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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Olbermann rips Clinton & Ferraro

Was MSNBC's Keith Olbermann right or wrong on his comments about Hillary Clinton's handling of Geraldine Ferraro's comments and other charges of racism in her campaign? Watch the video of his comments Wednesday night and make up your own mind. Then tell us what you think.

Was MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann right or wrong on his comments about Hillary Clinton’s handling of Geraldine Ferraro’s comments and other charges of racism in her campaign?

Watch the video of his comments Wednesday night and make up your own mind. Then tell us what you think.

45 thoughts on “Olbermann rips Clinton & Ferraro”

  1. Pablo,Although I have pretty much sworn off MSM news and commentary shows,on occasion I still watch,and when I do it’s usually Olbermann and Dobbs.Fact is,I got tired of Dobbs’constant spouting of there being no politician out there with the qualities befitting the average Americans’concerns and needs,and Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich were still viable candidates at the time.I believe that he probably had no choice but to follow the corporate gag orders on Paul&Kucinich.I think Olbermann had similar constraints.Cafferty shows flashes of rebellion at times too,but is similarly muzzled.Unfortunate,but true.

  2. Dr. D,
    Glad it was just an honest mistake. Sorry I assumed it wasn’t a mistake and referred to you as a troll! Keith is a pretty awesome guy; I recommend watching him as often as possible. Good day!

  3. Agreed Pablo…! Olbermann has the gift to lay it on the line with his intense, “to the finish line” sportscaster announcing style. He knows how to pause at the right moment too, in order for the impact of his statements to catch up with the listener.

    In addition to his spot-on indictments of whomever he’s excoriating, it’s also genuine entertainment too… 🙂

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Thanks Janet. I stand corrected. I knew FOX something was in his resume (gggg) but I avoid that network like the plague.

  5. Don’t be confused. Keith Olbermann worked for Fox SPORTS, not Fox News. He used to be a sportscaster. See this from

    In 1998, Olbermann joined Fox Sports Net as anchor and executive producer for The Keith Olbermann Evening News, a sportscast similar to SportsCenter, airing weekly on Sunday evenings. While at Fox, he again hosted the 2000 World Series as well as Fox Broadcasting’s baseball Game of the Week.

  6. I don’t watch FOX News but he did work at Fox News awhile ago. It’s in his bio.

    I have never heard someone who worked at Fox News EVER saying anything that wasn’t on the right. I can’t say what his politics were then but I am willing to bet that it wasn’t even close to the blistering commentaries that he has let loose in the past couple of years.

    So maybe he was paid enough at FOX to tout their line. If so, then how can we be certain that his current politics are sincere and not just what his audience wants to hear. You can’t dispute the fact that everytime he goes on one of these rants, it sure does not hurt his ratings one bit.

    As I said, I like Keith commentaries NOW. But I would be willing to bet I would not have liked anything that came out of his mouth when he was at FOX news.

    PS — I’m not sure GE is much better than FOX News. Have you ever noticed that the TODAY shows also features these right wing analysts like Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan or Mary Matelin? They seldom lead with left winger commentators.

    I think that CBS and NBC are run by both closet right wingers. Thier propaganda is too slanted towards the Republican side. Who can blame them both. If I was a millionaire, I would be supporting the candidate that let me keep all my money while those under me paid the hefty tax bill the spend and steal republicans have run up.

  7. Pollchecker: I never saw Keith at FOX. Are you saying he followed their right-wing format? Or was he simply presenting the ‘news’ for them? I’d have a hard time believing he ever did right-wing opinions. Not sure it was your intention, but your commentary implies he is insincere and is just doing what he currently does because that’s where the $ is, not that he has personal convictions. Anyway, as my post above states, he now basically works for GE, and although MSNBC isn’t as blatantly right wing as FOX, they’re really not much better. I certainly won’t condemn him for working for GE; he’s using a large forum to reach a large audience and I am glad he does what he does. We have to work within the constraints we have to make positive changes in this world, and Keith is doing his best.

  8. I love Keith’s commentaries NOW but it should be noted he did once work at FOX News. Guess that shows that anyone can have a change of politics if there is enough money behind it.

  9. How could anybody confuse Keith Olbermann with Hannity, O’Reily and Beck? How could anybody put him in the same category or say he is the same kind of shrill as these scumbags??? A troll??? Shame on you! I’d suggest listening to the man, as he is the only MSM reporter out there that I am aware of that consistently speaks the truth.

    I have to admit though, I am confused as to why General Electric (a major owner of MSNBC, the evil weapons manufacturer and major bush supporter (He helps with their sale of death and destruction)) allows him to speak the truth as he does, as he does not mince words. My hypothesis is that their high advertising sales for his popular program overrides the negative effect Keith’s program has on their pawn. Sadly, the $ they earn from Mr. Olbermann’s awesome commentaries is no doubt invested in their favorite warmonging politicians. Besides, Keith is mostly preaching to the choir; any good right winger or head-in-the-sand american just brushes him off as an extremist, or crazy.


  10. If the KKK supports Obama over Clinton, does that demonstrate that he is racist? No.

    Enough with the David Duke comparison.

    We are what ever we are. If that helps one of us become a better president, great.

    At this point I’ve become more depressed as I can’t see any of these three being a good president.

  11. “Did you know that MSNBC’s Marcia Kramer is Alan Greenspan’s wife?”

    Actually this is incorrect. Andrea Mitchell is married to Greenspan.

  12. BTW,Olbermann,Cafferty and Dobbs are shills,just like Hannity ,O’Reilly and Beck.They are all on the same team,and they’re playing good cop-bad cop.They all serve the same evil master.Wake up people.Murdoch,Viacom&G.E.give all of them their marching orders.
    p.s.Did you know that Mika Brzinski from MSNBC’s”Morning Joe”is Zbigniew Brzinski’s daughter?Did you know that MSNBC’s Marcia Kramer is Alan Greenspan’s wife?

  13. Proof that Ferraro’s comments incite white racism. Allow me to point out one piece of evidence bearing upon the question of Mr. Olbermann’s argument. Like many of us, KO read Ms. Ferraro’s remarks as being aimed at arousing the prejudice and resentment of white voters in Pennsylvania. Many of Sen. Clinton’s supporters denied that the remarks were poisonous. A visit to the web site of former Louisiana State Representative David Duke gives an illuminating perspective on the issue. Mr. Duke has published a letter to Keith Olbermann agreeing with Ms. Ferraro’s remarks! The fact that David Duke, unquestionably a barometer of white racism, resonates with Ms. Ferraro’s statements certainly gives strong evidence that KO is on the money with his analysis. If you can stand it, check out Mr. Duke’s letter for yourself.

    Right or wrong, it’s clear KO was appealing to Sen. Clinton as a friend. Talk about tough love, Hillary should be glad she has a friend like Keith Olbermann, willing to tell her what he knows she doesn’t want to hear but he feels she needs to be told.

  14. Aaaargh!!Clinton-Albright,Obama-Brzinski,McCain-Kissinger,all CFR neo-con dupes,FACT,look it up sheeple.The way things are now,no matter who wins,WE LOSE.Please try to see past our petty differences NOW.Only We the People can put an end to this world domination madness that our puppet leaders are foisting on us.Our childrens’and grandchildrens’lives depend on it.Stand up.
    No I’m not crazy folks,please do your due dilligence as citizens of a free republic and you will see for yourselves.

  15. To Alexandria Lupu and anyone else that claims that Mr. Obama has no experience. All of you have yet to explan to me what experience Hillary has? Being the wife of an adulterer does not constitute experience. The only experience Hillary has is lying, cheating and being dishonest. I would not want anyone with those credentials to be leader of anything. She will use anyone, even her own daughter, to become president. Is that the kind of leader America Want? NO! Long as she can use RACE, she and people like her will always be stuck in the past!

    Hillary will never admit to the american public that she supported the Iraq war from the start. She always obfuscates the issues. Remember the Rose Law Firm, Vince Foster, White Water and Travel Gate? You may want to consider learning the truth about Hillary before you crown her president.

    As far as experience….Look at the morom, George Gomer Bush… I ask you and others, how many so call Harvard and Yale graduates are given a thriving business to run and after 1 year of management, files for brankrupcy?

    It’s truly a shame that race is still continuing to divide this country. How can people like you ask Black America to forget about Slavery and you elk are still promoting divisions?

    We need to unite this country. I assure you, Hillary will not be the one to do it. We need a change and Mr. Obama is the one to deliver change. He is the only one that can retire that old CODGER, John Bush McCain to the retirement home and send Hillary and Bill, lying Clinton back to the pool of lies from wince they came to be banish forever. May I suggest that you and your ilk decide if you are better off now than you were 8 years ago?

    Obama 08′

  16. “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton 48% to 41% in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination (see recent daily results). Among African-American voters, Obama leads 81% to 7%. Among White voters, Clinton leads 50% to 39%. Among women, Clinton leads by eleven, 51% to 40%. Among men, Obama leads by thirty-two, 60% to 28%.

  17. please fix your comments so the entire thread is not bold. I think your are missing the at the end of your post. All this bold makes it harder to read.

    Pretty please?

  18. I’m a 48 year old white independent voter from Oregon who will be changing my registration to Democrat in order to support Obama in the primary. K.O. was correct in his assessment of Ferraro’s comments and the lack of moral strength in Hillary’s failure to strongly condemn the comments. I am supporting Obama primarily for the following reasons: (a) I don’t think it’s healthy to have 2 families control the presidency for what in effect would be 24 years if HRC was elected; (b) we need more hope and optimism to bring us out of this 8 year long regime of fear and hatred; and (c) he has more experiance than H.C. as a legislator when you include his State experience and is better equipped to win since there are so many people that irrationally hate the Clintons. I also find it refreshing that he is an articulate and uplifting orator which should enhance our stance in the world over what we’ve had to deal with for the last 8 years.

  19. All of this yammering about the first black or the first woman president is getting tiresome.All I know is that we had a real chance to elect the first honest president since the founding fathers,and we blew it.The majority of the American public is so superficial and willfully ignorant that it makes me sick to my stomach.No wonder that we are called”sheeple”,it’s entirely fitting.

  20. Olbermann is a pompous ass. Of this I am sure. Oops. I suspect I’m not allowed to say that.

    Amongst Ferraro’s comments was a statement that she herself would not have been the VP candidate if she was not a woman, not that she was not qualified, but just that being a woman pushed her to the forefront. Likewise, she felt that Obama is getting press from being black. I believe that this is true.

    I also believe that Hillary Clinton would not be a Senator from NY, nor a Presidential candidate if she had not been married to Bill and a woman. This provided her with the platform to make a name for herself.

    But no one is allowed to say any of this? What a country of wusses.

  21. It takes no experience to be president of the U.S. All one need do is follow the dictates of the lobbyists of one’s financial backers. They will happily write legislation to be rubber stamped in congress and signed into law by the executive. It takes no experience at all, just compliance.

    — Kent Shaw

  22. The Clinton’s are simply being good foot soldiers for the NWO/MIC/AIPAC cabal. They’l do anything to see that either Hillary or John McCain makes it to the Whitehouse, Obama be damned.

    For years, ever since Bill was governor of Arkansas the Clinton’s have had an unholy alliance between the Bush family and theirs. They facilitated the CIA to operate a clandestine base out of Mena, Arkansas (illegal per their charter) and were promised that good things would happen for them both; ie., the presidency, if they played ball with the CIA’s, “rethuglican” based agenda. We all know what happened concerning Iran/Contra etc., but rest assured many of the players that were involved with that debacle are still imbedded in Bush’s government and are considered respected advisors!? I hate to say it folks, but our government has been compromised by an intelligence agency cabal of insiders since WWII.

    For Obama to enjoy the support and adulation of the unwashed masses is an unexpected anomaly concerning the shadowy powers that be’s well-groomed slam-dunk choice for the presidency; ie., “Billary” who will simply continue the same policies as G.W. Bush while pitching expensive pork scraps to the masses that we as a nation can ill afford.

    Their hedge candidate is “John McPain”, who in no uncertain terms has said we are staying in Iraq and will do so for a 100 years if necessary along with further escalated belligerency against the Russians, Chinese, and Iran…!?

    So with Olbermann accusing her of conducting her campaign as if she were republican is spot-on. If she can’t win she will do everything in her power to see that McCain does by continually dissing Obama to the bitter end at the convention and possibly even beyond if she isn’t offered the V.P. slot.

    The powers that be are hellbent and determined to see either she or McCain in office. I’ve joked on occasion they might as well be the presidential/v.p. candidates running on the first ever “Republicrat” ticket for AmeriKa’s emergent uni-party system with our Congress simply performing as an old style sovietski “politburo”… : |

    Obama may not be perfect, but this nation needs a major seachange to break this continual dynastic handoff with always a Bush or Clinton imbedded in the Whitehouse. America is in harms way with their continual traitorous, nation-destroying NWO/MIC/AIPAC supportive leadership.

    Carl Nemo **==

  23. Olbermann nails it !
    Even Stevie Wonder could see that Hillary ultimately cares only about what she perceives as her “legacy”, not in doing what’s best for either this country or Democratic Party unity. Hillary can’t win the nomination unless the system is grossly manipulated. That she fails to succumb to and honor that reality should show even the most stalwart of her colony that hers’ is a race for power and not in working for “We the People”. I believe this country’s necessary resuscitation can only begin with the avoidance of any continued interference from either a Bush, a Clinton . . . or the enabling fascist power structures bedded deep within the leadership direction for either party.

  24. I’ve known of Geraldine Ferraro for over 20 years. She was my congresswoman when I lived in NY. She was always responsive to constituents’ problems. Ms. Ferraro has proved her worth by the many good works she has accomplished even after her term as congresswoman. I think the media, including Keith, has been too hard on her. The vitriol is amazing. She is entitled to speak her voice and I do believe, that in another’s skin, Obama would not be as acceptable, despite his great campaign, and his cult following. His experience is slim, and I don’t think he is ready to be President. Even as a loyal Democrat, I am reluctant to vote for him.

  25. The most remarkable thing about Olbermann’s “speach” is that it is not a political commentary. Instead, it is an indictment of conduct born of an attitude that is dangerous and destructive to our nation. His plea for a cessastion of it should be taken to heart.

    Apparently the Clintons are afraid to abandon the tried and true methods of the old days. Perhaps they simply do not believe they can win on the issues. Her health care plan, while effective, did not resonate with the voters as she had expected due to the mandatory aspect of it. And the more they discuss the issue of NAFTA, the worse she looks.

    So far, the only thing she has found effective is the same issue the repugnants are using against Obama – lack of experience. That leaves Obama as the only democrat in the race. This issue will eventually backfire on both of them as more people begin to realize that good judgment and the right goals are what matters now because all the experience has gotten us into the mess we are presently in.

    It is becoming more obvious every day that fear and desperation is what is driving the Clinton campaign. It is true that the candidates cannot control every single word that their supporters utter. There have been regretable remarks made on both sides. All they can do is denounce them when they occur. However, the consistant repetitive pattern of outright racial bigotry and inuendo from the Clinton camp belies it being only coinincidental overzealous supporters. Especially, when the former president himself is a party to it.

    Yup, the Clintons are scared! They know the numbers don’t add up in their favor and they will arrive at the convention as the losers by a sufficient margin to preclude the super delegates being able to justify bailing them out. Their ridiculous offer of the vice-presidency to Obama was a clear declaration of their desperation and only made them appear foolish.

    So, what choice do they have but to play the race card? They couldn’t care less the damage done. Winning is everything. Sadly, they will not listen to Olbermann.

    His speach should be rebroadcast everyday on all networks until everyone has seen it.

  26. Obama is desperate, and ko shows it. Too bad ko has chosen to take the route he has, he will lose over half of his loyal viewers who can no longer put up with his whining about Clinton. Same with capitalhillblue. Adios.

  27. Hillary would burn Chelsea at the stake if that’s what it would take to win the Presidency!! She is Morally Bankrupt!
    I agree with you Spartacus, I am starting to really
    Detest this woman!!

  28. I watched it last night, as I do every night, and I couldn’t agree more with what Olbermann had to say. He was certainly much nicer to Hillary that I would have been. I used to have a lot of respect for her: I fully expected to vote for her, both in the primaries AND in November. Needless to say, I have changed my mind in very unexpected ways about her. I live in a fairly conservative area, and I’ve spent a lot of time defending her over the last 15 years, even with other Democrats. Now, I find I can’t defend her nor even stomache her. She seems intent upon making sure that if she’s not the nominee, John McCain WILL become our next president. Her win at all costs attitude is costing Democrats the best chance they’ve had of taking the White House since her husband did it: and frankly, I firmly believe the chances are much better than they were then, but NOT with her as the nominee. While her campaign strategists are ill serving her with what must be some of the worst advice ever given a presidential candidate, the fact that she not only is going along with it, but ENCOURAGES IT, makes it that much more reprehensible. I firmly believe her advisors are taking their cue from her: they’re simply doing what her worst impulses are telling her to do and to hell with the consequences. I wish she’d simply have the good sense to stop what she’s doing, or get out of the race altogether before she gives McCain enough fodder to destroy Obama during the presidential campaign, since mathematically the only way she can possibly win is for the superdelegates to give it to her, and the party of Jefferson won’t give it to the person with the fewest states won, delegates won, or popular votes won. Right now, barring a miracle, she simply CANNOT catch up on ANY FRONT. MEANWHILE, THE DAMAGE SHE CAN DO IS INCALCULABLE. The superdelegates will also go with the most electable candidate, and that is Barack Obama, NOT HILLARY CLINTON. In the meantime, there are lots of people like me who are losing every bit of respect they ever had for her, and who are beginning to almost LOATHE HER. The politics of fear, racism, and other Rovian/Republican tactics DO NOT belong in ANY Democratic primary.

  29. Olbermann had a lot of guts to come right out in the open and say what many are thinking.

    It was like the movie “Network,” where the newscaster yells to the viewers “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!!!” and then “Open up your windows and shout “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!!!”

    Considering the Clintons’ reputations, I hope CNN has hired some security for Olbermann.

    Hat’s off to you Keith.

    I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!

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