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Thursday, July 18, 2024

A long overdue explanation and apology for what is happening around here

The only way to say it.
The only way to say it.

Spent a lot of time over the last few days in email exchanges and phone calls with long-time readers of Capitol Hill Blue.

Some are are mad. Some are concerned.  Some just wander what the hell is going on.

To put it simply, what is going on is me and what is going on with me is not good.

But what is going on started more than nine months ago when, while riding my Harley Davidson late at night on a return from a newspaper photographic assignment, I laid the bike down on a down on a dark road to try and avoid hitting an all-black cow hidden in the darkness.

I’ve discussed this in general terms here before but I had not revealed the full extent of the injuries suffered on that night when the emergency room doctors advised my wife to summon a priest to administer last rites.

When I laid the bike down, my helmet struck the pavement, which knocked the face shield off.  The loss of the face shield allowed my face to come in contact with the asphalt, ripping away the right side, dislodging my right eye, breaking virtually every bone from my nose to my right ear and inflicting what is called traumatic brain injury (TBI).

My engine guard on the bike collapsed, trapping my right leg and breaking it in four places.  In addition, a bone in the right side of my neck was broken, along with ribs and my right ankle.

An MRI showed extensive scarring and bleeding in my brain.

When deputies from the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office brought my wife to the hospital in Roanoke, Virginia, she was told I probably would not live through the night.

Somehow I made it through the night.  When doctors prepared the first of several surgeries, an orthopedist told her that there was only a 50-50 chance of saving my right leg and a less than 50 percent chance of not losing my right eye.  If the leg and/or eye could be saved the odds were strong that I would not be able to walk on that leg or see out of that eye.

The brain damage, she was warned, was so severe that the odds were strong that if I woke up, I would not know who I or she was and I would probably have the mind of a child.

I would be 25 days before I was awake and able to ask where I was or what happened.

If I survived, the best estimate was that I would be in the hospital or in-patient rehab for the next six months.

I walked, with assistance, out of the hospital 54 days later in what the doctors,therapists and rehab experts called “a miracle.”

But this “walking miracle” still has a long way to go in a recovery that continues with physical and mental threrapy and rehab that is expected to last well into next year.  My latest MRI shows healing of the brain but scarring remains.  I suffer balance problems, sometimes slur my speech, have short and long-term memory issues and have lost 75 percent of the hearing in my right ear.

And while several of the predictions about life, leg and eye loss did not come true and I do have some — but not all — of my memory, the one prediction that did prove accurate was that the person who woke up in that hospital room on Dec. 4, 2012, was not the same one who existed when his motorcycle crashed a little more than three weeks earlier.

Readers tell me my positions on issues have been all over the place since I returned to writing.  A review of some of the articles and columns show they are right.

Perhaps I tried to come back too fast.  Perhaps I need more time to return to what I once was.  Perhaps I never will be the same.  It is too early too tell.

To those who have found me off the wall or impossible to deal with, I am sorry.  At the insistence of my wife, doctors and staff here at Capitol Hill Blue, I am stepping back from day-today involvement in editing.  My columns, articles and comments will be reviewed by others before they are posted.

To those who feel I have insulted them or not listened to reason, I apologize.  The road back has been longer than I have realized and I am not the best person to judge my recovery.  I will depend on others as guides.

I offer this explanation not as any excuse for what has happened here recently but only as information on who I was back then and who I might be now.

I can continue to concentrate on my recovery and, with your help, work to move on past the problems of the last nine months.

If, as has been suggested in strong words in emails and phone conversations, some of you decide that I and this site or not worthy of your support and help, then that is something I must learn to accept.

Or perhaps we can work together to move on, continue and hopefully improve on what we started on this web site nearly 19 years ago.

I need your help and support to do so but some of you feel betrayed and abandoned.  I hope we can move on together.

But if I or this web site, in your opinion, is not worth the effort, I understand.



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13 thoughts on “A long overdue explanation and apology for what is happening around here”

  1. Godspeed Doug. The need for rehab was clear – as is your fortitude. Take time, smell the roses, enjoy every day, laugh a lot.


  2. My post was rejected for not filling in my Name etc. I will not post again. My words have no meaning here.

  3. Doug, I’m not going anywhere and have no intentions of. The one of many things that like about your columns is that you express your true opinions and the devil be damned. Good luck in your recovery, CA Leeson

  4. After surviving something like that, every day is a gift: Don’t waste it battling with nitwits. Let somebody else run the Delete button for these postings.

    The internet used to be mostly populated by the few people smart enough to own or have school or business access to a computer, so the individual postings were usually civilized discourse. Now it is mostly crap. You need a good crap filter!

  5. Given everything you’ve been through, you’re entitled to a bit of latitude. Anyone who doesn’t understand that, doesn’t deserve your apology. Having gone through 10 surgeries in 9 years myself, I’m the last person to jump on someone going through a difficult time. My own brother had a heart attack during my most recent surgery and as it turns out, his heart is mush and at age 50 he needs a transplant. So, Doug, you’re entitled to have curmudgeonly moments now and then. I understand, because I know you’re still there and that’s all that matters.

  6. Now stop it Doug, you have nothing to be sorry about!!

    In regards to your horrible motorcycle injuries, I am certain you will fully recover and one day get on the saddle again. As you know I can say this because we have both been motorcyclist for many years. Don’t cut yourself short, I’ve been around here along time too and I’ve seen very little change in your powerful opinions. I simply think some here just don’t like the way things are, and should be, on your news site which you own and pay for.
    As to those upset with you, attacking other posters personally is an ever increasing and very alarming condition of today’s internet. Statements such as “You are the worst example of a rough piece of human baggage that’s ever frequented CHB” is as overboard as one can get when disagreeing with someone who does not hide their identity, while they themselves hide behind the cloak of anonymity in making such a statement. It can not be described in any other way; it is cowardice and is indeed an act of subterfuge.

    Anonymity is an intoxicating thing turning an everyday poster with a keyboard into a vicious tyrant drunk with power. For all its immense value the internet has bred a population of armchair kvetches marking proverbial fire hydrants all day without even having the decency to sign their true identity to what they have said.

    • Bill, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone in particular with this piece except myself. I could have handled things differently and I find that anyone, myself especially, can say something inappropriate in the heat of anger. What I’m asking everyone to do is concentrate on issues and leave personalities out of discussions. If we can do that it makes for better debate.

      I will be back on a bike someday. The only question is when. Thanks for the comments.

      • Bill, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone in particular with this piece except myself.

        I know that Doug, it is why you are a better man then I.

        I promise to do my best in sticking to topic.

  7. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice Doug. The main thing in recovery is do not to let worry be your master. Get better soon..

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