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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

July 4th: A day set aside for an American independence that does not exist

Uncle Sam: Crying out for an America that no longer exists.
Uncle Sam: Crying out for an America that no longer exists.

On Thursday, America will pause for a rare mid-week holiday to celebrate Independence Day.

Yep, the 4th of July is Independence Day, the day we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence that led to the Revolutionary War against England and the march towards the creation of the United States of America.

Unlike many holidays in this country, Independence Day is not relegated to the closest Monday for celebration.  It is one of the rare days that is actually honored on the real date.

But while the day is real, the reason for celebrating the day may not be so factual.

Sadly, Americans no longer have any real independence to celebrate on July 4th.

Think about.  Is America today really independent?

If so, independent of what?

America’s government, theoretically a government “of the people, for the people and by the people” is — in reality — a government controlled by special interests and dependent upon the money of fat cats whose agendas have little to do with “the people.”

Those “truths” that signings of the Declaration of Independence accepted when they put their names on the document on July 4, 1776, no longer exist — if they ever did.

Americans are not free or independent.  They live lies regulated by that government, restricted by ever-increasing and more repressive laws.  We are a people controlled by a government that neither cares nor responds to our needs.  We are spied upon 24/7 by a hostile government that operates under the belief that any of us can be a terrorist and none of us can be trusted.

Our leaders lie to us so much that truth is a lost commodity and deception is an accepted part of business as usual.

Those who speak out against the tyranny are castigated and called traitors.  Those who seek a return to freedom and independence have no leaders to back or parties to join.  The system is controlled by two political parties with a singular purpose — absolute control by an agenda that has nothing to do with the best interests of the nation.

America today is a nation without principle, a populace without hope and a rotting corpse without redemption.

So what do we celebrate on this day set aside for an independence that does not exist?

Most likely, the populace will act like it usually does by ignoring reality.  People will shoot off fireworks and make noise for invalid reasons.  Politicians will lie about freedoms that vanished long ago and the media will act like America still stands for something and has reason to party.

When the Titanic sank, a group of musicians played on until the water engulfed them and the drowned.

At our home, the American flag usually flies on a pole in the front yard.

On Thursday morning, I will raise that flag but it will be displayed upside down — the universal signal of distress.

America is a nation in distress and we cannot, and will not, practice hypocrisy on a day set aside for a reason that is now invalid.


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9 thoughts on “July 4th: A day set aside for an American independence that does not exist”

  1. Liberty and independence has never been gained or sustained without struggle.
    When what we mostly see and do is complain about the losses of what we think is the demise of a perceived state of being. Is that a form of “struggle”?
    In order to struggle for liberty and independence…well, correct me if I’m wrong, but in my way of thinking, struggle should involve a process or act of doing something.
    Are we doing something that deserves to be called “struggle”?
    We are much like people who live as hoarders. They’ve collected so much garbage that when they look around and see it all, they get overwhelmed and feel defeated at the prospect of beginning to remove it all.
    They never consider that all they have to do is start removing the garbage from one square foot of the domain each day.
    Society has come to view our political mess much in the same way. They’ve become overwhelmed and feel hopeless. They don’t believe our problems are solvable.
    We have to somehow pick one problem…create a movement and move on to something else.
    We continue to think we can take on the charge of an elephant…knowing all the while that we really can’t. So we contemplate doing and we procrastinate about doing, and we get overwhelmed with the thought of doing it. Why do we continue to overlook the possibilities that we start with the charge of a mosquito first?
    In other words…we are all just a bunch of old angry people who wait for somebody else to take up the “struggles” that were one the daily part of our new nation.

  2. Well said gentlemen! I regret that I cannot pen or type such pearls of wisdom but I agree with you all. I fear that eventually this country’s freedoms will one day have to be taken back as it was in 1776. But I fear that the armed forces of government may be to strong to be put down. We can only hope.

  3. I’ve an old and ratty flag I’m tempted to respectfully burn.

    It’s an acceptable method of disposing of a no longer useful flag, and, for now, I still live in a country that permits it.

    I do not pledge allegiance to a flag. I pledge allegiance to a republic that stands for the high ideals upon which this country was founded.


  4. It grieves me to witness so much despair concerning the future of our nation, seemingly bleak at this point in history.

    We have to believe that freedom and justice shall prevail and triumph over greed and pervasive evil that seems to have triumphed at the highest levels of our government.

    The recent overthrow of Egypt’s leadership gives me hope that when a people have truly had a bellyful of a corrupt leadership that intervention on the part of those that have the power; I.E., military in Egypt’s case will demand the leadership to stand down.

    I’m not advocating open revolution or a coup d’etat at this point, but if our seemingly terminally and openly corrupt leadership continues on their criminally disposed path they are now taking; I.E., treating the Constitution as if it’s nothing but a ‘g-damned piece of paper’, then they shall have to bear the whirlwind of retribution for their scorn of our founding document and its principles.

    I thought I’d share a heartening article written by Brad Hoppman the editor of “Uncommon Wisdom Daily” a Martin Weiss sponsored web publication to which I subscribe. It’s free and I highly recommend others subscribe too. I have no vested interest promoting such other than its fine content over time.

    This editorial is superbly written and lays out the principles upon which this nation was founded and so too what’s necessary to rekindle the flames of what true freedom means not only in principle, but so too financially for Americans since the founding of our great nation.

    I’m a fairly tough guy and the editorial brought a tear to my eye due to it’s spot-on content in these trying times for the Republic.

    Citizens simply need to remember that “freedom is not free” and the price for such is our eternal, proactive, vigilance and action to keep it.

    My unsolicited advice is for citizens to contact their Congressional District Rep’s offices regularly as well as your two Senators via email, snail mail and telephone, even via fax. Keep the contact information on your desktop to facilitate such contact. So too make it a point to show up at townhall meetings when they come to your area and have the courage to standup and express your opinions in the event they take questions from the audience. Become involved with the maintenance of your freedom and the well being of your nation. We’re all in this together. To do nothing and simply whine about ever deteriorating conditions is not an option. : |

    Wishing a “Happy and Safe 4th of July 2013” to all…! : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. So what do we celebrate on this day set aside for an independence that does not exist?

    Poor Doug. I imagine you will sit around feeling disillusioned about the current state of this great country. Me? I’m celebrating good health, family and friends that are all doing well. I’ve got the flag waving and I’m going to eat (lots!), drink (lots!) with family/friends and have one hell-of-a good time. I’m getting old and I’ll be damned If I’m going to spend the rest of my life fretting about the sorry state of this country. Phukit, you only live once so why waste it away on things that one can never change!

    • “I’m getting old and I’ll be damned If I’m going to spend the rest of my life fretting about the sorry state of this country”.

      Bill, you may well have a point.

      I, too, am “getting old” and have also (finally) come to realize that there are absolutely MASSIVE totalitarian forces at work in our land that are FAR more powerful than my single voice and/or vote.

      But that still hasn’t kept me from raising the middle finger of my right hand into the air whenever I’m outside the house, all in the fervent hope that the operators of one of those multi-million dollar NSA spy satellites flying overhead will see my gesture…and (hopefully) get my message.

      Clearly, our once proud (and free) nation is now racing headlong into the economic and sociological crapper.

      So, while it’s probably FAR too late for me alone to turn our nation around, all I can say is that I’m extremely glad that my only daughter (who will soon be celebrating her 21st Birthday) will also soon take her oath to become a Canadian citizen.

      At least now SHE will be able to spend the rest of her adult life living and working in the TRUE “land of the free”.

  6. I feel great sympathy for America as we have seen the whole concept of individual freedoms wiped out with the desire for Big Daddy to run things for us.

    Orwell warned us and even some of our grandparents tried to instill freedoms in the realm of our responsibility.

    It is my belief that our academic teachers failed to hand us our responsibilities and instead showed us how to elect teachers and institutes who would take over the responsibility. Many of us chose to research the words of our individual choices and we fought like hell to keep them in our world of choice. We lost the battle after the end of WW2.

    Our American world became the world of the Christian Church. We set our own rules and many were rejected from society. Many were told to leave the GOP due to our lack of faith.

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