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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Memo to Joe Biden: You lost on gun control. Move on.

Vice President Joe Biden (AP)
Vice President Joe Biden (AP)

After the shocking and senseless shootings and murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut late last year, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden felt sure they finally had a strong emotional issue to use to ram through stronger gun control laws in America.


Their misplaced optimism ignored the numbers.  Many, many Americans own guns and pro-gun advocates have a strong, powerful lobby that controls Congress with large campaign contributions and the kind of rabid following that could, and would, doom anyone dumb enough to vote for gun control.

Biden, the public face for the White House’s push for gun control, faced gun control supporters Tuesday and tried to say he and Obama “haven’t given up” on getting more gun control through Congress.

But Biden, as he so often does, lied.  The White House has given up. They lost the war and they know it.  The White House push on new and stronger background checks failed last April in a lopsided Senate vote and the Obama administration, while claiming otherwise, cut back on its gun legislation drive immediately.

No new sponsors have signed on to any legislation tightening gun control.  No votes of background check bill have been held or scheduled.  No timeline for future efforts has materialized.

Biden all but admitted defeat Tuesday:

I had hoped we would have assembled in this auditorium earlier. I had hoped we would have assembled here a couple of months ago celebrating the first in a number of victories that we will have.

He claimed White House efforts have brought about a “change” in national thinking on gun control.

He lied.

Polls show little change in widespread national support for the rights to own firearms or the need for more efforts to control the sale of guns.

Biden claimed more Americans want to punish members of Congress who voted against increases in gun control.

Another lie.

The White House simply screwed up when the President and Vice President concluded the killings of elementary students would change the national mood on gun control.  Past shootings at schools or public places haven’t done so.  Why would Sandy Hook make any difference?

Biden admits the effort to increase gun control has “faltered.”

Faltered?  An unusual display of understatement by Biden.

It failed.  It failed in the Democrat-controlled Senate and never even had a chance to fall flat on its ass in the Republican controlled House.

Obama and Biden brought a knife to a gunfight and lost.


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9 thoughts on “Memo to Joe Biden: You lost on gun control. Move on.”

  1. There is a solution.

    It’s “Stop trying to be pre-emptive”.

    Those who have guns and commit no crime are innocent.

    Stop making pre-emptive laws. Those who have guns and hurt nobody are innocent.

    Those who use guns to hurt people deserve all the force of law upon them, but those who have guns who have not [yet] used them to hurt another are innocent and deserve no penalty at all.

    That’s the solution. Punish for what is done, not for what could be done.


  2. We have background checks with loopholes big enough to drive a semi through: Gun owners who bought at a store knew they would have no problem with their check. The gun owners who are against universal background checks are probably the very people who would fail such a check. There also doesn’t seem to be any working mechanism to impound the guns already owned by somebody just added to the “no guns” list.

    We can fix this to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals and people with mental problems” (to quote the head of the NRA), but we have to actually do something instead of just saying something would not be 100% perfect and using that as an excuse for doing nothing.

  3. Most Americans, including gun owners, do indeed support background checks. What those who cite these polls fail to acknowledge is that we already have background checks in place. What is at issue with the new legislation are yet another layer of gun laws that would criminalize private transfers — not a significant source of guns used in crimes. It is not so clear that a large percentage of gun owners support this measure, particularly in light of the obvious fact that gun control advocates are not interested in “common sense” gun laws but rather seek to do everything in their power to limit all civilian gun ownership.

  4. It is now up to the voters to remove the Congress who have failed to respond to a very grave wrong in response to the rash of shootings in America. Women have their own issues that have failed to protect us on the street and in the military.

    The agenda of our Congress has been changed and redefined by Limbaugh. America suffers under a terrible lack of individual freedoms. I fear that our electing a man of color as our legal leader went too far and our citizens cannot comply.

    Change can only happen from the family unit. It will if we work at it and stress individual equality.

  5. Doug Thompson is correct of course. However, he oversimplified with “controls Congress with large campaign contributions.”

    The contributions are big enough that they are nice to have, but that is not the real power of money.

    The power comes from the threat of that money and a lot more going into a primary challenge to anyone who gets too far out of line.

    Contributions buy face time and good feeling. No doubt they are among the larger contributions for some, but not all.

    But the real power comes from the threat, not the payment.

  6. All the polls I have heard about lately showed between 70 and 90% of Americans asked favoring Universal Background checks. How can you possibly refer to that as “not having the numbers”?

    The only problem with the gun control bills this year is with trying to ban certain guns and magazines. I think the “hope” the administration has now is to get a bill with just Universal Background checks. They certainly WOULD have terrific support for that among the public and voters. Of course, such a bill would be fought by any Representative or Senator owned by the NRA.

    We shall see…

  7. Muhammad Ali was the inventor of the “rope-a-dope” strategy. Just lay against the ropes with arms and hands positioned to buffer the blows…until the opponent was worn out.
    Clinton used a political version of that strategy to wear out both his political opponents and public in several controversies, but it especially with the Monica Lewinsky scandal. In other words, deny, deny, deny, deny, deny…avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid situations where press and public would make inquiries.
    Since that time the “Clint-a-dope” strategy has become a favorite strategy for all politicians in controversial situations.
    They all know if you feed the constituents some mind candy to sooth the crying public then avoid, avoid, avoid public or press confrontations long enough and it all goes away.
    The already apathetic public who are experts at knee jerk responses to tragedies and controversy…needs to figure out how to overcome their apathetic nature and remain relentless to see a cause or pressure government to hear and heeds its voice.
    Until then…our Elected Royalty in the Kingdom of Washington will continue the merry party at the Capitol court…and avoid, avoid, avoid, deny, deny, deny.

    • Nice analogy Gregg concerning their “rope a dope” strategy. Well said too and I totally concur. : )

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Must admit that “A Politician Gets A Blowjob from a very much willing intern” isn’t quite the same as “A Politician Funds Terrorism with unlawful arms sales to a country actively at the time at war with a US Ally” or “A Politician Starts Two Wars based on totally fraudulent information”.

      One wound up with 4,000 American troops dead, the other wound up with 4,000,000 American sperm dead. Guess which are seen as equal… *heh*


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