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Friday, July 19, 2024

Republican Senators want details on Obama’s determination to strike Syria


Two Republican foreign policy hawks say President Barack Obama must make a strong case for attacking Bashar Assad‘s Syria if he wants to win congressional backing for the operation.

Sen. John McCain tells reporters at the White House that Obama’s intervention now will be more difficult because Assad “is moving his forces around.” Both McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham questioned the wisdom of the administration publicly signaling in advance its intention to strike.

The GOP senators, who often speak with the same voice on foreign affairs, talked in the White House driveway Monday after a private meeting with Obama.

McCain said he believes lawmakers awaiting a critical vote on Syria “must be assured that this is different from the past two years of neglect” on the part of the administration.

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1 thought on “Republican Senators want details on Obama’s determination to strike Syria”

  1. Last time I checked, the Constitution gives the right to declare war to Congress. If those two Senators are convinced we need to strike at Syria, they should convince their fellow Republicans to support Obama. There is absolutely no need for the President to go beg Congress. That’s not in his job description.

    Obama can make a speech about it in general terms to a joint session, but that public presentation could not contain anything that needs to be kept secret. It’s just for show.

    All the information the President and Secretary of State have should be sent over to the House and Senate Intelligence committees. They have the clearance to see it all, and it is their job to inform the rest of their respective Houses in a manner that maintains secrecy as needed.

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