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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

We need to change the way we award contracts.


Boeing: Air Force tilted the playing field

The contract has even seeped into the presidential race. The presumptive Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain, played a key role in exposing a Boeing procurement scandal in 2003 that sent a top Air Force acquisition official to prison and led to the collapse of an earlier tanker contract.

McCain pressured the Air Force to open the new tanker contest to competition and to disregard concern over European Union subsidies to Airbus, which are at the heart of a U.S. Trade Representative complaint against the EU before the World Trade Organization.

That history is the backdrop of a key complaint in Boeing’s protest — namely that “the process became driven by the Air Force’s determination to create the possibility for competition between two planes that offered dramatically different capabilities.”

We need to change the way we award contracts. Period end of story. We need to take politics out of contract like this one.

We have litterally BLOWN BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON CONTRACTS to Bush’s cronies who financed both of his campaigns.

This stuff is WRONG regardless of who sits in the WH or who is in power.

The building of infrastructure for America needs to have the politics taken completely out of it once and for all. Maybe we should even penalize companies that give HEAVILY to any candidates.

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