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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Sex, Lies, and Black is White

The most remarkable and depressing thing about Spitzer's resignation is learning that he is a quitter. Better we learn it now than if and when he might have gotten to the White House.

The most remarkable and depressing thing about Spitzer’s resignation is learning that he is a quitter. Better we learn it now than if and when he might have gotten to the White House.
I don’t believe that patronizing prostitutes is wrong. Now calm down Ladies, let me finish please. I also don’t believe that it is right. It is what it is, and that is something different to every man who ever went to a prostitute. I won’t go into the myriad of reasons. there are just too many possibilities, and the reasons are not important. Men have been going to prostitutes forever, and calling Prostitution “The World’s Oldest Profession” is true, proper, and spot on. They won’t stop, no matter what legislation, threats, enticements or danger there may be, so let’s just be adult about this and accept it.
Prostitution is like masturbation– let’s just arbitrarily say that 60% of all men will admit that they have gone to a prostitute, and the other 40% are all liars. Yes, when an underage girl is forced into the sex trade, it is wrong and exploitive. But when a 23 year old woman chooses to be a prostitute in order to earn money for whatever reason, THAT is just working at a profession. Men who go to these women do not deserve to be derided, ridiculed, insulted, or jailed. The perverts who patronize the child prostitutes deserve to be sterilized with a dull knife. Big Difference!
Lies about one’s sexual behavior or misbehavior would be taken in context and given the treatment of consenting sex between two adults. No penalty.
Lies when a matter of theft of public funds is an issue are quite another story. That’s theft. Intercourse is not theft. Sexual intercourse is not theft, and the last time I checked, it isn’t illegal either. So let’s stop worrying about stupid crap like where Elliot Spitzer dangled his dingle, and pay attention to stopping the anal debasement that Bush & Cheney are perpetrating on America and the world.
Bush is too stupid to understand, but I thought Cheney would have realized the effect that obscenely high oil and gold prices and depressingly low dollar exchange rates would have on the WORLD, to say nothing about what they would do to America. Those two maniacs in the White House behind the black iron barred fence are on the verge of instituting a World-Wide Depression. They need to be stopped, and stopped NOW. It is never too late to impeach the bastards, so lets roll People!!!
I just wanted to say a few words about Geraldine Ferrara’s quitting. It was stupid. What she said Obama did or was or is–that’s not important. What is important is her right to say it without recrimination, and she does not have that, or did not exercise her right to say whatever the hell she thought about anything. She wasn’t yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater. She should be reinstated by Hillary, NOW!

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