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Friday, July 12, 2024

Barrack Obama: Just another George W. Bush? Perhaps even worse?

Barack Obama's two faces
Barack Obama’s two faces

Ironically, the current occupant of the White House won his first term in 2008 as a die-hard opponent of George W. Bush and promised to overturn the abuses and lies of that administration.

Instead, as President, has Barack Obama transformed into Bush — a Constitution-abusing President who pursues attacks on American freedoms without remorse?  There is mounting evidence that Obama is no better than Bush and, in some ways, is worse.

Now, in another Bush-like stunt, it appears Obama is using fabricated — or at least grossly exaggerated — intelligence to try and justify his plans to attack Syria.  Bush did the same thing to promote his war and attack on Iraq.

It’s little surprise these days that Presidents lie.  It’s part of the package.  But the scope of lying by Obama is approaching — and sometimes surpassing — the litany of falsehoods dropped on the American population by his predecessor.

The sad political reality of the American political system is that Presidents lie.  They can be white, black, red or yellow.  They reach positions of power within the American political system because they are adept of slanting the truth and we have learned the hard way that abuse of power and trust is not a factor of race or color but far more attributable to a lust for power and a failure to be honest with those who elected them to office.

We discovered early on in his Presidency that Obama is a liar.  In his campaign he swore that lobbyists would have no place in his presidency.  Once in office, he turned over his signature health care reform legislation to the paid arm-twisters of the health care industry who made sure the version that become law benefited their clients far more than the American people.

Obama the candidate promised to overturn the abuses of the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act.  As President he not only embraced the act but moved to strengthen it and increased its assaults on American freedoms.

As a candidate, Obama decried torture at the hands of American soldiers and agents of the Central Intelligence Agency.  President Obama signed an order that outlawed torture but reports say it continues  in the American intelligence community.  CIA Director Leon Panetta, for example, admitted torture was used to help track down Osama bin Laden and kill him.

Now, we are learning that the often-cited “intelligence” that supposedly proves the government of Syria gassed its own population with chemical weapons is being questioned more and more by our allies and even — God forbid — within the halls of Congress.

Ohmigod!  The use of fabricated intelligence to attempt to justify an outrageous act by the American government?  Is it possible?

Yes, Virginia, there is a liar in the White House.

No, not George W. Bush.

He’s come and gone.

Now, the Lair-in-Chief is named Barrack Obama.

(Edited on September 10 to add additional information and to eliminate the use of full middle names of both Presidents.)

(Edited further on Sept. 13 to remove a word that some readers found offensive.  Although the word was posed in a question, some felt it implied something that was not an intention of the writer.  Our apologies to those who were offended.)

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21 thoughts on “Barrack Obama: Just another George W. Bush? Perhaps even worse?”

  1. Hey there tough guy. 🙂

    I just took notice that you have removed the word “blackface” from your above title and piece. Better late then never I say and it is most appreciated. What you had to say now makes perfect sense.

    • Apparently, my brain is not as healed as I thought from last November’s injuries because I was too callous to realize how use of the word affected some. My fault. Apparently when I think I have made significant strides I get a blunt reminder that I still have a long way to go.

      My apologies. I have also edited out some inappropriate remarks from some earlier comments.

  2. Everything critical about Obama seems to have racial undertones. I found the title innocuous.

    After five years the economy is a mess, the internal security (domestic intrusion) is expanding exponentially, the debt continues its rapid accent, leadership from the executive branch is a void (blame Bush goes so far), foreign entanglements continue, lack luster administrative appointments, escalating entitlements…..Obama has only expanded upon the Bush “legacy.”

  3. There you go using facts and logic. That’s racist. Obama is worse than Bush when doing the same things cause Bush was “that guy” and Obama won by claiming not to be that guy and he still does. His wiretapping is much broader but somehow that ok cause he’s cool baby and not a racist Texas square that probably kills kittens. He’s a hip cat from Chicago that’s worried about you and balancing your rights’. Yeah right, good luck getting that government job in 20 years when someone pulls up a tape of your spouse saying Obama sucks/Government out of control! It’s not like computers are going to retain less info or Obama’s ears are going to get smaller. BTW-This clown is no constitutional professor, he’s just some guy that taught a class. We call that an instructor here. Dime a dozen.

  4. GWB and BHO are indeed the same. They are politicians and if their lips are moving they are lying. That is what politicians do. They lie to get the vote and when and if they get voted in they serve their political party and financial masters regardless of their promises.

  5. Honestly Doug I do not believe that you are a racist but to imply that GW Bush and President Obama are one in the same if in “blackface” is indeed a racist caricature of an African-American person. Fact is “blackface” is a reference that depicted blacks in quite a derogatory fashion. The word is about so much more than a white person painting their skin black and it is problematic because it promotes dangerous stereotypes about people of color. In “blackface” caricatures black people were regularly portrayed on stage by white people as lazy buffoons, who lie, steal, cheat, and who could not speak English properly.

    In Americas past minstrel performers did their best to appropriate the stereotypes of black people and other ethnic minorities for a laugh, insisting on how freakish, uneducated and unlike white people they were. But know this; whether it is used in a commentary, political gesture, or someone’s rant the problem with using the word “blackface” is that it evokes those horrific stereotypes of Americas past. I have no doubt that you are a good person but I think you could have written this recent rant of yours without using the word “blackface” in any of it.

      • Doug, no sir, I can not leave it at that. (Edited to remove a sentence that attacked other posters).

        I agree that our government is as corrupt as it has ever been and that President Obama is as foolish as GW Bush ever was, but when you refer to these two losers that they are the same if (question mark) Bush was painted in “blackface” you offend every African-American in this country. Why you do not see this is disappointing to me and I am certain to many of your CHB readers.

        • I realize this is old news, but I’d like to throw in one or two more bones.

          The term ‘blackface’ is distinctly pungent – There’s a smell to it.

          That it had rhetorical impact is undeniable.

          That different people have different views of different terminology is inescapable.

          Few live long in the USA without some experience of racism, and given what I know about unconscious psychology, I suspect few have lived without it personally.

          For myself, I thought “What if you made up the term ‘whiteface’?” wherein as a comedic routine blacks plaster themselves with makeup to make fun of whites? As far as I know, that’s never happened. But the reverse has.

          So I’m with Mr. Cravener on this one, actually.

          The title included a heavily loaded term, and I found it insulting. Not so much racist, as just insulting, and using a very much racially-loaded image in order to deliver the insult. The article itself showed none, but the title showed much.

          The insult was implying that the President was a comedian, and a racist comedian at that. That may be true, but there’s better ways to put it.

          Thanks for putting up with comments,


          • Hi Jon,

            “The insult was implying that the President was a comedian, and a racist comedian at that. That may be true, but there’s better ways to put it.” …extract from post

            I’m a bit confused by this content. President Obama is a black man. George W. Bush the former president is a white man. George Bush would have to do the comedic ‘blackface’ routine to insult President Obama.

            I’m thinking readers are overly complicating Mr. Thompson’s editorial.

            The crux being that this President via his policies acts everyday in everyway like George Walker Bush when he had promised “change we can believe in” on the campaign trail. Unfortunately he and his administration have continued Bush/Cheney policies in spades in addition to augmenting their draconian implications.

            I’m not one to ‘suckup’ to anyone, but I’m standing in defense of Doug on this one. Doug is not a racist…believe it! He’s a standup guy in my book and so too we’ve had some dustups over time, but he’s an amazingly resilient guy in the face of criticism and so too bucking up under extremely adverse physical circumstances.

            If I had detected this article to be truly of a racist nature, then I would have challenged him too, but its not.

            What’s interesting is that in some of my personal web-based opinions on this site and others over time, I’ve used the G.W. Bush in ‘blackface’ comparison to this President as a creative tool along with ‘shock value’ criticism of his copycat policies when it comes to war, surveillance and even allegedly allowing clandestine, ‘sanitized’ torture to continue.

            What would those readers who refuse to standdown concerning this article content have him do; demand that the author commit ritual seppuku to satiate their egos; they win…he loses. I think not.

            Steady goes the course Mr. Thompson. : )

            Carl Nemo **==

            • I’d like to see Obama do a ‘whiteface’ impression both Bush Presidencies. It might be depressing how easily it could be done…


              PS – Mr. Doug Thompson, please carry on. We kvetch because we care. J.

  6. I am going to have to back Doug on this. I saw no racist intent in the article. And the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when someone calls me a liar so I can understand Doug’s reaction.
    The article says it the way it is; Obama, Bush and the rest of the modern Presidents are a pack of liars. And without some sort of total re-vamp, I see no sign of the future being any better.
    Republican, Democrat, whatever, are all crooked.

  7. Bloody hell BO has a black face, who would have thunk that.

    I betcha Doug has a white face, in which case we could safely label him “white face”.

    Now would that get Doug upset?

    Where I come from we call black faced people “black fellas” and they call us “white fellas” simply because that’s what we are. No one gives a shit.

    Political correctness (too often) is used as a tool of control, in this case to distract from the subject matter: BO is a liar, and that is plain to see, just like the colour of his face – or your face or my face.

    “Don’t argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” —Greg King

  8. I read no racial reference in the opinion column above so one would have to believe there is reason to be spoiling for a fight on this beautiful Monday.Slack up or pack up I think is apropos.

    IMHO the President is bright Yellow and not just up the back. He ran from and has continued to run from what could have been a legacy of upholding the law of the land by refusing to prosecute the war mongers and profiteers in our very midst.As for the rest of his actions he is forever and again, silly putty in those hands that are strangling our country for their own demented purposes.He will be remembered as a manipulated wanna be at best.Puts him right alongside Bush Jr methinks…Llamraf

  9. BO the perfect OREO. He’s really a white Harvard trained Corp. lawyer on the inside, the outside is just his screensaver.

  10. Spot-on indictment Doug concerning our ‘liar in chief’.

    Seemingly a few readers have their skivvies bunched up over the term “blackface”.

    In the 19th century it was a makeup routine utlizied by white actors in minstrel shows as a caricature of black people of that era.

    Of course times have changed and by your use of it simply emphasizes that nothing has changed under “Mr. Change we can believe in”, that it’s turned out to be the old mafia maxim…”new boss…same as old boss”… / : |

    I’ll provide a link concerning “blackface” in minstrel shows and early vaudeville productions.
    I remember Bob Hope doing a few of his comedic schticks in “blackface” during his career.

    Our society has become so politically correct, but seemingly at the same time as dumb as the proverbial box of rocks which has allowed knaves in high office to so handily hijack the USS Ameerica. If they were as proactive contacting their Congressional reps as they are in challenging some thoughtful commentary such as this, then maybe there could be some change we can believe in. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Judge the man, not the color of his skin. Black or white, a Bill of Right shredding poseur is still a Bill of Rights shredding poseur.

      • I have a great dislike for liars myself Doug and yet it doesn’t surprise me that you do not see the word “blackface” as racist considering you are a Virginia southerner.

        The mask which the actor wears is apt to become his face – Plato

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