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Monday, June 24, 2024

When all candidates and elected officials are losers, how can America win?

Which way for winners or losers?
Which way for winners or losers?

A lot of discussion here on Capitol Hill Blue lately about partisanship, degrees of unethical or criminal behavior and whether or not one political party is better than another.

Some have suggested that I am trying to avoid alienating sources on either side of the fence by laying equal blame on Democrats and Republicans, liberals or conservatives or whatever term one chooses to use to describe their position or point of view.

Democrats, of course, say Republicans are to blame for the gridlock and/or myriad of problems that America faces.  Republicans claim it is all the fault of the Democrats.  Liberals slam conservatives and the other way around.

In other words, it is always someone else’s fault.

I come from a different point of view, one that suggests their is more than enough blame to go around and the answer may live within ourselves and not the other guy or gal.  Or, at the risk of name-dropping and quoting William Shakespeare, “the fault dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

If this nation is truly a Democratic Republic — and that is a big “if” to a lot of people — then does the fault lie in the motley collection of voters who put the problem folks into office and vote again and again keep them there?

Some might argue that, given voter turnout in recent years, it is a minority of voters who put the majority of problems into office.  Yes, that is somewhat true but then does the fault lie with those of us who vote for the bad applies or does it lie with those who, for whatever reason, choose not to vote or to waste votes on populist candidates who never stand a chance of winning or even making an impact on the overall scheme of things.

It can be argued, for example, that a vote for three-time losing Presidential candidate Ron Paul was a waste of time or effort.  Those who voted for him argue otherwise, saying that their vote was either a protest ballot choice or one intended to “make a point.”

And what point was that?  That it is better to vote for losers than to find a viable candidate who can win and make a difference?  We can argue that point either way because such candidates have not existed in national elections for a long, long time.

Lets take a long, hard look at the list of candidates who ran in 2012.  Did, for example, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Michaelle Bachmann or Mitt Romney have what it takes to lead this nation out of the current morass?  Was either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton up to the job?

Those, and others, were our choices and they were a pitiful lot indeed.  Obama, of course, won a second term and one that could go down in history as one of the worst lame-duck terms of any incumbent President.

Which brings back the original question:  Is either side better than the other or any candidate better than another?  Those who avidly support populists like Ron Paul will argue yes but the vast majority of voters did not agree.  If they had he would be in the White House today.

American politics, by its nature, is riddled with losers and until we find a way to find a real leader among that collection of misfits the problem we face will not only continue but will most like get far worse.


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7 thoughts on “When all candidates and elected officials are losers, how can America win?”

  1. I’m going to go with the ‘big if’. It’s not the voters who put them there, it’s the money that put them there.

    Money doesn’t care about anything except making more money, and it is money that elects, administers, and chastises the government of the USA. One dollar, one vote.


  2. Unfortunately all too many voters are swayed by the candidates’ charisma, skin color or gender; not by the content of their character or plan for leadership of the country.

  3. What a gigantic whine! Someday one might just come up with one or two suggestions for new leadership.

    It is time for a few suggestions. We did at one time Doug, or was that while you were out of commission. The GOP has rewritten their agenda and it does not work with the voters. The Democratic group under esrimated the racism in the voters.

    Corruption has taken over our levels of government. The entire voter base has lost all respect for the laws and now this has tripped up our middle class. Many know what is wrong in D.C. but nobody has the balls to call for changes in our ethics.

    Yesterday President Obama spoke to another group and had millions of us in tears listening to his words. His problem is the color of his skin and I cannot be bothered to try and convince anyone on the subject of equal rights.

    Integrity is outnumbered by a majority of ignorant voters.

  4. Having to chose between the lesser of two evils is no choice at all. The only choice that we have is whether we want to get hit with the “right” hand or the “left” hand.

  5. A solid thesis Mr. Thompson concerning mediocrity among candidates along with little possibility for constructive change that we can truly believe in.

    So too of late, I’ve been thinking that our nation has grown far too large for it to be represented efficiently as a representative based contitutionally enfranchised republic.

    China surely could not function using our system of government with a population of 1.5 billion citizens all pulling in different directions.

    Could one imagine how screwed up that nation might be with hundreds to thousands of conflicting political party represented opinions, lobbying groups as well as corporate influence peddlers.

    Seemingly their now sanitized more people friendly version of hardcore communissm that’s embraced ‘pirate capitalism’ is working well for that nation.

    It’s one of the few nation’s on earth where I’ve witnessed billionaires being executed for crimes against individuals or the state. : )

    America has been totally and absolutely compromised on the altar of Mammon; I.E., everyone and anything having its price. America should have the stars in the flag replaced with dollar signs.

    There’s simply too many disparate groups pulling in too many directions creating a “Tower of Babel” construct that’s all too easily compromised by bad people with an agenda whether it’s for money, influence or power.

    As yourself I see no solution with the exception that out of a major crisis, financial or otherwise might come redemption and a recentering of ourselves to our core principles of possibly having freedom, justice and the pursuit of true happiness for all as intended by the founders.

    America is headed for a bad ending to that which was the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known.

    We’re in the sweephand mode to the midnight of our destruction. Believe it…!

    Carl Nemo **==

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