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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Have we really learned any lessons?

Demonstrators gather on the Washington Mall today to protest five long years of a failed war in Iraq, a war launched by invasion of a nation that posed no threat to us, a war founded on lies and faked intelligence reports, a war that has helped drive this nation into economic chaos and destroyed American morale and its reputation with allies and its own citizens.

Demonstrators gather on the Washington Mall today to protest five long years of a failed war in Iraq, a war launched by invasion of a nation that posed no threat to us, a war founded on lies and faked intelligence reports, a war that has helped drive this nation into economic chaos and destroyed American morale and its reputation with allies and its own citizens.

President George W. Bush claimed non-existent success in Iraq in a speech before a carefully-screened audience at the Pentagon today and his speech was filled too many of the same lies and cooked statistics that have marked his discredited Presidency.

Bush, and those who surround him, are serial liars who treat truth as a disposable commodity and use the laws of the land as toilet paper. They have shredded the Constitution, eliminated the civil and individual rights that used to define this nation and brought a once-great America to its knees.

Today is more than just an observance of a lost war. It is an anniversary of a five-year long assault on the foundations of a nation, a milepost in the dismantling of a way of life and a culmination of Bush’s desire to ruin a country and leave it in tatters as his Presidency comes to an end.

No President in history has done as much to break the backbone of America and cripple a government designed to serve the will of its people, not the corrupt agenda of a criminal cabal that serves only the greed and self-serving interest of fatcat lobbyists and rich friends.

An armada of hijacked commercial airliners crashing into hundreds of national landmarks could never do as much damage to the American psyche as George W. Bush and his gang of thieves, thugs and scoundrels. No invading army could ever have taken over the government and subverted it as much as Bush and his partners-in-crime — the Congress of the United States.

Bush invaded Iraq but he did so with the explicit approval of Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Two of those criminal co-conspirators are running for President today. Bush destroyed the Constitution of the United States with a USA “Patriot Act” approved by a vast majority of both Republicans and Democrats in Congress and reauthorized, again, by a majority of members in both political parties.

If the Republican-led Congress rubber stamped Bush’s actions, the Democratic-led Congress that replaced it went along with his lunacy and reneged on promises to end the war that marks its fifth anniversary today. Democratic Presidential contender Hillary Clinton may talk about opposing the war but she voted to authorize it, voted to strip away American rights in the Patriot Act and she has never, ever, apologized for those mistakes. Barack Obama says he opposes the war but we have yet to hear where he stands on the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act.

Bush has led America’s descent into a political and moral hell but he did so with the help of Congress and the complicity of a media that did not ask enough questions before the war and an electorate that returned him to office.

He remains in office because Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refused to allow her colleagues to bring forward well-deserved articles of impeachment against a criminal President. The blood of those who have died in an illegal and immoral war stains not only the hands of George W. Bush but also those of too many Republicans and Democrats in Congress who did nothing to stop his lunacy.

Today Bush lied, politicians pontificated and demonstrators protested.

Then, tomorrow, we will go on. More Americans and Iraqis will die, more Americans will lose their homes, life savings and financial security while more speeches and promises will be made.

But will anything change? Probably not. On this day when we mark the anniversary of a criminal war brought by a criminal enterprise in the White House and backed by a criminal enterprise on Capitol Hill, let’s remember that the legacy of more of the same is the biggest crime of all.

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  1. Let me introduce myself. I was born in 1951. I lived through the “Cold War” and the fake war that our corrupt politicians and corporations pushed in the 60’s (Vietnam). I served in the USAF from 1971 to 1974. Due to the luck of draw for assignments, I ended up in Europe. As far as I am concerned, the current unpleasantness in Iraq is as Yogi Berra once commented ,” de ja vue all over again. I remember doing the “duck and cover” drills in grade school at the height of the “Cold War.” The prevailing indoctrination at the time was that the Communists were the ENEMY! I find it interesting in the 56 years of my life, we have always conveniently had an enemy. I once heard a quote I can’t attribute to anyone to the effect that “War is the organizing principle of any society.” Think about it, my friends.

  2. What gets me Doug is this: Bush should have been impeached. Article. VI of the U.S. Constitution says “all Treaties made…shall be the supreme Law of the Land. The U.N. Charter is such a treaty we made. Clearly Bush did not have the vote of the Security Council to invade Iraq, thus he broke a treaty which is the supreme law of the land. So why didn’t Congress immediately impeach Bush? Have they, also, become as lawless as he? Apparently, it seems so.

  3. Did we learn any lessons? I guess that depends on what you mean by we. Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him. What I’m wondering is if all of the do-gooders that voted for him, because he said he wouldn’t kill any embryos, really give a rat’s ass about how many people he kills.

  4. I don’t think it started with Clinton. Let’s see….what we call the “governor era” started with Carter, then Reagan, then Clinton, then Bush. The only non-governor was VP GHW Bush for the last 30 years.

    I think it was the direct result of people’s distrust of candidates from Congress and their relationship with issues like Vietnam and Watergate. Strange how history has a way of repeating itself, so perhaps the age of the rule of governors is finally over.

  5. What seems strange to me is the fact that neither Bill Clinton nor George Bush would ever have been seriously considered as a nominee – much less get elected – in the Cold War era.

    Perhaps the end of half a century of hot war followed by a cold war made people think it was acceptable to take a lot more risk on the unknown quantities.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  6. It’s just propaganda. You can look at any era in history to see examples of what happens to the populace anytime the political powers control the news media (whatever that may be judged to be). They are after all, the GOP = Genuises of Propaganda.

  7. What I find dismaying , is that he ( McCain ) could in any circumstances even be in consideration seeing how he espouses pretty much the same policies as bush . It really makes one wonder if the electortate , as a whole , has any idea whats going on , very disheartening .

  8. “McCain leads by about ten points”

    Good. In this political climate, I have learned that the front runner has a huge bullseye on their front and back.

    Never fear, we are only just beginning this race.

    Perhaps the american people have been lulled into a hypnotic effect by the combination of meds in the water and repeated disinformational brainwashing….

    It could happen (haha). I would like to once again point out thought, that Not everyone falls into the category of sheep. All the sheep are looking for is a good shepherd.

    They sure bought a load of manure when they bought GW’s load, didn’t they?

  9. All one has to do to answer the question ” have we learned any lessons ” is simply look at the most recent Zogby poll . McCain leads by about ten points I believe , the very idea that a republican has any chance , much less is ahead speaks volumes about the intelligence of the american public . The sad truth is that on whole we’re stupid , arrogant , belicose ( as long as it’s not us doing the fighting ) and cowards ( the terrorists are going to get us , help help , take our rights , take our freedoms , anything , just save us from the boogy man ) . The founding fathers and the soldiers who fought in the Civil war , WW1 and WW11 would be spinning in their graves if they could see the current situation , not to mention the kind of cowardly , corrupt , swaggering vermin that now pollute our politics . I’m beginning to believe that we deserve what any torturing , invading , callous , sanctimonious country does , tyranny , and it looks like we’re well on our way to just that .

  10. Just as long as no one around here is saying “two wrongs make a right.” Because using that logic, other countries would be justified in invading the good old USA to liberate us from King George and his henchmen (gg).

  11. Due to the nature of the situation, there are no reliable numbers on civilian casualties in Iraq. The most prevalate estimates seem to be 25,000 to 50,000 per year under Saddam and 100,000 per year after the invasion.

  12. “…but I don’t have the numbers to support my feelings.”

    Check out the link above entitled “Iraq Casualties, Iraq Costs, Iraq Numbers”

  13. Yeah, I like for people to reach their own conclusion, but, without guidence, it could be the wrong one. I’m thinking that between American and Iraqi civilian casualties Bush is a whole lot worse than Saddam ever was, but I don’t have the numbers to support my feelings.

  14. Has any comparison been made between the the number of people killed and maimed in Iraq under Saddam to the number of people killed and maimed under George Bush?

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