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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Does Obama abuse power? Damn right. Is he the only one? Hell no.

A power-mad despot?  Of course!
A power-mad despot? Of course!

In the latest blatant example of how hypocrisy rules in Washington, Republican congressional leaders bitch and moan about how President Barack Obama is ignoring the Constitution and abusing the power of his office.

Is Obama abusing power?  Damn right, but those same Republicans who now complain loudly sat on their asses and said nothing when President George W. Bush — one of their own — did the same thing.

Obama’s flagrant abuse of power is straight out of the Bush playbook. If Republicans are so concerned about Presidents who exceed the power of their office, where were they during the tyrannical Bush reign?

They were sitting silently, of course, because Republicans, like Democrats on the other side of the political aisle, put politics and allegiance to their party above loyalty to America.

Are Democrats guilty of such hypocrisy? Of course. Those from the party of the jackass defend Obama for doing the same things that they jumped all over Bush for during his reign of pain.

Abuse of power is business as usual in the nation’s capital and those who put control above what is best for the nation include Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Like Obama, they are men who neither deserve positions of power or the offices they hold.

Obama, a first term senator with no real background in government or positions of leadership, won the Presidency primarily because he was a charismatic black man running against a tired old man with a flake running mate who later couldn’t even finish her first term as governor.

Reid is a bag man for the Nevada casino industry and his questionable ethics in office deserve investigation.

Boehner is a drunk who wanders in and out of reality.

All, of course, hold positions of power that became national jokes because of the clowns who held those positions.

Political historians have a hard time remembering anything of substance that Newt Gingrich did while serving as speaker. He lied a lot, but that is nothing new in Washington or the halls of power.

The married Gingrich, who earlier dumped one wife to marry his mistress, was banging a House committee staffer behind his wife/former mistress’s back while he spoke out publicly in favor of impeaching President Bill Clinton for, among other things, doing the same thing with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

The House committee staff member is currently Gingrich’s latest mistress turned wife.  Many wonder who long it will be before she loses the job to his latest mistress.

Gingrich also got caught kiting checks during the House banking scandal.

The first choice Republicans picked to follow Gingrich, Bob Livingston, withdrew from consideration and retired from Congress after word of his own extramarital affair became public.

Another Republican, Henry Hyde of Illinois, ran the impeachment trial of Clinton and was later exposed as a man who fathered a child during a four-year affair.

Were these miscreants exceptions?

Of course not.

They are typical of the so-called “leaders” of our nation.


11 thoughts on “Does Obama abuse power? Damn right. Is he the only one? Hell no.”

  1. We all agree on the severity of our problems. But is there a single action to fix our problems anywhere?

    We are facing the same problems that rose up in early European history and certainly the same problems that faced the Vatican for France, Italy and Spain. We are missing the historical moments that cleaned up the world long before America declared its independence.

    We refuse to read the histories of our ancestors and how they analyzed their situations. America is stuck in a time warp where not a single intelligent action can even be debated. The words of the great masters of their language have been all but removed from our libraries.

    We have lost our ability to research how the ancient Greeks won their battles even on the home front. Our dialog no longer tells even a simple story of our short histories. Anyone who dares to think outside of our daily drab lives are labeled as idiots.

    I think back on the years that my grandfather and I spent many hours talking about the possible history of the land on which we lived. Grandpa had the papers issued from the Spanish Land Grant office and we made up some wonderful stories about the land and trees and the wonderful people who lived on the land. In my present neighborhood, the dialog ends up on when we were born and under what sign. The stupidity of the dialog knocks me out.

    The level of history found on the internet is shocking and the dialog is nearly gone.

    America is dumbed down and there is no hope for a future to even discuss a possibility of hope.

    Go read a book and talk about it!

    • The first step is to talk about it, point it out, argue about it, and identify that at least there is a problem.

      I have asked for solutions before, as I don’t have all the pieces myself, neither does Publisher Thompson, neither do you;

      But talking about it, mentioning it, discussing it, sharing ideas in an environment where one can be free to provide even radical ideas, is the way to a collective solution.

      It’s a long road. I don’t think I’ll live to see the end. But that’s no reason not to start walking.


  2. I would have to say that Obama is far worse than Bush was.

    Keep up the good work, American voter!

    • Griff…and the next president will be worse that Obama. Why? Because for over 230 years, our government has focused on…and improved all of the loophole in the Constitution, which allows them to be the tyrants that they are.
      Each and every year government practices how to better manipulate the system…and they are getting better and better at it.
      HOWEVER…I do agree that the voters have failed in their role as what I consider to be the 4th branch of government to maintain balance over the other 3 branches.
      We were all warned by people like Madison, Jefferson, and a few other framers about the weaknesses of the Republic form of government, which they created to be as effective as it could be at the time…and all the while knowing it needed to be a carefully employed and monitored system.
      We the people were charged with a heavy burden of being the oversight of the 3 branches of government.
      We the People have failed…miserably…but actually predictably by government. They knew that they had they house advantage in odds that they would win out over the people in the long run.
      Political systems and government have mastered predicting human behavior brilliantly.

  3. Carl:

    I had a swine professor at NC State say basically the same thing back in the 70’s. His take on America was that as long as we had cheap energy and our mouths full the rank and file could care less about what was happening to the USA and the world.
    When history and other subjects get the same coverage as sports or the latest celebrity scandal we will have an enlightened population if we last that long. All sports, TV and other types of entertainment is just a diversion tactic that is working far too good.

  4. The only way, America could separate right from wrong was to learn more about the character of our leaders and how they abused the power given to them by the voters in their districts. Why did we not learn the weakness in the system when our elections and campaigns were made openly public after WW2? The voters were directed by the corporations that bought and paid for the campaigns that won the elections.

    Millions of biographies were there for the reading in every public library in America. Even in my family beach city we had a fabulous library and a bookstore owned by a family of book buyers. My first credit was established in Campbell’s book store on third street in Santa Monica. The war was over and our great and not so great politicians and Generals had their books in print and how they fought for our every freedom. My family lost many brave members on several battlefields. Our backyard on our corner home had large rocks with the islands in the Pacific right there for our information. I had little flags that became the European battles.

    I have no memory of a battle over people of color. Today America is fighting to destroy a black man who was elected to lead America. The fights on a local scene are based on keeping California free from Latino invasion.

    The weakness in the system comes from a Republican Party that has no core of decency. The only chance we have is to throw this hateful party out of existence.

    The solution is so obvious that it sits on the realm of impossibility.

  5. From my point of view, it has become very apparent that a large majority of American voters are racist bigots. The great white supremacy that will eventually destroy our individual freedoms has been building since the end of World War 2.

    • You’re correct – most of humanity are racist bigots. In a way it’s wired-in – Evolution says that to have your genes survive you identify with your group and kill off all the ‘different’.

      As intelligent human beings, some can rise above it. Some cannot.

      One can only hope the balance improves over time.


  6. This blatant hyprocisy across party lines, both guilty of the same high crimes and misdemeanors has to be simply a distraction for the unwashed, tabloid obsessed masses. It’s difficult to point a finger at any one of them, since they are all guilty of the same ongoing shenanigans on our tax dollar supported dime and time.

    The more I interface with people on theses subjects from Starbucks to the supermarket in a casual, not in their face way, I realize nobody seems to care or even detect a threat to their core freedoms as long as they have access to ‘bread and circuses’.

    Meanwhile it’s business as usual not only for now, but into the distant future. This sick beat will go on until the Republic fails…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. I’ve always found it fascinating that our culture will blissfully allow all manner of illegal shenanigans to be perpetrated by our elected officials, both in and out of office.

    But just let one of them be found with a certain part of their anatomies in the help (or tapping their feet “inappropriately” in an airport restroom), and all hell breaks loose.

    We are a nation that supposedly prides itself in allowing personal freedom and social “enlightenment”. Yet we continue to allow an ever-shrinking minority of tongue-wagging busybodies and hypocrites (a la Gingich, Boehner, George W. Bush et al) to obsessively foist their horribly misplaced moral agendas on the rest of us.

    But, by the same token, our culture’s seemly preoccupation with (and prudish over-regulation of) things sexual (particularly regarding what consenting adults freely choose to do in their private lives) is, to me, even MORE disgusting than letting the clearly illegal behavior of crooked politicians continue to go unpunished.

    As far as I’m concenred Obama, Boehner and Reid (as well as W., Cheney, Pelosi and Rumsfeld who came before them) ALL deserve jail time.

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