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Thursday, June 20, 2024

A Democratic blueprint for a McCain victory

Leave it to Democrats to find a way to blow their chances to recapture the White House in this year's pivotal Presidential election.

Leave it to Democrats to find a way to blow their chances to recapture the White House in this year’s pivotal Presidential election.

While Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama chew up each other in an increasingly bitter primary battle, new polls show Republican presumptive nominee John McCain leading both in head-to-head match ups and voters saying they are more and more disenchanted with both of the Democratic pretenders to the throne.

A new Gallup Poll shows McCain leading Barack Obama 47-44 percent if the election were held today and McCain tied with Clinton with 46 percent each. Just four days ago, both Obama and Clinton held leads over Obama with the same pollster.

Zogby is even more pessimistic for Democrats, showing McCain leading Obama 44-39 and topping Clinton 45-39.

Even worse news for the Democrats comes from swing states like Ohio and Florida where McCain is now leading both Clinton and Obama.

Clearly, the race card is hurting both Democrats. Clinton’s campaign took a hit from the inane comments of former vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro and Obama’s stock is falling because of the incendiary views of his former pastor.

McCain has the upper hand because he can concentrate on campaigning against the Democrats while the two standard bearers of the party of the donkey are stuck slinging mud at each other.

If the trend continues, McCain could build a substantial lead by the time the Democrats get around to picking a nominee in Denver in August.

Conventional political wisdom says McCain doesn’t have a chance of winning the Presidency. He’s too old, he supports an unpopular war and he is playing too much footsie with the rabid right wing of the GOP.

But this is the year when conventional political wisdom took a vacation and anything is possible. McCain proved that by rising from the ashes of a failed and broke campaign last fall to capture the nomination with surprising ease. Rudy Giuliani tried a wait and see strategy that failed, Mitt Romney tried to buy the nomination and failed and Mike Huckabee provided little more than comic relief.

Now McCain is cruising and the Democrats are bruising. In an election year where anything can happen, anything just might be four more years of the failed policies of George W. Bush and the Republican sycophants who helped drive this nation to the brink of ruin.

Of course, in an election year where anything is possible, it is still possible that the Democrats can rebound and seize the message. November is still eight months away and that is more than enough time for the Democrats to get their act together and reclaim the momentum that they lost.

But they better do it soon. Waiting until August may be too late.

If it’s not too late already.

16 thoughts on “A Democratic blueprint for a McCain victory”

  1. Sandra what you say rings true. I’ve been predicting a McCain win since Lieberman and the Zionists picked him as their whipping boy.

    So what are we freedom loving patriots to do? Peaceful protest will now get you arrested and placed on terrorism watch lists. You will be subject to violence and humiliation at the hands of the TSA or border guards for the rest of your life. All this trouble to go through and if you are lucky you might be mentioned on CSPAN and some peace blogs but no other press will cover it.

    Violence will get you tasered, incarcerated, possibly hung up in the rendition program, and you may never see the light of day again. No charges, no trials, no rights.

    Too many are comfortable and brain-washed to form a mass movement. Those of us that see what has happened are few and far between. Yes, more are realizing, but too little too late. I now understand what the Germans under Hitler were talking about when they say they didn’t know what was going on. I can completely see how that could happen now.

    What can we do? We are the proles.

    “Here comes a Candle to light you to Bed
    Here comes a Chopper to Chop off your Head
    Chip chop chip chop – the Last Man’s Dead.”

  2. Where are the writers who must take on McCain’s background and his wife’s family background? The Democrats are lazy and figure they will win the white house in November. They are dead wrong. They have no chance against McCain because the American people don’t give a damn how many soldiers we lost in Iraq. It took the younger generation to demonstrate against Vietnam and draw some blood. NOBODY GIVES A DAMN!

    Watching the government bail out our investment groups, it is plain that we will be a socialized government before the votes are counted. Most of the people here want the government to take over all corporations as this has been an ongoing battle by me for years. Okay, have your socialism, work for the government and have them offer you health care when they decide you are worthy of receiving it. Toss out the Constitution and elect some of the most ignorant people possible. Men who run on the individual freedoms of our Bill of Rights like Ron Paul never had a chance because Bush showed us what Republican Capitalism is. Nobody bothered to check out that this horrible man wanted to destroy America because he could.

    Bush’s clone will finish us off. He is a pro-life Christian who can’t wait to bomb the middle east off the planet. Even the Christian churches in my town claim they “know” Obama is a Muslim and should be done in even before he has a chance at the election. So here we go again. McCain will have us destroyed by insane Muslims and I cannot blame them. In either case we will be slaves to the system.

    This is not a partisan issue but an issue of freedoms. Americans cannot face freedom as they might have to know right from wrong. We will be screwed if either Democrat or McCain wins and our American Dollar won’t be worth a dime.

  3. If Clinton were ahead in the delegates as Obama is now, wouldn’t the party have insisted by now that Obama drop out? The only way Clinton can win is through manipulation of party rules and trashing Obama to make him appear unelectable. In doing so, she will also make herself unelectable. It’s time to stop her (and Bill’s) machinations.

    Super delegates, get behind Obama and stop the nonsense.

  4. I’d say that there are three Democratic candidates: The two now indulging in a high-dollar prime-time public urinating contest, and former VP Al Gore.

    Ironically, I think that a brokered deal at the convention might possibly put Gore as the lead.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

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