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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Another Cheney in Washington? This is supposed to be change?

Liz Cheney: God help us if she makes it to the Senate.
Liz Cheney: God help us if she makes it to the Senate.

Ohmigod. Liz Cheney, oldest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is challenging a Republican Senator in Wyoming in next year’s election, saying — like all challengers — that she wants to bring change to Washington.

The return of a Cheney to Washington?  That’s change? Fat chance. Cheney is running as a tea party candidate, saying:

I’m running because I’m concerned about the direction of the nation. I think it’s time for us to say to ourselves, ‘Can we continue to go along to get along in Washington?’

Yeah, right.  We heard the same crap in Indiana last year from Richard Mourdock, the tea party puppet who ousted long-time Senator Richard Lugar in the GOP primary and then went on to lose in the general election to Democrat Joe Donnelly.

That should have sent a strong message to the tea party voters who said:  “we don’t like your kind.”

The odds are strong that Liz Cheney won’t even make it past the primary.  The Republican leadership is already lining up behind incumbent GOP Senator Mike Enzi.  Wyoming voters traditionally don’t oust incumbents and Cheney, who was born in Wisconsin, lived in Virginia until she and her husband bought a big bucks home in trendy Jackson Hole last year.

Although the Cheney family has a strong presence in Wyoming, where her father represented the state in Congress, she isn’t all that popular there and Enzi won his last re-election in 2008 with 75 percent of the vote.

Her candidacy has to put the former Vice President in a bind.  Enzi is an old fly-fishing buddy.

And then there is the matter of her sister.

If the Cheney family, which views government as best run by behind the scenes power mongers, really wants to bring change to Washington, why not have the former Vice President’s younger daughter, Mary, run for office.

Mary Cheney, among other things, is openly gay and married her longtime partner Heather Poe last year.

A married lesbian in the Senate?

Now that would be change.

You gotta wonder how that would sit with her candidate sister who aligns herself with the homophobic and racist tea party.

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7 thoughts on “Another Cheney in Washington? This is supposed to be change?”

  1. Liz Cheney is unable to tell the truth most of the time. Half of what she says is factually false, and the other half is ideological far right-wing propaganda.

    The Cheneys are a malicious family: Lynne as NEH head under Reagan tried to take us culturally back to the ’50s;
    Dick lied us into an illegal military intervention and is a war criminal, he also outed a CIA agent;
    And Liz is an ill-informed reactionary pit bull cut from her Dad’s cloth.
    Hopefully Mary was spared the nasty Cheney venom that seems integral to this dangerous and anti-American clan.

  2. 2 comments here.
    1- I wouldn’t vote for her if I could, merely because of her father.
    2- good thing they don’t use shotguns in fly fishing.

  3. My greatest fear about any Cheney back in the government is that any one of them could continue the one world Christian Empire building that has been on the back burner of the whole damn clan.

    My sitting through the murder of Trayon “the hoodie wearer” smacks of the attitude of the whole Bush Administration.

    I seriously wish that all the books I read on the Bush/Cheney wonderworld had been required reading before anyone trying to expose real meaning of those horrible 8 years. I was thrown out of Reader Rant for trying to air some of the truth I found when reading several of Richard Clark’s books. One author Michael Ruppert was chased out of the USA for his time line of the actions before, during and after 9/11. He was labeled an enemy of America.

    As long as there is one Cheney left in our government, we will never know the truth about anything.

    I had an email from one of the R.R. posters trying to explain to me that those broad shoulders of Dick Cheney were holding up American values. Sadly she may have been right.

    As long as the GOP is willing to bow to the great Cheney family, our freedoms will be in jeopardy. As long as the American voters allow these horrible people to lead us, we will sink into the same mire (itshay) that took Rome down. Americans do not read the truth about who they put into power.

    Mary Cheney might just be the only honest and human member of the family. Years ago I met Mrs. Cheney. I was living on the Colorado River and very much involved in the Red Cross. I take the sun very well and had been on duty watch at the Hoover Dam after 9/11, She looked at me in disgust. I was still a Republican then so I kept my mouth shut.

  4. “A married lesbian in the Senate.” …extract from article

    Uh-oh…Doug! Are you homophobic? 😉

    With Congress, the more things change, the more they will remain the same…no?

    Yep, it surely is depressing, but these types have the money and connections to run the show with the pedestrian class simply taken on a “Nantucket sleigh ride” to a hell on earth.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • I made a statement of fact, nothing more, nothing less. Good thing you put a smiley face on that question. 😉

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