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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Pelosi’s defense of NSA spying draws boos

Nancy Pelosi (AP Photo/Dennis Cook, File)
Nancy Pelosi (AP Photo/Dennis Cook, File)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has disappointed some of her liberal base with her defense of the Obama administration’s classified surveillance of U.S. residents’ phone and Internet records.

Some of the activists attending the annual Netroots Nation political conference Saturday booed and interrupted the San Francisco Democrat when she commented on the surveillance programs carried out by the National Security Agency and revealed by a former contractor, Edward Snowden, The San Jose Mercury News reports (

The boos came when Pelosi said that Snowden had violated the law and that the government needed to strike a balance between security and privacy.

As she was attempting to argue that Obama’s approach to citizen surveillance was an improvement over the policies under President George W. Bush, an activist, identified by the Mercury News as Mac Perkel of Gilroy, stood up and tried loudly to question her, prompting security guards to escort him out of the convention hall.

“Leave him alone!” audience members shouted. Others yelled “Secrets and lies!,” ”No secret courts!” and “Protect the First Amendment!,” according to the Mercury News.

Perkel told the newspaper that he thinks Pelosi does not fully understand what the NSA is up to.

Several others in the audience walked out in support of Perkel.

“We’re listening to our progressive leaders who are supposed to be on our side of the team saying it’s OK for us to get targeted” for online surveillance, said Jana Thrift of Eugene, Ore. “It’s crazy. I don’t know who Nancy Pelosi really is.”

Netroots Nation is an organizing and training convention for progressive political leaders. Pelosi was Saturday’s keynote speaker at the event, which opened Thursday at the San Jose Convention Center and was scheduled to conclude Sunday.

Her remarks criticizing the Republican majority in the House and encouraging powerful women brought applause, cheers and laughs.

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4 thoughts on “Pelosi’s defense of NSA spying draws boos”

  1. “The boos came when Pelosi said that Snowden had violated the law and that the government needed to strike a balance between security and privacy.” …extract from article

    Of course Congresswoman Pelosi would say such: she’s one of our elitist ‘leaders’ who’ve been in Congress so long that they no longer have kinship with the worker/drone class of citizens who still might hopefully enjoy a ration of freedom in their miserable lives.

    The ruling class wants to keep a close watch on their ‘supporters’ to make sure no instability is detected within their dutiful ranks.

    Ms. Pelosi is a very wealthy woman too and ranks in the top ten within Congress, she being ranked 9th with a net worth of $101 million dollars; I.E., a centimillionaire.

    She and other incumbents of the same stripe are part of the club and “we ain’t in it” quoting George Carlin from one of his brilliant routines concerning the order of the day.

    Hopefully her liberal supporters will get the message and realize she needs to go regardless of the percs she pitches back to her supporters; I.E., crumbs from the U.S. Treasury ‘deli’ while she and her Congressional ilk feast on the finer cuisine as a function of ripping off American tax debtors including the maintenance of a draconian surveillance functions without serious judicial oversight. The FISA court is a joke, the docket is not open to public scrutiny. If our ‘dear leaders’ tell us they are looking out for John and Mary Q. Citizen then it must be so, no? I say bullsh*t! The likes of Ms. Pelosi & Co. are part of the problem, not the solution. She and her kind need to get a seaboot launch over the stern of the USS America the next midterm election; I.E., a major ‘purge’.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Where in the Constitution does it say security and privacy need to be balanced?

    Remember when people used to flee to America for freedom and liberty? Now days they have to flee to foreign countrys for the same! Demo non-sense?

  3. “The boos came when Pelosi said that Snowden had violated the law and that the government needed to strike a balance between security and privacy.”

    WHAT “law”?

    Since when does exposing the US Government’s absolutely GROSS violation of the 4th Amendment constitute an offense against the United States of America?

    Indeed, nowhere in my reading of the 4th Amendment does it say ANYTHING about balancing “security” against “privacy”, to wit:

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    Note the words “probable cause”, and “PLACE (NOT one’s telephone or e-mail records or recordings) to be searched” as well as “persons or THINGS (again, NOT electronic bits and bytes) to be seized”.

    Furthermore, NOWHERE in that 4th Amendment does it say ANYTHING about “security”. Nor does it say anything about indiscriminately seizing communications from ordinary US citizens just to save it all for later “just in case”.

    I’m sorry, MS. Pelosi…YOU (and your fellow vermin in the CIA, NSA, the Pentagon and Congress (not to mention the White House!)) are the ones who are “violating the law” here.

    YOU are the ones who should be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors” for perpetrating a gross fraud (called the “War on Terror”) against our once proud (and free) nation and for trampling all over the Constitution that you (at one time or another) swore you would “preserve, protect and defend”, citing “security” as a sorry excuse for doing so.

    YOU are the ones who REALLY deserve the jail time here, NOT the people who are (FINALLY!) exposing all your blatant fraud and unconstitutional chicanery for the rest of the world to see.

  4. When the rose colored glasses come off and we see our “leaders” for who and what they really are, it’s never a pretty picture. Welcome to reality Netroots Nation.

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