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Sunday, June 9, 2024

The Fourth of July


As America pauses to celebrate the Fourth of July, Capitol Hill Blue founder and publisher Doug Thompson, who is also a photographer and filmmaker, put together a short video on Independence Day.

Even tough Thompson earlier wrote a column expressing doubts that America is truly a free or independent nation today, this video clip expresses no political opinion or doubts about the nation.

“I do find it incredible that some who responded to my column about the lack of American independence doubted my love of country,” Thompson says.  “To the contrary, it is love of country that made the column necessary and most of my life is devoted to visual displays of this country’s beauty and its people.”


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1 thought on “The Fourth of July”

  1. Never, in my years of reading your columns did I ever doubt your love of America. You have always taken a mature look at our government where we never managed to agree. Agreeing was never a part of why I read your words as often as I do.

    When I read books I do not demand that the writer ever agree with my point of view. I certainly do not demand that my children agree with my political opinions.

    A home without a television allows time and a desire for debate. A home surrounded with irritating musical tones and rude dialog stimulates nothing between those who live in that home.

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