriors and pushing other nations around. We were founded on individual freedoms never witnessed in any nation on this planet.

    America has not evolved beyond where we started and I sure would like to know where the spirit of Liberty went. I remember the speeches of the late 1930s when those of us just waking up to American values were determined to keep that liberty safe from harm. It turned out our own government slowly and surely destroyed that spirit of liberty through greed of investing in wars and helping other nations fight their battles that would soon be turned on us.

    Yes, we earned 9/11 and we will earn anything coming over the borders to exterminate most of us. We are divided in this nation by who we hate the most. We elect our officials by who we hate the least. We hang out in the discussion forums and gang up on those we hate. There is no action that we can take to stop this hatred. It will destroy us.

    Doug writes what believes to be the truth. He does not write to the political polls or who has the most superdelegates. There is much wisdom in his words and yet many here cannot debate them and simply reject them as worthless.

    I will now go back under my rock and think about how the hell Americans can get back to the individual freedoms and the spirit of liberty. We all write and respond to what we believe is right and we must continue to work as a team or fail as a nation.

  8. It may be a fact that Jeremiah Wright is a black racist, but I haven’t seen definitive proof of that yet (I fully admit I have probably missed some of the videos now being played).

    Actually, about ninety percent of what I have heard from the Reverend is either completely factual, or a completely defensible inference based on the facts. For example, in the commonly-played cut in which Wright talks about the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, how they by far overshadow what happened on 9-11, and how “the chickens came home to roost” on 9-11, I find little I can disagree with.

    The claim that the US government created AIDS in order to kill black people is silly, but understandable, given black people’s experience with things like the Tuskeegee experiments, mandatory sterilization policies of the early 20th century, and so forth.

    If a black person says “God Damn America,” I can understand the motivation. Do I agree? Not entirely–but I think we have a lot of stuff to answer for. If a Jewish person said, “God Damn Germany,” I would understand his point of view, given the holocaust–even though Germany has a lot to be proud of.

    Folks, do try to understand the other person’s context. It will make you a better person.

  9. I do not mean this in a dismissive manner, but your column is simply a penetrating analysis of the obvious. There is nothing in it that any reasonably intelligent person should not have been able to ascertain by his own experience.

    White racism persists very strongly and much of it is in the South, but it is by no means absent from the white population in those “blue” states. It explains the shift of most white Southern voters to the Republican ticket from 1968 onward, and it explains their jump back to Bill Clinton in 1992. It explains why NY Mayor David Dinkins won the 1989 election by less votes and lost the 1993 election by more votes than were predicted from the exit polls. There are a lot of nut-roll groups – the Aryan brotherhoods and the other white-identity bunches – out there that have no problem with white racism and would like to see a lot more of it.

    Black racism exists as well, its reality denied only by post-Modernist talking heads and by fatuous left/liberal votaries who tend to think that the Democratic party’s fecal matter is odorless, colorless and tastes like ice cream. The most blatant example is to be found in Louis Farrakahn’s Nation of Islam, aka black Muslims, but yeoman work is done by race-baiting poverty-pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    Yes, it’s nourished by fear and ignorance on both sides, and, yes, politicians on both sides play off of it. In this campaigning season, it should be apparent that both Clinton and Obama have been – to use George Wallace’s term – doing their best to “out-nigger” each other. Clinton’s attempts appear to be the more crude and inept, while Obama has generally finessed the issue fairly well.

    We are not going to get past this until we stop dealing in it, and that is almost impossible, and each of us can only fight it in our own small way. One of the reasons I do not get picked for juries is that I refuse to answer the race question on jury forms. When the judge asks me why, I tell him/her that we cannot get to a color-blind society as long as the gate-keepers persist in asking questions about color. If – and it has happened – the judge threatens to hold me in contempt, then I indicate a race and note “under duress” on the form and then inform the judge that I will not be bound by an instruction to weigh only the evidence presented, but that I reserve the right to consider the race of the both parties to the issue as a part of the “evidence.” That generally gets me an instant dismissal.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  10. You say,

    Like it or not, the Democratic race for President is all about race and gender.

    Then you say,

    …Obama’s recent mistakes and decisions raise needed questions about his true beliefs…

    Humm. So it’s about race and gender AND religion.

    And, I’ve heard way too many pundits talking about John McCain’s age — silly stuff like ‘Can he survive a first term?’

    So, yes, it’s about gender, race, religion AND age.

    We have two wars going on, our currency is going down the tubes, our jobs going overseas, we owe ten trillion dollars in national debt, on and on, and race, gender, religion and age are what matter?

    Maybe I flock with the wrong crowd of people. When we talk it’s about things like “If John McCain is elected, what will he do about the wars?” Race, gender, religion and age never come up. Well, almost never. When they come up it’s in the context of “Why do so many talking heads make a big deal of it?”

  11. I just saw the video where Reverend Wright says, “God Damn America”. I didn’t even flinch. If you listened to what he said before that phrase and you had any conscience whatsoever you wouldn’t either. We do treat people as less than human.


  12. Great comments Spartacus. You are obviously one who lives a life with all. Yeah, the religious right just found a new “politically correct” whipping boy in the gays. Those idiots are still stuck in the “hearts and minds” stage with racism. They know it’s unacceptable to speak aloud about the black man, brown man, yellow man, etc, but they haven’t changed their hearts minds.


  13. It’s so sad that Rev. Wright is being used to exploit race. Just as a reader mentioned, no matter how many of your children and grandchildren will be drafted and killed in Iraq or how much gas prices and the ecomony contunies to spiral out of control, this country would rather be ignorant than to vote for a man of color.

    John McCain represents the past and Mr. Obama represents the future. Not the future of Iraq, but, the future of America. It’s really shameful this country will never see beyond race.

    I still continue to hope and pray to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob that he will open the eyes of America so they can SEE!

  14. Doug,
    You hit a nerve! As women, we are told to be aware of our surroundings. When I am out and about, I look around. Race doesn’t intimidate me so much as looks. A well dressed black man is much less likely to initmidate me than a white boy in a hoodie looking like a gang member.
    We all have our prejudices. It’s just not always about race. It’s about impressions.
    Grandmas may well be intimidated by blacks. Two generation later, we are more likely to understand criminal behavior spans the rainbow.

  15. As usual Doug you have hit nail on the head. I have a personal story I’d like to share with the other readers. While my wife and I were at the hospital visiting her mother, we entered an elevator followed by a elderly white lady. She took one look at us and promptly got right back off and this was in the mid 1990’s. Now there are a number of people who want to link Obama to the retired Rev. Wright said in 2001, but don’t say a mumbling word about what the late Jerry Falwell had to say during that same time frame on TBN which reaches way more people on a global basis. Nor do they have much to say about what Rev. John Hagee who endorsed John Mc Cain has said recently about Jews and Catholics. Therefore I say to those people that if you decide to bring up Rev. Wright and his racist views, to follow through and mention the rest of the bigots and homophobes or shut the hell up!

  16. The typically white comment didn’t bother me, but if I said typically black, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be marching in the streets. Don’t put me in the same catagory as Hillary, Dubya, and McCain. Damn, just when I was looking forward to some fried chicken and watermelon.

  17. Great comments, Doug. I know exactly where Obama’s coming from as well. Being a middle aged southern white lady here in Virginia who’s always had black friends, knows lots of older folks from Rev. Wright’s generation and has relatives whose views aren’t exactly enlightened, I have to say I’m amazed at all the hypocrisy extended by so many commentators on his speech. Those older African Americans remember all too well the syphillis experiments done on THEIR MEN, WHEN WHITE NURSES WITHHELD NECESSARY PENICILLIN FROM THEM ALONE AS GUINEA PIGS WHILE CURING THEIR WHITE PATIENTS, DURING WHICH THEY STUDIED THOSE BLACK MEN FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS, THEIR SYPHILLIS UNCURED, DELIBERATELY, BY OUR GOVERNMENT. They remember a government that wouldn’t declare lynching a federal crime. The abuses of Jim Crow and the indignities they had to endure are still etched on their minds: memories like that are burned in a way that NEVER FADES. The white people that are so outraged by all of this have been unaffected by any of this. Most of them have no memory of the time period (if they were alive then) and they are speaking from a totally ignorant point of view. They are not unlike their older white counterparts who put those folks through all that hell in the first place: ignorant, scared, pompous and self-righteous. A friend of my grandfather’s (who’d be about 80 or more now) thought that “Roots” should never have been written nor, more importantly, made into a tv movie because it “stirred all that stuff up all over again and got the young people worked up; everyone was getting along fine until this came along.” That’s what he told my WHITE grandfather. Heaven only knows what he really thought. I know white people of all ages who’re afraid to be around lots of black people: they don’t like to walk down the streets of the nation’s capital by themselves; they look over their shoulders whenever they are in a ‘black’ neighborhood; they refuse to be helped in a store by the dark face behind the counter, walking up to the white one instead, even if that person requires a longer wait. I even worked in a store years ago where an older white lady wouldn’t buy a computer from the African American part timer I worked with because she “just didn’t feel safe being so close to that tall black man” (he was about 6 foot 2), even though she was in a retail store surrounded by people in a busy shopping mall. It would take someone truly paranoid and full of irrational fear to be afraid of a black male in that setting. My own mother is a racist, though she won’t admit it. She likes to pretend she’s more enlightened (for my son mostly); her views are what first made me realize how full of crap she often is. What I find truly amazing is that I know her views on a variety of subjects: Obama IS the candidate who is most in sync with what she believes. His views, plans, visions, even his speeches, would persuade her to vote for him EASILY if he looked like his mother and not his father. Yet she is mouthing every excuse she can find for not voting for him, from what Michelle Obama said about it being the first time she was proud to be an American, to just plain “Oh, I have my reasons, I just don’t want to talk about it”, the reluctantly cornered racist’s relative last resort to avoid the question. She simply won’t admit that her real reason is that he’s black. Instead, this fall, she’ll vote for John McCain, the first time she’s voted for a Republican for president that I can ever remember, a vote that could help sentence more Americans and Iraqis to needless deaths, all because she can’t bring herself to vote for a black man.

    I know younger people like that, too. The college my son attends is full of them: many worse than those I know my own age (of course, I live in northern Virginia, he attends college in rural southwestern Virginia where they aren’t as racially diverse). Unlike me and my son, they didn’t grow up around black people; they didn’t have black friends throughout their lives if at all; they’ve listened to the stories, fears, and prejudices of their parents, grandparents, etc, without anyone, anything, or any real piece of evidence to contradict them. These people will use Jeremiah Wright as an excuse not to vote for Obama, just as my mother will use it as just one more. Never mind that it means more war; no help for the economy; more suffering at home and abroad: it’s today’s equivalent of electing Hoover, except doing it during the Depression while there’s a ravennous war going on with no end in sight.

    The real problem is, too many people who should know better also feel this way. If I had a dollar for every time I heard the sentence: my (black) friend so and so is great, he or she’s not like the rest of them.. the others are all good for nothing, shiftless niggers (or something to that effect). It always amazes me how people can rationalize something like that, when if they took the time to get to know more than one person different than themselves, they might be surprised how much in common they really have.

    Martin Luther King made statement equating our needless involvement in Vietnam with God’s judgment on us for our sins. John McCain sucks up to hatemongers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, who blame AIDS on gays as God’s judgment on them; Katrina as God’s judgment on our nation for tolerating their (gays’)behavior, and spout the kind of hate filled, intolerant, and even racist rhetoric that should make those same pundits criticizing Obama’s speech and his refusal to turn his back on his minister utterly ashamed if they spoke from anything other than a self righteous, biggoted point of view for the double standard they are willing to extend to the religious right zealots of the republican party. In other words, the racist, hate filled rantings of white religious zealots, who certainly spout what sounds a lot like anti-American rhetoric to any THINKING American, is OK; but the equally hate filled, wrong headed rantings of an African American preacher is front page news. Rev. Wright DOESN’T spread his hate every week over the airwaves, infecting thousands of people every day. He has one church. Falwell and Robertson speak at Republican conventions; run for president as republicans (or Robertson did); talk to the president on a regular basis (Falwell did this stuff before his death); go to the White House to speak to the president; call the president; require the republican nominee to kiss their rings so to speak before the religious right will accept them (which is why McCain had to grovel); and spread their doctrines of hate and religious division with impunity from the same media that has gone after Jeremiah Wright. Yes, I think Wright’s views are crazy. I do understand where they’re coming from. I’ve heard the EXACT SAME THINGS from other black men of his generation, who are angry for some very valid reasons. Falwell, Robertson, and their ilk say whatever they want with no excuses except their own hate filled ignorance, and with absolute impunity. Joe Scarborough and those like him remain silent when it comes to them. They are far more dangerous than one man who used to preach in one church: Wright had the ear of one possible presidential candidate, but Falwell and Robertson have had the ears of several presidents and presidential candidates, and have held the entire republican party hostage for the last 20 years.

    It’s time people stopped looking at Obama as a black man and instead saw him as a man. The alternative is frightening. The choice is: do we elect a president who will take us out of this war; work to fix our ailing economy; work for univeral health care; and work to make life better for all Americans, not just the wealthy as favored by McCain and Bush; or do we elect a president who’ll keep us in Iraq for 10, 20 or even 100 years; won’t do anything to help the economy because he believes it will take care of itself with minimal aid or encouragement; will certainly NOT do anything for univeral health care; will do nothing for those who gained nothing from Bush’s tax cuts, but who’s aim is to make them permanent to benefit the same, wealthy Americans favored by the scum in power now. Do we elect the former, the better man, Barack Obama, or do we vote against him because he’s black, because race, ignorance, and fear, which have so dominated and divided this country’s history throughout most of its history, are more important to us than what is best for us, our children and all of our futures? Are we willing to kill more American troops just to avoid putting an African American in the White House? If that’s the case, then I can definitely see why Jeremiah Wright might still feel the way he does, considering the disaster John McCain would be, especially now. It would mean that America is still a racist nation, willing to sacrifice itself; its young; its economy; its very life blood, just to lock the black man out.

  18. Doug, did you yourself actually take the time to watch the entire sermon-you know the one where 3 words(god damn america) were excerpted? Did you? Or, did you do what almost, no scratch that, every reporter and pundit on TV, radio, and newspapers did? Which was be lazy and not bother to put that comment, and the chickens coming home to roost comment into context, but just repeat what every other lazy reporter did, over and over. Well I took the time to go and watch both of the entire sermons. I must say that Rev. Wright is a very compelling speaker-so says a white 60 year old man-and guess what. If you take the time to watch and listen to the entire comments(you know, in CONTEXT)you will find, as I did, that he did not say anything wrong, at least not in ref to the 2 comments floating around the MSM. Not bigoted, not racist, not angry. Just a very good speaker keeping the attention of his audience by using both the bible, and current events, to make a point. His points were not “god damn america” 3 words out of a several minute sermon, or “chickens coming home to roost” 5 words out of a long sermon just after 9-11. No, I have to say that in this rant you have fallen into the trap of not checking to see what was really said. I venture that if someone wanted to call you a racist, that person could go thru your writings and take your words out of context and would make you into a foaming at the mouth lying bomb throwing radical. If you take the last 11 words that I just wrote out of context, you could think that I am saying that you are what I wrote. Do yourself a favor, check out the entire clips-found on Utube-to see the actual rest of the story.

  19. “His grandmother and other typical white people of her generation may be dead…” This is inaccurate. His grandmother is still alive and lives in Hawaii. He mentions the incident that prompted her to be afraid of a black man in his book “Dreams of My Father.” His grandmother was threatened by a panhandler at the bus stop and she wanted Obama’s grandfather to drive her to work. It is hardly the actions of someone who feels smug and superior- rather, it is the actions of someone who is afraid. By the way, according to Obama himself, it was his Kenyan grandfather who opposed the most forcefully to the marriage of his parents and said that he “didn’t want the Obama blood sullied by a white woman.” Why gang up on just his white grandmother with assumptions and false information?

  20. The question in my mind is will Obama condemn and keep black extremists in check or will he let them walk all over my white rights. The personal safety of white dudes seems to have been forgotten in his pandering for the black vote.

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