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Friday, July 19, 2024

Maybe it’s time to just shout down the rabid right

 Members of the gallery cheer and chant as the Texas Senate tries to bring an abortion bill to a vote as time expires, Wednesday, June 26, 2013, in Austin, Texas. Amid the deafening roar of abortion rights supporters, Texas Republicans huddled around the Senate podium to pass new abortion restrictions, but whether the vote was cast before or after midnight is in dispute. If signed into law, the measures would close almost every abortion clinic in Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
Members of the gallery cheer and chant as the Texas Senate tries to bring an abortion bill to a vote as time expires in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Opponents of a push by the rabid right in Texas to impose one of the harshest anti-abortion measures in the country won their right Tuesday because, basically, they shouted down the bill.

A lot of things happened to drive the bill to defeat but one of the most important tactics was the fact that the opposition created so much chaos with loud and virulent protests that Republicans who want to push Texas deeper and deeper into dark ages couldn’t get their act together to put everything in place by a needed deadline and the bill failed.

It’s ironic that the opposition used a tactic often deployed by the rabid right: Noise to muddle the issue.

On one hand it’s good to see the tabled turned on the rowdy right.

On the other, it’s sad to see how our government has descended so deeply into shouting, hyperbole and shrillness.

Substance vanished long ago in the American political system, replaced by screaming and senseless behavior that neither advances a cause or provides a consensus necessary for real success.

One look at the poster children of the rabid right shows a complete dependence on hysteria that is devoid of reality or substantial rhetoric.

Tea party events are filled with those who dress up as Uncle Sam or revolutionary war patriots who too often wave signs with racist slogans or threats of violence.

Those on the right flock to “stars” who offer little substance from their hyperbolic ravings:  Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or Rand Paul.

Tuesday’s display in Texas may have shown that the only real way to deal with the rabid nature of the right-wing is to shout them down.

Sad, but perhaps true.

It may have come to this.


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12 thoughts on “Maybe it’s time to just shout down the rabid right”

  1. I grew up being taught that America is the nation based on individual choices. At that time we learned of the separation of church and state that allowed religion to be an individual choice.

    Having read many books on the European Inquisition and the power demanded by Evangelicals I began to question the power of the Vatican to direct American women’s choices. My argument then and now is that if a woman is a member of the Christian Church, abortion is out of the question.

    I spent many years warning women to be very careful on how they chose their candidates but I was thrown out of more internet sites then exist at this time.

    I did not destroy the Republican Party but the Party was taken over by the many churches and self-destructed.

    The choice became obvious when I had to choose between the laws of the Vatican or a political party based on a redistribution of wealth. One of the ugliest sites was this one “Reader Rant.”

    It became obvious that Orwell won the battle and a majority of Americans wanted a Big Daddy to tell them how to live.

    I, like Atlas, simply shrugged.

  2. My stepdaughter was at the Capitol today…at the shout-a-thon. She said that they’ll be in much larger numbers at the next special secession apparently coming up in early July.
    My message to all Texas women who don’t want government tyrants controlling their bodies.
    Go girls, go! Keep up the good work! Fight to the bitter end.

  3. My hunch is that the Supreme Court (with their recent ruling that key features of the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” are unconstitutional) will now be sending even MORE of the rabid right around the bend.

    So be it.

    One more nail in the coffin…….

  4. Darn, wished there was an edit feature.
    In my previous post I misspelled barefoot. Sorry. I’m too perfect of a person for such mistakes.


  5. “Those on the right flock to “stars” who offer little substance from their hyperbolic ravings: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or Rand Paul.”

    Stars? These three are more like black holes – dirty black holes…

  6. What we are seeing is the death-rattle of the “conservative” movement. They are writhing, but still very dangerous. Clearly what is going on is to cram as many onerous laws thru the various state and national legislatures as they can before they pass from the scene.
    They realize that they have a short window and will soon be gone, so pissing off as many women, blacks, Hispanics, gays and just folks that retain some sense of fairness and compassion really doesn’t matter to them.
    I really struggle to understand what actually *does* matter to them and why. Does saving a few tax bux really matter that much? Is keeping the little lady home, barefoot and pregnant still a viable option at this stage of our national evolution? “Voting Rights”, an exercise in Orwellian metaphor if ever there was one, is clearly a racist attempt to keep people that vote against them 20-1 from voting, so that one is easy. Somehow, the idea that doing something that doesn’t piss off 95% of a minority might be good politics never seems to sink in.
    We are about to see what the GOP is made of. John Roberts, et al, just put them in a position that will make it crystal clear where the party is going when he kicked voting rights back to the congress to “re-define”. If GOP’ers pile on with tons of blatantly discriminatory voting suppression laws, the soon to to be majorities will pay attention. Note in the last election how voter-suppression attempts in PA and OH backfired big-time.
    Eric Cantor, of all people, seems to realize this when he called on congress to ensure everyone can vote. Cantor, however, has a very shady history of saying one thing and doing another. We shall see where the GOP goes. I predict major factional in-fighting that I will watch with unbridled Schadenfreude.
    I really just wish some sense of reasonable behavior would overtake the right-wing, but that isn’t going to happen for a while, so I think I will just sit back and watch them reenact the crossing of Donner Pass.

  7. I think the best thing I can do is start working on members of congress to start thinking in terms of individual equality.

    It is the responsibility of all voters to replace the GOP House members. We know how little respect the GOP has for all Americans. I was told outright at a GOP Caucus in Phoenix that I must be a Christian to be respected in the GOP. How I acted and what I did with my life had no bearing on their respect. They wanted only the control that came from any Christian Church.

    They want a fight and they will get it from me.

  8. We the people are the bullhorn but don’t be fooled into thinking they can’t or won’t pull the plug, cut off the heat or dry up the pond.

    Buck up slaves, death is the great release..

    • Ditto, Bryan.

      Extremism is fashionable in Texas. It has been for sometime now.

      If the Texas Legislation truly had its way, public schools would become public churches, women would become pregnant and bear foot. And the children born to the women would become a fast growing population of poverty stricken, uneducated children.

      Texas “radical-extremist-conservatives” want to breed as many morons as possible. That’s what keeps them in office.

  9. Some pols, who I suspect were Republican, tried to change the computer records and printouts to change the day of the vote from Wednesday to Tuesday. This was reported in an AP story posted this morning on

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