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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Some Republicans admit: ‘We’re in a death spiral as a party’

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.    (AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

Republicans continued their march towards irrelevancy Tuesday by passing strict abortion-restricting legislation that will never become law and reiterating their opposition to relaxing laws against immigration.

As America moves towards the moderate center and embraces gay marriage, open borders and freedom of choice for women, the rabid right-wing that controls the GOP continues to fly in the face of public opinion and tolerance.

“You would think that consistent losses at the polls would show Republicans just how out of step their party is with the majority of the nation,” pollster Shane Wills told Capitol Hill Blue Tuesday.  “It looks like they will have to lose more and more elections to get the point, assuming of course they ever do.”

The party of the elephant appears unfazed by the fact that their Presidential candidates have lost the popular vote in five out of the last six elections.  They ignore polls that show their ultra-conservative views alienating more and more voters.

“The party has become a puppet of the right wing,” says longtime GOP voter Sandra Goodsen in Missouri.  “I find myself voting less and less Republican in each election.”

The party itself is split between those who feel moderation is the path to victory and a return to the White House but their efforts are often stymied by the hard-core right wing that controls the House of Representatives and the GOP leadership.

“In the GOP, the wackos are in charge,” says former Republican Andrew Luskshire, who became an independent after the 2012 election.  “I can no longer be part of a party controlled repressive conservatives.”

The anti-abortion bill passed by the GOP-controlled House will go nowhere in the Senate,  where the Democratic party maintains the edge.  House Republicans also want to put the brakes on efforts to give illegal immigrants currently living in America a chance at citizenship.

“Odd, isn’t it,” says political activist Sandra Sullivan. “We are a nation founded by immigrants who now live in a nation where Republicans want to limit immigration.”

Recent polls show most Americans feel the Republican party is wrong with its strident opposition to gay marriage, women’s rights and immigration.

Some Republicans agree.  Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said of his party: “We’re in a  demographic death spiral as a party.”

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10 thoughts on “Some Republicans admit: ‘We’re in a death spiral as a party’”

  1. The information found in the above replies form exactly the possibilities of change that could put some order in America. When the internet first opened with the concept that all Citizens could come together and discuss our strengths and weaknesses in one form or another.

    Among many of the early forums it became apparent that far too many voters had a very different opinion of the interpretation of the Bill of Rights.The subject of politics has now become so contentious that few want to discuss it on a legal point of view.

    We must never be limited to only two parties. Adding a third asks far too much from the voters.

    We must learn to legalize the concept of choices. First on the list would be religion. How we use or abuse our bodies should be a choice. It would mean that all the damage done to our bodies should not be at the cost of the government. Asking the government to cover our medical costs should be for emergency uses only.

    Americans have been promised too much from the government and it has made us a bit lazy in our individual responsibilities.

    Sadly, even here; we are often labeled rather than being able to define our agendas.

    I’m off to have breakfast with my kids as they want a late Father’s Day brunch. We are setting up my will and a distribution of what is left of my money.

  2. The government knows everything about citizens and legal immigrants. They don’t know anything about illegals. The whole idea of the ALREADY existing e-Verify program is that it is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way for legitimate employers to protect themselves against the (sometimes massive) expense of getting caught with illegal immigrant employees. It is FAR less expensive than the manual checking the INS used to do. The only employers who oppose it are those with a business model of using cheap illegal labor and then claiming they didn’t know when they get caught.

    Personally, I don’t care at all about protecting the “rights” of illegals and the criminals who employ them. I suppose supporting the civil rights of illegals could be some sort of extreme Libertarian position, but I doubt many Americans would go that far.

    • Hi Pondering_It_All ….

      To put it bluntly…E-Verify is a bust. When millions of quasi-legal ‘immigrants’ are forced to participate the error rate will far exceed the 2.3% specified in this link spilling over to legally landed immigrants and possibly long term citizens too.

      When an error occurs resulting in the worker to be expelled from their job they have a 100 day period of time to appeal the process. Allegedly the employer cannot immediately terminate them once they launch an appeal. Unfortunately when you are a hourly paid ‘wage slave’ working in a chicken processing factory or on a tomato farm in Florida it’s hard to survive while you deal with smug, overpaid bureaucrats sitting on their fat arses in an air-conditioned Federal Building guarded by Homeland Security ‘goons’ at the doorwways. Talk about intimidating or what especiallly when you haven’t mastered the ‘King’s English’.

      “While the employee has just eight days to begin his appeal, the full appeal process can take many weeks. Alex Nowrasteh, who studies immigration policy at the Cato Institute, says that fixing E-Verify errors sometimes requires “filing a Privacy Act request to figure out which portion of your information is correct in the government database,” a process that can take more than 100 days. “During that time, the employer is supposed to keep the person employed, but what we see frequently is that that just is not followed,” he says. Employers may be reluctant to spend weeks training an employee, only to be forced to fire him if his appeal is rejected.” …extract from link article
      So if we extrapolate the ‘Gang of Eight’s’ unholy plans for “We the People”; I.E., all of us with a mandated nationally sponsored biometrically verified i.d. card that should somehow contain critical errors; you could be come a ‘non person’ in short order and no longer be employable or eligible to receive benefits; I.E., a mandate from the government…’die sucker!’

      I’m a libertarian to the core and an extremely strict Constitutionalist and so too ascribe to both Ron and Rand Paul’s theory that the government that governs best, governs least as so too the founders!

      We’re virtually being smothered as a free people by bureaucratic ‘overkill’ and it’s soon to be the demise of our once great Republic…Believe it!

      I rest my case. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. Jeez, Carl:

    Everybody I know has a Social Security card and number, and either a state ID or a Driver’s License. “The Gubmint” already knows everything about you that they want to know. Don’t those two things together already constitute a Universal Identity Card? I also have deeds and other documents recorded by my county and pay county property tax and state tax, as well as federal income tax.

    Or are you one of those people who can rant about some agency or branch of the government knowing about you while ignoring other agencies or branches you deal with all the time? That’s just delusional.

    • Hi Pondering_It_All…

      Seemingly from your contentious reply you enjoy the order of the day as it is and welcome evermore layers of byzantine control over “We the People”…no? / : |

      You are also wrong that the government knows everything they want or need to know about citizens and immigrants (legal or illegal). If so then there’d be no need for schemes like E-Verify or a national i.d. card, such measures would be redundant. So too all of these programs cost the taxpayer money, serious amounts to implement and to maintain over time. We’re flat dead broke as a nation, but our Congressional contingent seemingly doesn’t care a wit about ever costly new programs or our Constitutionally guaranteed rights, what few remain.

      I stand by my sentiments concerning this issue.

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. The “immigration reform” bill is actually all about cheap labor policy and not so much about a fair immigration policy. Indeed, businesses used up the recent 65,000 additional H-1B VISA limit in less than 48 hours, while many US citizens can’t seem to find a decent paying job. The majority of Republicans have committed support to the bill, with only a few holdouts that do not want amnesty for illegal immigrants, that is people who felt they deserved to live in the United States and broke the law to do so, rather than follow the law and apply for a VISA and citizenship like so many others have no trouble doing.

    I see no problem with requiring those that want to become US citizens to follow US law. Certainly the government itself has only exacerbated the issue by refusing to enforce the immigration laws already on the books claiming humanitarian reasons. By now I hope it’s obvious by all the immigrants performing the blue collar jobs, humanitarian concerns weren’t the top reason for allowing 1+ million a year into the United States.

    So once again, the government is proposing a solution (amnesty for lawlessness) for a problem they helped create (failure to enforce US immigration law) while helping out their rich buddies (cheap labor for the next umpteen years) all under the guise of immigration fairness.

    Two questions, how is this fair to all the immigrants that did follow the law, and how is this fair to current US citizens watching their elected representatives curry favor with criminals?

    • Hi Woody188…

      In addition to hammering out this ‘bogus’ immigration bill in secret; the bill is simply a facilitation for cheap labor as you so outline.

      Even more frightful; embedded within this 800 page ‘nightmare’ is a provision setting the tone for a national i.d. card. Currently there’s an E-Verify program in place which has turned out to be a disaster for unwitting participants. If there’s a glitch in the program, of which there are many concerning your bonafides you are virtually barred from finding employment even if you are an immigrant trying to play the game by the ‘rules’.

      The new scheme wants to push for a smart card utilizing biometric scanning ‘safeguards’. Initially it’s proposed for the aliens seeking landed immigrant status, but like all government hatched programs it’s the same as letting the camel’s nose under the tent, the next you know the ‘big guy’ is inside wreaking havoc for the occupants, in this case John and Mary Q. Public anywhere USA, including landed immigrants and long term citizens. Just as citizens can’t find out the details as to why they might be on the ‘terrorist watch or no fly lists, the same will be if there’s a glitch concerning this latest scheme for biometrically secured cards. You’re screwed while they have no accountability for having done so. These faceless bureaucrats’ excuse will be: …’the war on terror’ precludes such disclosure. They the protector/enforcers know what’s best for us, never question, just obey…no? / : |

      Everything our goverment hatches in these seeming end times for the Republic wrought by crimpols in high places puts us at hazard from the ‘Patriot Act’, ‘Obamacare’ including this current ‘immigration reform’ bill etc. become a virtual nightmare for “We the People” in the final analysis.

      I’ll provide a link concerning this i.d. card issue. So too is a link to the 800 page bill in .pdf format. If I recall “Obamacare” is in excess of 2000 pages and it is slowly, but surely unraveling as it comes on line; I.E., another nightmarish ‘bust’ mostly hatched in ‘secret’ too.

      Our Congress is nothing but a gaggle of ‘evil clowns’ scheming 24/7/365 scheming on how to facilitate their big business patrons’ needs while trashing the civil liberties of citizens they are supposed to represent and protect in an equitable manner.

      Carl Nemo **==

  5. David Stockman former budget director under Ronald Reagan has recently published a book entitled “The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America”.

    Although not a ‘fan’ of Mr. Stockman in his day, or President Reagan I must say his indictment against the Republicans seems to be spot-on. This is an excerpt of his charge against current party apparatchiks along with their intransigence againt progressiveness of any kind for the betterment of our national welfare.


    Former Budget Director Stockman Slams GOP as ‘Coalition of Gangs’

    The Republican Party is merely “a coalition of gangs,” David Stockman, the former congressman and budget director, tells Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview.

    “The Republican Party is not really a party. It doesn’t stand for anything except re-electing itself,” said Stockman, who directed the Office of Management and Budget under President Reagan. “The neocons are only oriented to an aggressive, imperialistic foreign policy of big defense establishment and suppression of our civil liberties. The tax cons want to just cut taxes — any time, any day — regardless of the fiscal situation. The Republican Party is basically irrelevant to the economic crisis that faces the country.”

    Stockman is the author of “The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America.” The New York Times best-seller details how the Federal Reserve, Congress, and the White House, have fallen prey to “crony capitalism,” leaving the nation teetering on the brink of fiscal collapse and dysfunction.


    I like his reference to “crony capitalism” which I often refer to as ‘pirate capitalism’ both resulting in privatizing the gains while socializing the losses onto the tax base. The banksters make irresponsible loans, then when they go bust they pass their irresponsibility on to the American taxpayer via their paid shills in Congress; truly an unholy ‘axis of evil’ if there ever was one.

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Yeah… just look at Graham, McCain, and their ilk and wonder why no more. It ain’t about Republican-lite Dems who are nothing more than self-serving autocrats with absolutely no interest in liberty, freedom and the American ideal.

    … feed em rotten fish heads if that’s all they got.

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