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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Snowden in Moscow, America revokes his passport


The former National Security Agency contractor who disclosed a highly classified surveillance program has had his U.S. passport revoked, an official said Sunday.

Edward Snowden’s passport was annulled before he left Hong Kong for Russia and while that could complicate his travel plans, the lack of a passport alone could not thwart his plans, the U.S. official said. If a senior official in another country or with an airline orders it, a country could overlook the withdrawn passport, the official said.

The U.S. official would only discuss the passport on the condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to discuss the matter.

Snowden’s allies said he was heading toward Ecuador, where the foreign minister said the government had received a request for asylum.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki refused to comment on Snowden’s passport specifically but said individuals facing arrest warrants could have their passport withdrawn.

“Such a revocation does not affect citizenship status. Persons wanted on felony charges, such as Mr. Snowden, should not be allowed to proceed in any further international travel other than is necessary to return him to the United States,” Psaki said in a statement.

The State Department said the United States was in touch, through diplomatic and law enforcement channels, with countries that Snowden might travel through or to.

Snowden, a CIA technician and former NSA contractor, helped The Guardian and The Washington Post to disclose surveillance programs that collects vast amounts of online data and email, sometimes sweeping up information on ordinary American citizens. Officials have the ability to collect phone and Internet information broadly but need a warrant to examine specific cases where they believe terrorism is involved.

Since news organizations began publishing reports based on Snowden’s disclosures, he had been in hiding in Hong Kong, a former British colony with a high degree of autonomy from mainland China. The United States formally sought Snowden’s extradition from Hong Kong but was rebuffed; Hong Kong officials said the U.S. request did not fully comply with their laws.

Snowden was said to have landed in Moscow on Sunday but was not seen leaving the airport.

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7 thoughts on “Snowden in Moscow, America revokes his passport”

  1. I’m still not convinced this Snowden character isn’t some orchestrated event. Hong Kong let’s him go?

    Since when did Hong Kong not suck up to DC?

    Are they really saying China would let some guy with 4 laptops full of top secret data board a plane without taking those laptops?

    Many of us can’t even enter the USA from Canada without border crossing stealing our electronic devices.

    WikiLeaks claims they know where Snowden is hiding. Thing is, if the NSA is sucking up everything digital, wouldn’t WikiLeaks be one of the main targets?

    How could Snowden communicate with Assange without it being found out?

    Then there were the rumors that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks were really CIA. And it turns out Google, Facebook, and Microsoft really are extensions of the US security apparatus via these secret NSA programs.

    What’s that leave us with? Disposable cell phones?

    Something fishy is going on here. Too much dumb luck. Not enough mysterious plane crashes.

    • Interesting conjecture Woody188. What if, just what if Snowden’s purloined ‘secrets’ goes behond simply the PRISM, FISA Court and so too even the “Echelon” program revealing as you so suggest that possibly we’re living in “The Matrix” (movie) type of situation where governments, corporations, mainstream religions etc. are part of one big surveillance apparatus, all of them working hand in hand to both control and incrementally groom an entire nation for the “Brave New World” they are creating. This ugly paradigm is a hybrid of the aforementioned movie and two book title plots; I.E., Orwell’s “1984” and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”. It’s here and now, unfolding before our very eyes and all facilitated by ever increasing computing power as well as data gathering techniques that the public has little knowledge of at this time.

      Great Britain is at this time the most wired nation on the planet in terms of surveillance cameras, even them being ordered into homes as part of judicial proceedings to monitor those released under ‘court supervision’ in addition to electronic leg monitors. We’ve all viewed modern action movies where the authorities are tracking a suspect on the run via surveillance cameras seemingly located on every streetcorner and subway station throughout a city.

      Seemingly certain governments would like such cameras in our homes, on every street corner and highway, biometric scanning to enter and exit all government, business and recreational facilities along with embedded microchips, digital currency, cash long since becoming an outlawed form of monetary exchange; I.E., a total planetary wide surveillance state paradigm controlled by elitists simply managing their flock of worker drones with even an engineered status system as a function of biological engineering in terms of various levels of mental acumen. Our modern, failed educational system has already done a fine job of creating such a class of unquestioning, passive citizen/drones.
      They have the attention span of chickens or less in addition to being totally mesmerized by endless inane HDTV programming.

      This appeal on the part of ‘Empire Americanus’ to all nation’s of earth to deliver Edward Snowden to the feet of the ‘Emperor’, currently Obama & Co. is downright creepy to say the least. They played the same card with Julian Assange. Bradley Manning has been treated inhumanely for most of his incarceration, being kept naked with simply a blanket in an isolation cell at the Marine “Red Line Brig” located in Quantico, Virginia until a judge finally ruled it was inhumane. Mind you, an individual being treated in such a way while simply awaiting trial/court martial in Manning’s case. We’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law under our system of justice. Seemingly that protection no longer exists either. Does this scenario speak well of modern, so-called enlightened governments. I think not! It’s simply technically enfranchised barbarism all in the name of ‘state security’ or should I say ‘state insecurity’.

      It’s time for the American people to stand up and to jerk their Congressional reps up by the ‘short hairs’ and to make it known in no uncertain terms their incumbency is soon to be terminated unless they rein in our nation’s downward spiral to that of a dystopian in our face surveillance state.

      Our children, grandchildren and those generations to come are headed for a bleak existence where the word “freedom” will simply be found as an ‘archaic’ term in an online dictionary.

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. First Hong Kong, China, Russia and now headed for Cuba? Are you kidding me? I have come to the conclusion that this man is not only a coward he is also a traitor to America and should be shot dead on site!

    Anyone who believes this man has done America good by giving away secrets to our enemies, enemies who are against any freedom of speech what-so-ever are themselves traitors of this great nation and like so many in this country that post anonymously hiding their selves on news and message boards who support this pathetic excuse of a man, are even more cowardly then he.

    • “…this man is not only a coward he is also a traitor to America and should be shot dead on site!” …extract from post

      What I find interesting about your posts over time Bill is your absolute obsession with the word “coward”. It’s repeated over and over in your posts and at some point I’m beginning to believe “ye doth protest too much” while utilizing this pejorative term casting more doubt upon your own motives and character than that of others.

      So too in all my years of participating on CHB yours is the first post ‘ever’ demanding another human being should be “shot dead on site” seemingly without due process. Sounds like yur a real ‘Mericun’…no? / : |

      You went bananas over Doug’s piece “The Gestapo is alive and well in the American Government” several weeks ago evidently using some profanity that was caught by the site’s filter. Then you and the editor had some back and forth words over your caustic response to the article.

      Summing up my analysis, you seem to be one angry, contentious guy. Possibly you need some anger management counseling and learn to express yourself in a more civilized way. There are meds that can help too. I suggest you consult with your physician.

      This ain’t 1878 America where folks simply rushed the jailhouse with guns and ropes to hang whomever high without due process because it chaffed their hides as to what some miscreant committed against society.

      We simply don’t know all the facts about Edward Snowden as yet other than what the MSM tells us. In these times the MSM is nothing but a mere mouthpiece and facilitator for a government that’s seemingly gone rogue on the American people.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Summing up my analysis, you seem to be one angry, contentious guy. Possibly you need some anger management counseling and learn to express yourself in a more civilized way. There are meds that can help too. I suggest you consult with your physician.

        Carl, you are one arrogant sob and just had to make it personal didn’t you? If Doug lets your direct insult towards me stand then I’m done with his news site. What he determines as appropriate will decide any further participation on his news site by me.

    • It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you, and it’s not cowardice to retreat in the face of superior forces.

      Who is the greater traitor to the USA? Those who violate the spirit and the letter of the Constitution or those who expose those who did?

      If there’s any enemy of freedom of speech, I’d say it’s the highly chilling effects of universal surveillance.

      Finally, by supporting Mr. Snowden against your suggestions of violence: “should be shot on site”, then I’d suggest that standing up to a bully’s threats is the exact opposite of cowardice.

      You’re welcome.


  3. I absolutely LOVE it!

    Our politicians and bureaucrats are FINALLY realizing that when the United States snaps its “fingers”, the rest of the world no longer “jumps”.

    No doubt, Mr. Snowden gave both the Chinese (and the Russians) the benefit of his four-laptops-full cache of USA (up to now “secret”) fraud and lies about our pumped-up “War on Terror” before he departed.

    In addition, it appears the NSA’s totally illegal hacking and snooping into other government’s computer systems (all under the aegis of “cyper-security”) is also being exposed to the light of day.

    And so now, all these over paid bureaucrats and politicians can do is try to cover up their excrement like the conniving, dirty dogs that they are.

    And, so far at least, they aren’t succeeding.

    When are these clowns ever going to learn that military secrets are the most fleeting of all?

    Clearly, it’s a great day for freedom in the United States of America!

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