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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

I actually thought I was doing something good.

In the news this week has been a lot of hullabaloo about the public awareness and/or concern about the US presence in Iraq. About a year ago, I made The Iraq Memorial Quilt (click on the title to see the faces on the quilt) I actually thought I was doing something good.

In the news this week has been a lot of hullabaloo about the public awareness and/or concern about the US presence in Iraq.

About a year ago, I made
The Iraq Memorial Quilt
(click on the title to see the faces on the quilt)

I actually thought I was doing something good.

The idea for the quilt came from the Vietnam wall. I thought to myself that seeing 58000+ names on marble obviously didn’t stop us from repeating the same mistake. So maybe something that showed the faces of those that died would make a difference. Maybe if people saw that these were real people, men and women of all races and ages, it would make a difference.

After all 60% of the American people want us out of Iraq and home by the end of the year.

What I found was it didn’t matter. People don’t care about Bush’s invasion in Iraq. Most people think it was wrong now and want us out of Iraq and to go after the real terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I found that people didn’t like looking at the faces because it made them think about the war. It made them realize that these were actual people. It made them feel uncomfortable.

And instead of honoring those that died, it made many of their relatives uncomfortable because they had to face the way their loved one died.

I have never been a victim of hate before. So I was shocked at the hate mail I received over the quilt, mostly from military families.

Now I wouldn’t mind being called every 4 letter word in the book…it wouldn’t effect me. I can curse as good as anyone. No these emails were vicious, hateful, personal attacks that just shocked the s**t out of me and hurt me very deeply.

One military family member actually told me to “burn that rag!”

They don’t know how close I actually came to doing just that. Because not only did it hurt me, but it angered me that people didn’t care. It was like they didn’t want to know that these people were being blown to smithereens for no good reason.

They didn’t want to face the facts. And these pictures reminded them of the facts.

So at one point, I actually thought about making a bonfire out of the quilt and dancing wildly around it and filming the entire thing and putting it on You Tube. And I might have if not that it was promised for Display at a university.

But after that, I still might burn it. Because I cannot look at it or even work on it anymore. It hurts my heart and soul too much to be reminded of the vicious and hateful nature of people.

I am disappointed in the American people. I am disappointed in the politicians. I am disappointed but not surprised.

So, I ask all you CHBR’s: what do you think I should do with it?

I still say it is no longer good enough to just say “support our troops.” We MUST save our troops!

14 thoughts on “I actually thought I was doing something good.”

  1. thank you for your suggestions. However, I cannot dishonor what they died for which allegedly was our inalienable rights which include the right to free speech. Unfortunately it cannot be both ways. You cannot say you believe in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights and then seek to abridge the rights of others you might not like or agree with.

    Unfortunately, these past 8 years, most people just bend over and take it. Perhaps they don’t have any principles to believe in in the first place. We apparently have a lot of hypocrites in this country. They say one thing and do another.

  2. I understand your good intention to honor the sacrifice of all of these soldiers and their families without bringing in any political agenda. Your website makes a stab at that but doesn’t quite pull it off. I think the families are very sensitive to anything that questions the purpose (or lack of purpose) behind their soldier’s death.

    The idea that anyone could honor the duty and sacrifice of our soldiers while opposing the policy that put them in harm’s way is difficult for many people to grasp.

    If you really want to get their support, I think you will need to make a few minor modifications to the wording. For example, get rid of the references to George Bush ordering them to Iraq and replace that with something that is less accusatory. (Everyone knows Iraq is a meat grinder, so even mentioning it was somebody’s idea is an accusation!) You don’t have seem to be supportive of his policies, but you do have to avoid any appearance of criticism.

  3. Hi pollchecker…

    I must compliment you on a truly thoughtful and poignant undertaking to commemorate and honor the fallen in this evil, engineered war hatched by virtual spawn from hell; ie., the Bush clan and their associates.

    The reason many people didn’t take your quilt well is that they no doubt have to swallow a bitter thought-pill on a daily basis that their loved ones basically died for nothing as in Nam too.

    It’s unfortunate that many people only know how to communicate their displeasure in a vile, crude manner.

    Your intentions were both good and well-intentioned, but poorly received which is not through any fault of your own.

    Hopefully the day will come when the bright shining light of truth will expose the evil that now exists pervasively in the highest offices of our land and your quilt will receive the honor and dignity that is due for your undertaking and for the fallen for which it both honors and commemorates.

    Our Executive Branch is terminally corrupt, as so is our Congress now merely a sovietski style politburo. I thought I’d provide a link that I ran across today that pretty much sums up the tack upon which this once great nation headed.

    Americans although basically a good lot are very unread and tend not to be researchers and deep thinkers. Yes there are many that do, but there’s not enough of us to make a difference, either in primary elections or the general election.

    It may take another four to eight years before the message finally sinks in, so the general issue, one each citizen realizes their once vaunted dollar has become truly worthless and that the war on terror is nothing but an engineered debacle to keep them in fear, hopefully forever to their national undoing.

    “We the People” shall pay dearly for our collective ignorance and complacency in the face of unchecked, unchallenged, tyranny…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Facing The Truth

    Really, this is what that was about, pollchecker. These electeds are nothing, but, a bunch of cowards who fear being faced with their own dark deeds when they saw that quilt. It’s guilt, and guilt is why they drink or drug themselves to sleep each night. The day these rogues meet their maker and have to account for their past deeds will indeed be an eventful one. Like I said, keep the quilt. When enough time has passed, bring it out and present to the next generation of future-felons-in-office and gauge the reaction, it should be priceless.

  5. You know I offered the quilt to every single candidate and not one single person except Mike Gravel even bothered to acknowledge it. That ought to tell you something right there.

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