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Sunday, June 23, 2024

The real terrorists are our so-called leaders who allow spying on Americans

Yes, the President is a traitor.  He's not alone in our government.
Yes, the President is a traitor. He’s not alone in our government.

The despotic government that runs the United States of America has made it clear that it supports spying 24/7 on any and all American citizens.

The current administration of Barack Obama and the former administration of George W. Bush both trotted out officials to the talk shows and interview circuits over the weekend to praise the National Security Agency’s scrutiny of phone calls, Internet usage and other communications by American citizens.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has often gone even further, claiming that if the NSA spying program had been it place before September 11, 2001, it would have prevented the terrorist attacks that took out the World Trade Center in New York and damaged the Pentagon in Washington.  This weekend, his message was a little more circumspect, claiming the spying “could” have prevented one of the plane hijackers.

Incredible claims either way, but Cheney has a history of incredible claims and a history of thinking that freedom is something America can’t afford in the age of terrorism.

In part, Cheney is right.  The age of terrorism rules in America.

But we here at Capitol Hill Blue are inclined to think that the real terrorists are those who used the attacks to turn America into a fascist state where individual rights are expendable in the name of “national security.”

There’s little doubt the eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency destroyed a lot of America’s freedoms.  Bush, we were once told by sources who later backed down on on their claims, once called the Constitution a “goddamned piece of paper.”  While we could never document that he actually said it, his actions often showcased that he obviously felt that way,

Sadly, that trend continued under the despotic rule of Barack Obama, who lied his way into the White House with false promises to curtail the abuses of the Bush administration and — instead — increased the abuse of power emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and turned America away from democracy and freedom.

Obama, in too many ways, is worse than Bush — something that few, including us, thought was possible.  Many voters thought things could be different in an Obama Presidency.

Yes, things are different. The difference, however, is that abuse of freedoms once enjoyed by Americans and once protected by the Constitution are more, not less, endangered under Obama.  While we are not fans of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, we applaud his move to sue the NSA for abuse of freedom of Americans.

Obama, sadly, is as much if not more of a dictator as Bush.  Like Bush, he lied his way into office.  Like Bush, he sees power as an absolute that he can abuse at will to impose his repressive agenda on a gullible America.  Obama shows no remorse or regret for the many Americans harmed by his repressive administration.  He is a dictator without morals and a tyrant without compassion.

Yes, America is under assault from terrorists and those terrorists are named Obama, Biden, Bush, Cheney et. al.  When Obama’s term is complete, America will suffered 16 years of repression under two administrations from two supposedly different political parties.

In reality, both Presidents and Vice Presidents, and the parties they represent are enemies of and traitors to the United States of America.

(Edited and updated at 12:42 p.m. EST on 6/17/2013)

17 thoughts on “The real terrorists are our so-called leaders who allow spying on Americans”

  1. I whole heartedly agree with with 90% of the posts but I still say track the money and it will lead you back to the Corporate and individual greed of the Military Industrial Complex.

  2. I’m a little surprised that you would run that picture over the story. While it may have been photoshopped to make a point on an opinion piece, it implies that President Obama actually tore the Constitution in half. A legitimate news organization would at least add a caption stating that this was not an actual event.

    Or just not run a fake photograph to begin with. This damages your reputation.

  3. It all comes down to the amount of information that was given to the voters in our nation. Since the end of WW2 it has been obvious that America has been labeled as the enemy of freedom. Many of us did the research on why and it came down to the great plans of the neoconservatives who wanted a one world empire based on the Holy Bible. We were told to stop science and allow a faith in Jesus Christ to guide our lives. We were taught not to trust people of color or of Islam.

    America literally declared war with all nations who viewed themselves equal to us.

    Gradually over the years, many of us decided that the American superiority is not what we respect or want. Many of us will not be treated like cattle. We not only want the government to keep their hands off our choices especially when it comes to our children but for the health care we want in our senior years.

    To be a respected American citizen, we must first learn to be sheep. Even the internet demands that we ignore many actions whose source we must not question. Sheep do not question UFOs or internal terrorism.

    There is no political action group for those of us who refuse to be sheep. The party of least control came with Barack Obama who has been the single least offensive leader offered. However, a redistribution of wealth would be part of the membership. We have to make our choices when a party of choices no longer exists.

  4. Many voters thought things could be different in an Obama Presidency.

    I’m a bit surprised by the sudden uproar over Snowden’s leak that our phone data is being collected. ECHELON has been grabbing electronic communications data since the 1960s.

    ECHELON is an officially unacknowledged U.S.-led global spy network that operates an automated system for the interception and relay of electronic communications. Monitored transmissions are in the billions daily, including phone calls, e-mail messages, faxes, satellite transmissions, and Internet traffic both public and private worldwide.

    We have been spied on for many decades. I assumed that was common knowledge.

    • Furthermore, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 mandated that all cellular phones be equipped with tracking capabilities by (I believe) 2001.

      It was common knowledge for any one that actually pays attention.

  5. I must compliment the editor on one the finest indictments he’s ever written against these mattoids we have foolishly elected to high office.

    I’ve been railing for quite some time that our leadership including the legislative and judicial branches of our government demonstrate high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights and thusly “We the People”…!

    Note: Mitt Romney would have continued business as usual too, so don’t think the last election’s ‘alternative product’ would have saved us from the jaws of this tyranny in progress paradigm. They’re all vetted and screened; I.E., the perfect candidates to serve the interests of ‘deep pocket’ controllers within this nation; e.g. the banksters and their solely owned propagandist subsidiary the MSM. Believe it!

    We now have a rogue, out of control Congress, corrupt to the core and a leadership that would make Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao envious concerning the efficiency of our now data intensive surveillance state. In fact they’d be slavering at their jaws for such power in their time in order to perfect their tyranny over mankind for all time and places.


    ” All power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely” …Lord Acton (British historian)


    Carl Nemo **==

  6. This all would all be comic if it wasn’t so sad….

    That despot Dick Cheney (you know, the one who has been convicted of war crimes and can’t even set foot in places like Germany lest be he arrested on the spot) is now calling Mr. Snowden a “traitor”.

    A “traitor” to what…and to whom?

    Freedom of the press? The 4th Amendment? One’s right to free speech?

    Indeed, the sad truth that Cheneny (et al) DON’T want you to know about is that the blueprint for our current foreign policy was being written back in 1992 by then-Defense Secretary, Dick Cheney.

    His writings set out a new doctrine that called for U.S. power in the twenty first century to be that of an aggressive and unilateral approach that would secure American dominance of world affairs by force if necessary.

    And, sadly, this “wars of pre-emption” policy has been unfolding from the day Bush, Jr. took office; the strategic planning of it was done during the Clinton administration with funding from the military-industrial complex energy companies, and right-wing foundations.

    Over time, those working on these new plans evolved into PNAC…the Project for the New American Century…which was established in 1997 with charter members Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz at the helm. And now, for whatever reason, Barak Obama and his ilk have also signed on to this treachery lock, stock and barrel.

    So, to me, the only “traitors” in all this are those who are trying desperately to keep all their PNAC subterfuge from seeing the light of day under the cloak of layer upon layer of top secret, compartmentalized fraud, serial lies and other assorted “high crimes and misdemeanors”

    Indeed, their arrogant antics remind me of a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar (or probably more appropriately) hordes of rats scurrying from the light of day.

  7. Good for CHB… I have been kicked off posting on Democratic Underground and Talking Points Memo for making similar points. The “left” now excuses Obama for the same crimes they condemned W for. The hypocrisy is palpable. Also, try calling the Thom Hartmann show and say these things about O. Hartmann will cut you off mid-sentence, call you despicable, accuse you of using right wing talking points and being paid to call talk shows with said screeds. Chris Hedges is right…the left is dead.

    • That’s how this works. That’s why nothing ever changes for the better – or at all.

      I was a leftie terrorist sympathizer under Bush, and now I’m a right-wing conspiracy theorist.

      It’s also why I don’t waste much time attempting in-depth discussions on the web any more.

      Just a libertarian…

  8. And it all started with the lie that Washington chopped down the cherry tree…and when his father asked, “George, did you chop down this tree?” And George replied, “I cannot tell a lie, father. Yes, I chopped down the tree.”
    The story was invented by Parson Weems who wrote Washington’s biography.
    The propaganda, deceit, and lies haven’t stopped since. Unfortunately, a biographer hasn’t been the culprit.
    Washington has been lying and deceiving for so long that it believes it’s entitled to say and do as it pleases.
    Recently I was listening to BBC on satellite radio. An interview with a Russian politician was broadcasted for about an hour.
    The Russian politician talked about a variety of critical issues facing his country. Then he proceeded to detail how politicians created smoke screens, deceptions, made appeals to the people to rally behind them as they engaged in making laws regarding some of the most heinous crimes against humanity such as homosexuality, the evils of abortion, and other moral shortcoming that plague their country.
    Then the politician began to explain how easy it was to draw people away from the real issues, the truly damaging issues that harbored the most injury to his country.
    The more I listened, the more I thought I was actually listening to one of our legalized squatters who inhabit our nation’s capitol. You know, these thousand or so folks who hold reign over three-hundred plus million people. The folks who always seem to know exactly what’s best for us. The same folks who have come to believe that they have the right to do as they wish without consent or accountability.
    This nation has been taught to believe that our enemies are in China, Russia, Iran…

  9. I’d love to any reporter ask, “How do these programs protect and uphold the Constitution as per your oath of office?”

    I’d love to watch them squirm.

  10. ARGH. I had originally had “You’re entitled to your opinion,”, and when I changed that sentence I did not change the you’re to your. I DO know and appreciate the difference.

  11. Doug:

    You said:

    “Former Vice President Dick Cheney went even further, claiming that if the NSA spying program had been it place before September 11, 2001, it would have prevented the terrorist attacks that took out the World Trade Center in New York and damaged the Pentagon in Washington.”

    That is NOT true. I repeat. It is NOT true.

    “As everybody who’s been associated with the program’s said, if we had had this before 9/11, when there were two terrorists in San Diego — two hijackers — had been able to use that program, that capability, against that target, we might well have been able to prevent 9/11,” Cheney said on “Fox News Sunday.”

    They might also have prevented halitosis and ring around the collar.

    Doug, you’re opinion is yours, to which you have absolute entitlement, but changing facts is something else entirely.

    • Cheney is a thug and has said several times that enhanced spying and surveillance would have prevented 9/11. I wasn’t basing my conclusion on what he said on Faux News. I do not waste my time with propaganda networks. Your assumptions are wrong as assumptions so often are but it did show a need to clarify that I was talking about Cheney’s history of statements, not the one he gave Sunday. That has been corrected because it was the only part of the column that needed clarification.

  12. “Yes, America is under assault from terrorists and those terrorists are named Obama, Biden, Bush, Cheney et. al.”


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