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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Bush and Obama: Do both belong in jail?

Barack Obama: Jail is where he belongs.
Barack Obama: Jail is where he belongs.

Interesting, but sad, that the rank and file of both parties in Capitol Hill are scrambling to find excuses to excuse and rationalize the increased spying on Americans by the National Security Agency and the federal government.

George W. Bush: Maybe he and Obama could be cell mates?
George W. Bush: Maybe he and Obama could be cell mates?

Republicans who would love to use the revelations against President Barack Obama are caught between the stereotypical rock and hard place because many of the abuses started and thrived under the despotic rule of GOP President George W. Bush.

Obama could have curtailed the abuses of power by Bush under the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act.  In fact, he promised to do so in the 2008 Presidential campaign but the great black hope from Chicago proved to be just as big a liar as those who have proceeded him in the Oval Office.

So Democrats now face the dilemma of supporting their President or doing what’s right to move and stop the abuses of the Constitution by Obama.  No drama there. Members of Congress seldom do what’s right.  Such actions are simply not political.

So the abuses will continue and probably increase under a flawed, corrupt political system that seldom, if ever, put the needs of the country or its citizens above political agendas.

Obama and his lying throngs of thugs at the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation are doing what those in positions of power do best:  Scrambling to cover their asses when caught abusing power and ignoring the rights of Americans.

The current President took the actions of a the previous corrupt administration and carried the abuse of power to new levels.  Like the minister who became an embarassment to Obama during the 2008 election, Obama is saying “God damn America” and to hell with the Constitution and freedoms that once defined this nation.

George W. Bush was a disgrace to this nation.

So is Barack Obama.

Maybe both belong in jail.

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15 thoughts on “Bush and Obama: Do both belong in jail?”

  1. Must we be greedy to survive? I spent decades training little kids in how to survive not only our California disasters but the years of quakes, floods and fires. I shared my training with my girls and we incorporated Red Cross tricks within our Girl Scout years. Emergency training came naturally to my girls who had raised and handled many animals, wild and domesticated.

  2. Although I agree with the above posts, I firmly believe that this whole mess could be tracked by the money trail. I am sure the trail will lead to the corporate types of the Military Industrial Complex. And it all boils down to Corporate (and individual) Greed.

  3. Pondering. You put this in clearer words than I did but we both know that both houses of congress make the laws. The voters elect the Congress!

    We all have a single House member to follow and even communicate with but it takes a little research to help guide them.

    A redistribution of wealth is not the end-all fix. People with wealth will always have it. We must learn how to produce and train our children the tricks of self support.

  4. Obama campaigned on closing Gitmo, but the Congress has to authorize it: Every time it comes up the Republicans in Congress block it. You can look that up quite easily. Obama was not elected King: He has to get congressional authorization for most things.

    Other than that one little fact, I actually agree with a lot you are saying. Dump the Patriot Act ASAP, and I would be happy. I knew all of this was a foregone conclusion back when it passed in 2001, and I have been dead set against it all along.

    • Hi Pondering_It_All

      GITMO is a “military prison” therefore this President as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States can order its summary closure and there’s nothing Congress can do about it…period!

      He’s constantly signing ‘toothless’ Executive Orders setting up arcane controls for the civilian sector. He needs to develop some starch and emulate a Harry S. Truman persona; I.E., “The Buck Stops Here” type of interface with the General Staff and tell them how it’s going to be. The first one of them that opens their yap and contests his decision; he simply needs to demand their summary resignation as Truman did with General Douglas MacArthur a virtual military icon in his time. It’s time the U.S. military’s General Staff were jerked up by their ‘shorthairs’ so to speak and let them know who’s the boss under our Constitution.

      President Obama is on his second term. This gives him a chance to leave a legacy of true “freedom and justice” for all rather than playing it safe and simply continuing in a business as usual fashion set up under the neocon driven Bushistas. He can’t get reelected, so he’s beholding to no one, not even to his own party apparatchiks. He should be more concerned how history will view his presidency; I.E., simply that of a ‘running dog’ for the MIC’s terminally corrupt interests or a breath of fresh air allowing freedom to reign again over this once great “land of the free and home of the brave”. We as a nation, post WWII, once set an example for the maintenance of peace worldwide without continually launching preemptive brushfire warfronts upon planet earth simply in the interest of making war-based profits for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. Ike warned us, no one listened. The MIC and its Congressional facilitators are virtually eating the guts out of our nation while “We the People” sit helplessly by awaiting our nation’s demise. : |

      Historical note: Our involvement in Viet Nam was the first of these no win, war-based profit centers post WWII, then Iraq twice in our time and of course the perennial poster child for such unholy profits, Afghanistan. Now this President is talking of involvement in Syria’s civil war while were still engaged in Iraq, Afghanistan and indirectly in Libya via our NATO surrogate. We have 17 plus trillion dollars of debt hanging over our heads a a nation and no one is willing to pull the plug on this nation deadly nonsense.

      Carl Nemo **==

  5. Well, you know how I hate to spoil a good rant with something as mundane as facts, but I think we need to remember that Congress makes the laws, and they wrote and passed the Patriot Act back in 2001. They also reigned in Bush’s completely freelance operations by insisting they all get run by the FISA court (which was in the original Act, just ignored by Bush).

    Everything done by the Obama Administration HAS gone through the FISA court, so I’m not sure what Obama could be charged with. If you want to propose rescinding the Patriot Act, I’m all for it. But it is a bit silly to indict Obama for following the law.

    • Hi Pondering_It_All…

      You are welcome to act as an apologist for the Obama regime predicated on a statement that his administration has always “gone through the FISA court”.

      I’ve not researched the FISA court docket since I don’t have access to such ‘classified’ proceedings. My suspicion is that it’s nothing but a systemic friendly ‘kangaroo court’ that will not under any circumstance refuse a request for a surveillance ‘tap’ by the NSA, FBI or any agency of the U.S. government. It’s simply a feelgood front for facilitating their surveillance and ever-growing tyranny over U.S. citizens.

      What chaffs my hide about both about Bushco’s and the Obama regime is that this nation has suffered from 12.5 years of continual freedom robbing legislation and rubber stamping by the Executives’ signatures to continually take evermore of our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms away all in the name of waging this bogus ‘war on terror’;I.E., a ‘noun’. There’s no national front to make parley or to sign a peace accord, but simply an endless supply of planetary wide malcontents trying to push some arcane religious or political agenda down our colllective throats via the use of violence. They are criminals (thugs) as President Obama referred to such entities recently and need to be pursued by international law enforcement efforts, but not a military machine for the past 12 years or so while breaking the national treasury in the process. These two Executive facilitators along with a corrupt Congressional contingent supporting such have placed this nation in harms way. Believe it…!

      Bushco involved us in both Iraq and Afghanistan. We still have 5000 plus ‘bloodsucking’ mostly corrupt contractors operating in Iraq along with a military contingent to provide security both for them and the uber costly dysfunctional embassy (country club) for visitors we constructed at ruinous cost. The same goes for Afghanistan another endless FUBAR operation against neolithic tribesmen who’s daily 9-5 job is to go out in the hill country and engage the enemy whether it be another tribe or the current entourage of forgeign interlopers under the command of NATO. Meanwhile it’s still an endless feelgood ka-ching…ka-ching for corrupt government contractors at the American tax debtors’ expense.

      Obama promised to close GITMO and to either severely curtail our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the beat goes on in spades.
      All talk and no action; I.E., business as usual.

      We’re being ripped off as a nation by an unholy axis of evil between the MIC and a corrupt Congressional contingent that supports such involvement while the Executive continues to sign off on this nation deadly ‘crap’.

      I rest my case. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

    • I don’t remember anyone claiming FISA approved of drone assassinations.

      And if FISA was established to prevent the government from casting these all encompassing dragnets, then why do we have these all encompassing dragnets of phone records and Internet data?

  6. Is Elizabeth Warren that last voice in the wilderness as the tree of governmental reason is finally toppled onto the bizarre macabre cacophony of the silence that rules ? Trebel

  7. Keith! we are all enablers! Your reply here says it all and I am in total agreement.

    The only fix is to locate a member of congress who stands for how we, as individuals, interpret the Constitution.

    Is America truly a Christian nation? If it is, I should not be living here. I gave up a list of forums who persisted in changing our laws to enforce the same laws from the Inquisition. This was necessary when the heads of the households gave up setting the moral standards for the family.

    Academic improvements for the voters is what we need in America. Jail is not the answer.

    Since when is right over wrong such a problem in America?

  8. “Bush and Obama: Do both belong in jail?”

    ABSOLUTELY…along with all their “enablers” (past and present) in the US Congress.

    Congress COULD have stepped in and stopped most of these “high crimes and misdemeanors” perpetuated my Mssrs. Bush and Obama…but they didn’t.

    Instead, Congress has continued to underwrite all this criminality with hundreds of billions of your and my tax dollars.

    To me, this makes the Congress equally guilty….and worthy of jail time.

  9. Regardless of who holds the office of the Presidency following the present interlopers exit, the previous two posers shall be remembered forever as the Bookends of the most criminal, sadistic, and treasonous sixteen years ever perpetrated by any government on a free society.

    Furthermore, the entire free world is imperiled by the blind all seeing eye of their egotistical nature which like a viral strain of flesh eating horror continues to spread and infect the underpinnings of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    This democratic republic has become a flaccid deflated balloon and the next generation will find fresh air hard to come by in the stagnated toxic atmosphere left to them..Llamraf

  10. All I can say Mr. Thompson is you are hitting the ball ‘out of the park’ of late with your spot-on indictments against the current regime as well the past under G.W. Bush & Co.

    Do they belong in jail? Hell yeah!…and so too a goodly portion of our Congressional contingent and SCOTUS. Our nation needs a master reset. Unequivocally we are in harms way as a nation with this continual rationing of high crimes and misdeameanors committed in high places all under the apologia that we are at war; I.E., ‘the war on terror’, ‘the war on drugs’ and now a war on our core freedoms what few remain.

    So too I like your photoshopped work which kicks the written word up a notch. : )

    One reader got his skivvies in a bunch over your image of ‘dear leader’ tearing up the Constitution, questioning your professionalism as a journalist. I don’t. As it’s said a picture is worth a thousand words…no?

    All I can say is to not only keep the ‘heat’ on these mattoids that are now running this country on to the rocks of destruction, but to carry on!

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Perhaps the people that continue to believe in this hopelessly corrupt “two party” joke and the perennial parade of liars and thieves are the ones that need to be jailed.

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