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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Volunteerism bringing George H.W. Bush to the White House

Former President George H.W. Bush
Former President George H.W. Bush

A commitment to volunteerism is bringing together presidents past and present.

Former President George H.W. Bush is coming to the White House on Monday for a ceremony President Barack Obama is holding to recognize the 5,000th Daily Point of Light Award. Created by Bush more than two decades ago to honor volunteer service, the award’s name comes from the description in his 1989 inaugural address of Americans serving each other as “a thousand points of light.”

Bush’s wife, Barbara, the former first lady; their son Neil, and other relatives are expected to attend; son and former President George W. Bush is not. Also scheduled to attend is Michelle Nunn, CEO of the Points of Light organization and a possible Democratic Senate candidate from Georgia. She’s the daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn, D-Ga.

Obama and first lady Michelle Obama and the Bushes will have lunch in the Red Room before the ceremony.

During the event, Obama will announce creation of a federal task force to come up with new ways for the public and private sectors to collaborate to support national service as a means of tackling national priorities, the White House said.

In the past year, the Corporation for National and Community Service, sponsor of the AmeriCorps national service program, launched partnerships with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Education Department. The 1,600-member FEMA Corps has the sole mission of responding to disasters. School Turnaround AmeriCorps will send 650 volunteers into low-performing schools this fall to help improve academic achievement, attendance, high school graduation rates, and college and career readiness.

Both presidents share a commitment to volunteerism and service.

Bush, now 89, established the Daily Point of Light Award in 1990 while in office. More than 1,000 of the awards were distributed between 1989 and 1993, Bush’s single term as the nation’s 41st president. Through its offices around the country and relationships with nonprofit groups and corporations, the Points of Light organization encourages millions of people to volunteer and recognizes those it says are making a difference.

The White House said the recipients of the 5,000th Point of Light Award are Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton, a retired couple and farm owners from Union, Iowa, who created Outreach, a nonprofit that delivers free meals to children suffering from hunger in more than 15 countries, including the United States.

They launched the program after a trip to Tanzania, where they visited a volunteer mission to help renovate an HIV/AIDS clinic at a village hospital and saw children dying from malnutrition. The couple’s program has relied on thousands of volunteers to help assemble and distribute more than 232 million free meals to children worldwide, the White House said.

Both presidents will present Hammer and Hamilton with the Point of Light Award. Obama visited Tanzania this month.

Obama also has made volunteerism a theme of his presidency. In 2009, he signed legislation to more than triple the size of the AmeriCorps program from 75,000 volunteers to 250,000 by 2017. And several times a year, including on the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday and before Thanksgiving, Obama and his family help out at area food kitchens and community service projects.

Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden‘s wife, Jill, also lead a national drive to encourage the public to devote time to helping military families.

The first president Bush has made several visits to the Obama White House. He stopped in twice last year, in January when he and son Jeb, the former Florida governor, were in town for the annual Alfalfa Club dinner, and in May for the unveiling of George W. Bush’s official portrait. During a White House ceremony in 2011, Obama recognized Bush’s lifetime of public service with a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

The two last saw each other in April at the dedication of George W. Bush’s presidential library in Dallas.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Obama holds the Bush family in “very high regard” and is looking forward to the ceremony.

Another reason to look forward to the event? To see Bush’s socks.

The 41st president has become known for brightening his otherwise staid attire by wearing colorful socks. He pulled on a pair of Superman socks to celebrate his 89th birthday last month. At the dedication of his son’s presidential library, Bush set off his gray suit with pink socks.



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4 thoughts on “Volunteerism bringing George H.W. Bush to the White House”

  1. Ahhh…there’s nothing quite like having H.W. Bush, “The First Bishop of the New World Order” selling volunteerism to their engineered New AmeriKa courtesy of their long standing family tradition for such a goal.

    These, staged feelgood enclaves to create another impotent ‘task force’ we can ill afford as a nation is enough to make any sane, well-grounded, informed citizen upchuck.

    I remember distinctly on the eve of him launching us into Iraq for the waging of Gulf War I, with him referring to a “Thousand points of Light and the dawn of a New World Order” which sent chills down my spine because I knew they were now ready to get in our face; I.E., the countdown mode to establishing an American corpo/fascist/garrison state. The rest is history. We’re now living their neocon inspired dream, our nightmare.

    The Bush’s are definitely into extreme networking to achieve their goals; I.E., a Bilderberger agenda for the destruction of the nation state and emergence of their NWO, er should I say…”plantation planet” staffed by abject, fearful labor slaves.

    Here’s an extremely detailed flow chart showing the byzantine connections of their complex network many of which were directly linked to both corruption and economic disaster for the American taxpayer with his son George W. and his accomplice Dick Cheney issuing the coup de grâce, but without mercy, post 911 to the last vestiges of this nation’s freedoms.

    You’ll notice too how the Clinton’s are part of their complex networking cabal for the purpose of engineering uber expensive grief for “We the People”. Believe it…!

    Analyze the flow chart and weep…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Hi Bryan…

      I wrote a lengthier expose’ concerning your sentiments about their “screwing of America”.

      It was flagged as “in moderation” then went ‘poof’.

      Evidently I have a tendency to get far closer to the truth of the matter than many folks can tolerate.

      Burying one’s head in the sand will not make the situation any better or less painful in the end.

      Bush & Co. are not friends of “We the People”, but are a family of exploitive elitists to the core simply looking upon us as mere groundlings, they being the predators.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Burying one’s head in the sand will not make the situation any better or less painful in the end.

        I don’t normally respond to anonymous posts from a no-one (meaning of the word Nemo) but I just had to laugh out-loud at that one. 🙂

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