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Monday, April 22, 2024

‘Restore the Fourth:’ An idea whose time has come?

Restore the Fourth marchers in Austin, Texas (photo courtesy of Reddit.Com)
Restore the Fourth marchers in Austin, Texas (photo courtesy of Reddit.Com)

In more than 100 towns and cities across the nation on July 4th, protestors gathered not to celebrate America’s independence but instead to demand that freedom and liberty be returned to a nation where rights are under attack and disappearing.

“Restore the Fourth,” had a double meaning:  Recognizing the nation’s founding and seeking restoration of the privacy rights that used to be protected by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

As we here at Capitol Hill Blue have reported over the years, rights and freedoms that Americans once took for granted are disappearing under rights-robbing laws like the USA Patriot Act and increasing government intervention into the lives of all citizens.

In New York City, Washington, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Philadelphia and other locations, those unhappy with White House and Congress-backed spying of Americans by the National Security Agency and other government agencies gathered to voice their anger over the loss of privacy and freedom in America.

Supporters reported good turnouts in places like Austin, Texas, where many unhappy with the Gestapo-like tactics of both the current administration of Barack Obama and the previous Presidency of George W. Bush marched and voiced their dismay over the dismantling of traditional American freedoms.

Posters to the web discussion site Reddit.Com, which spearheaded much of the effort, reported Denver police used pepper spray, clubbed some participants and ran over a young girl’s foot with a motorcycle.

Others reported police harassment in Chicago while marches went smoothly in New York City and other locations.

Most locations reported crowds that ran into the hundreds and supporters hope the demonstrations on the Fourth start a nationwide trend of widespread and growing protests against the spying.

Michael Reed, the director of communications for the Restore the Fourth Movement, says 19,000 subscribers joined the group that formed on Reddit.Com and the movement’s page drew more than half a million visitors in the first three days.

Rainey Reitman, activism director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says the goal was to take the energy online to the streets on Independence Day.

The group got strong support from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who posted a video message on YouTube to support the rallies and promised to “lead the fight” against surveillance programs of the government.

“The Fourth Amendment ought to be defended,” Paul said in his video.  “I think really the right to privacy is one of the new fights of the century.”

Amen Senator.  Amen.


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3 thoughts on “‘Restore the Fourth:’ An idea whose time has come?”

  1. There are millions of us who know how we had our freedoms stolen from us every 2, 4 and 6 years that we replaced our federal and state governments.

    It is too late to change our habits now! We don’t know enough about how the government works and we are not about to start reading the books that explain how to do it legally and morally.

    We have had countless civilizations rise and fall on this earth and none of the information is kept current in our schools or homes.

    America is now a confirmed Christian nation. Our sacred laws come from the Vatican and hell and damnation is our destiny. America has flatlined into mediocrity. Had we been aware of this danger, we could have firmed up the separation of church and state but somehow football season too over our brains and then basketball flourished.

    In our American family homes, all we needed was 10 years per child to set up some ground rules and some good books to be read. A little research on a good moral civilization to study for example could have saved our nation.

    Years ago I read a series of books by Frank Edwards who wrote of what kind of energy was being accepted in the minds of extraterrestrials who had the ability to receive our airwaves. Archie Bunker and filthy-minded comics blasted across he airwaves and many of us chose not to have this crap in our homes.

    Sorry folks, we are too late to survive. 80 years of television on top of terrible academic choices of books wiped out the basic intelligence of our species.

  2. First, I wish to thank Mr. Thompson for posting this article along with the video link to Senator Paul’s 4th Amendment related broadcast.

    This is serious business and it just might be too late for all of us, since our now seemingly out of control, in place, no longer emergent ‘police state’ seems to be alive and well.

    Just witnessing ‘Empire Americanus’s’ relentless attempt to capture Edward Snowden is mind boggling to say the least. Is this guy an “enemy of the state or what”…?! No…he’s a threat to the continuing trillion dollar shakedown of the American taxpayer to continually line the pockets of totally corrupt defense contractors and their Congressional facilitators; all of them ‘p*ssing’ our tax debt dollars down ratholes everywhere and anywhere planet earth against a faceless ‘noun’; I.E., ‘terror’ in this so-called “war on terror” post 911 via a conveniently engineered canard to do so. No thanks to deranged neocons and their PNAC (Plan for a/their New American Century) ‘deconstruct’ to freedom as we once new it for all time and places. True evil has been unleashed against freedom loving peoples of the world and not just the USA. Believe it…!

    I’m going to supply a link to Senator Paul’s sentiments on the subject along with another link near the end that will hook folks up with a pipeline to contribute to the cause; I.E., suing the NSA in the courts. I’ve done so and I highly urge others to do so too. What’s a few bucks when your freedom and privacy concerning your person and papers is concerned. How much money do all of us spend on impulse purchases that end up in the landfill every year. / : |

    So too I don’t trust our now seemingly corrupt SCOTUS to uphold the 4th Amendment. They’ve facilitated the erosion of such over the past thirty years or so. Yes…Virginia, our highest court is corrupt, no differently than our Executive and Congressional contingent. Truly, they all need to be ‘flushed’; but, we must not give up the good fight through legal process before we must possibly fight physically against a corrupt regime in order to reestablish our core freedoms under “Old Glory” and our founding principles for freedom and justice for all under the Constitution of the United States.


    “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” …Benjamin Franklin


    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Clearly, the backlash is beginning.

    President Calvin Coolidge (who served our nation just after World War I) firmly believed (like Ronald Reagan who followed him several decades later) that government that is too large could infringe on freedom.

    In fact, during his time in office, he actually SHRANK the size of the US Government that had become over-bloated as a result of the first World War.

    Unfortunately, that never happened after the Cold War ended back in the early 1990s. If anything, the size of government has been ever-expanding since that time to the point that it has now become an all seeing, all knowing “Big Brother” that has robbed the American people of the one freedom….one’s personal privacy….that most of American’s wars have been fought since the beginning of the Republic.

    In the early 1960s, erstwhile presidential hopeful Barry Goldwater echoed the sentiments of Thomas Jefferson when he said that, “A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take everything you have.”

    Indeed. It would now seem that “personal freedom” has been added to the pile of “things” that are now being stripped from a once proud (and free) America all in the name of a pumped-up excuse of “security”.

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