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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Can prostitute-loving Eliot Spitzer return to office? Sadly, yes.

Kristen, the prostitute girlfriend of Eliot Spitzer.
Kristen, the prostitute girlfriend of Eliot Spitzer.

Whoremonger Eliot Spitzer delivered more than 27,000 signatures to New York officials Thursday, more than enough needed to get on the ballot for his planned return to politics.

Does this mean nearly 30,000 people think its OK for a former New York governor who resigned in disgrace after revelations that he dallied repeatedly with high-priced call girls on taxpayer expense, to return to public office.

Possibly, or it may just mean that the current crop of candidates for elected office is so bad that even a man who screwed whores behind his wife’s back is better than the other choices.

Jesus.  Has the pool for public service sunk so low that people like Spitzer can return to power?

Yes, it has.  Those currently  in power has set such a low standard that anyone — and we say again anyone — can and does run for office.

If Americans wanted someone really qualified for office would Barack Obama be President? No.  Would George W. Bush have spent two terms in the White House?  No way.

Tea party centerfold Michele Bachmann is leaving Congress this year.  In a world where only those who deserved to win would be in Washington, Bachmann would have never been a so-called “representative” from Minnesota.  Sarah Palin brought a history of drug abuse and dalliances with athletes — and little else — with her to the governorship of Alaska and that, for reasons that evade logic and reason, put her on the ticket as John McCain‘s vice presidential candidate.

In the 2012 Presidential election, the Republicans came up with potential candidates like the pitiful Bachmann, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich — whose only accomplishments in office is a history of dumping wives for mistresses — or Herman Cain, a former executive with a long record of sexually harassing women.

Corruption, banality and outright criminality have become so prominent in elected office that revelations of misdoings have become commonplace.

Spitzer is not the only elected officials to dally with whores.  Louisiana’s Senator David Vitter made it part of his regular schedule.  Sleeping with those who want money for the service, is business as usual in politics.

So, sadly, is pettiness as we saw this week on the floor of the United States Senate as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a lightweight when it comes to IQ and judgement, launched a bitter tirade against Majority Leader Harry Reid, another mental midget with a sordid history of questionable ethics.

On the floor, McConnell said, “my friend the majority leader is going to be remembered as the worst leader in the Senate ever. It makes me sad.”

Really? The “sad” McConnell was giddy enough to post an image of a Harry Reid tombstone on his Facebook page with the caption: “Killed the Senate.”

Reid responded in the Senate by calling McConnell “my friend.”

Both are lying.  They aren’t friends. Not even close.  They hate each other.

If the Senate dies, which is entirely possible, McConnell — with his obstructionist policies — will be as much to blame as Reid.  Both put their parties above what is best for America and neither is qualified to be in the Senate.

But what’s the option?  Another tail-chasing ex-office holder and another lightweight with no political experience.  Barack Obama was a first term Senator when he ran for President.  Qualified for the White House?  Not even close.

So Republicans are touting two first term Senators as leading candidates for the White House in 2016:  Marco Rubio from Florida or Rand Paul in Kentucky.

God help us.


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9 thoughts on “Can prostitute-loving Eliot Spitzer return to office? Sadly, yes.”

  1. Carl, I tend to agree with you on Spitzer. Years ago, I found myself watching Don Imus every weekday morning from 3 am to 6 am. He had the best book reviews found anywhere. He would brag about his friendship with Spitzer and would often have him on his show in the morning. Spitzer spoke about all the plans he had for New York and they sounded pretty good to my old conservative soul.

    I was sorry when he resigned over his silly actions. I’m not a television watcher but I usually go to bed when the sun goes down, I find myself up to greet the sun. Being a news junkie, I discovered MSNBC. Fox lost me their first year.

    J., we all miss Hal Brown. I hope he reads in here and we can talk him into returning with his comments.

  2. Leaving out all his remarks on marriage, I’m actually with Mr. Cravener on this. What two consenting adults consent to do to each other with their own bodies and their own money is not the government’s business. Except inasmuch as it’s taxable. 🙂


  3. Personally I like Mr. Spitzer. Setting his dalliance aside, he’s a brilliant litigator and knows how to get the ‘bad guys’ of white collar persuasion.

    While Attorney General he became their nemesis.

    He’s one smart cookie. When you listen to him on talk shows he knows the law inside and out and delivers spot-on, well thought answers with almost machine gun type delivery. This guy is one bright bulb so to speak and would be an asset as NYC’s Comptroller. No doubt there’s imbedded ‘white collar’ rats within that structure too who would be fearful of him getting the job.

    Hopefully he can prevail in the primary and go on to win the job. Good Luck Eliot! : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. A major reason for parties nominating the inexperienced for the land’s highest office, is that because they have not been in Congress long they have not done much. Doing anything there just supplies your opponents with ammo to complain about your record. (Even if the complaints make no sense or simplify a reasoned position down to a sound-bite.)

    It is always easy to come up with something critical, when many of the voters have little understanding of the issues.

  5. Compare to Clinton. She is not the barely legal daughter of a major campaign contributor encountered as an intern as a return favor to her father. She has made her own mature choice to do this, and not just starry eyed with him. He did not lie about it.

    Law and order hypocrite pales in comparison to other aspects of this.

  6. I am far more upset when these same whore-chasing legislator’s start making laws against the welfare of women in their districts.

    Hal Brown and I both reviewed a book written by Jeffrey Scahill here on the home page of CHB that described a multiple dwelling on “C” Street in D.C. that was co-owned by members of the GOP caucus in our Senate. It was a whore house. We read this book as a follow up on the book he wrote on “Blackwater.”

    Having two book readers on board should have inspired others to join us but books are no longer an important place to learn the facts on our government.

    I still read constantly on the many issues involved in our hypocritical government but will not share my information. Books are my life and the only people I can trust to discuss the issues are the children I raised.

    • I understand Hal Brown isn’t here anymore. I miss him.

      Again, the worst isn’t the cheerful and sweaty fun between the sheets, it’s the hypocrisy of claiming that it’s wrong and fighting to outlaw; while participating in the same.


  7. Does this mean nearly 30,000 people think its OK for a former New York governor who resigned in disgrace after revelations that he dallied repeatedly with high-priced call girls on taxpayer expense, to return to public office.

    If it were not for the fact that his fun was at the taxpayer’s expense I’d have no problem with that. I’ve enjoyed more then my share from ladies who want paid for their services. I mean after all I have many friends who are happily married and except for the fact it’s always the same women they do indeed pay the price! 🙂

    • Indeed. This is far from out of the ordinary for politicians, much less the average joe. It’s actually too bad that this happened, as Spitzer was targeted because he was investigating the banking cartel prior to the rape of 2008.

      That is the only reason they went after him.

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