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Friday, December 8, 2023

Republican immigration plan: Citizenship only for children

Immigration reform for some but not all?
Immigration reform for some but not all?

House Republicans who want to close the door to most immigrants who cross America’s borders, think children should have a path to citizenship while sending adults home with a message to “don’t look back.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, both Virginia Republicans who answer first to the tea party and not necessarily the wishes of their constituents, are working on a bill that that allows citizenship for immigrants brought to this country as children while denying the same rights to most adults, including their parents.

Their plan flies in the face of a comprehensive immigration bill passed by the Senate.  That bill offers citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants in this country, not just the ones who came here as kids.

“It’s a typical Republican stunt,” says Jorge Salazar, an immigration activist who is a legal U.S. citizen and works with illegal immigrants to try and help them obtain citizenship.

“Republicans conveniently forget that America is a nation founded by immigrants who came to this land, often illegally, to seek freedoms denied elsewhere,” Salazar tells Capitol Hill Blue.

The plan by Goodlatte and Cantor goes before a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

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1 thought on “Republican immigration plan: Citizenship only for children”

  1. So the children can stay but the adults get shooed home. And we do what with the children at that point?

    Here’s another item where the Founding Fathers have a sharp break from modern conservatives. Ben Franklin states emphatically that anyone should be allowed to come to this country as long as they were willing to work. The notion of “illegal immigration” was completely unknown to them.

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