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Monday, July 22, 2024

Peter King for President? Apparently, he thinks so

Rep. Peter King:  Presidential material?  He thinks so.
Rep. Peter King: Presidential material? He thinks so.

Longtime New York Republican Congressman Peter King thinks he might be Presidential material — a consideration that most GOP political operatives think laughable.

“Here we go again, the beginning another round of ego-driven fantasies who think they have what it takes to get into the Oval Office,” GOP strategist Alan Mumford tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “Peter King? Get serious.”

King says he is considering a Presidential run with the goal of stopping what he calls is a “dangerous shift” of the GOP towards an isolationist foreign policy.

“We have to go back to being the party of national defense,” King said in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Monday.

Polls show King is largely unknown to most Americans and internal polling by the Republican Party says he is not that popular within his own party.

“Another single-issue candidate who’s out of touch with the grassroots,” says GOP activist Sandra Lumley.  “Write him off.”

New Hampshire GOP strategist Jim Merrill, who led 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s New Hampshire effort, calls King “a long shot at best.”

“Single issue candidates usually don’t succeed,” Merrill says.

King claims he’s not a single issue contender.

“I don’t want it to sound like I’m looking for a consolation prize,” he told The Associated Press Monday.

GOP political insiders say King would lucky to even win that.


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2 thoughts on “Peter King for President? Apparently, he thinks so”

  1. Peter King needs to be locked up in the Congressional Basement with the rest of the crazies! Just my opinion.

    • I tend to agree Wayne. I’ve listened to interviews with this man over the years and he seems to be operating from a position of ‘anger’. His dark, angry eyes supported by fanatical, raging support of ‘policing’ America as well as our impotent attempt at policing against ‘terror’ on planet earth regardless of the grave financial ramifications to America’s fiscal well being. He’s one scary guy obsessed with the creation of a garrison state.

      His chances of winning the Republican nomination are zip. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

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