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Saturday, June 22, 2024

You want answers to America’s problems? Sorry, none here

In an upside-down nation, maybe this is the how the flag should look.
In an upside-down nation, maybe this is the how the flag should look.

Odd that when one takes time to point out the many problems that face this nation, a handful of miscreants always rises up and starts screaming about how it’s bad to say America is in trouble unless you have an answer to the problems that we face.

Sorry folks.  No answers here.  We report problems.  We cannot, and will not, offer up phony solutions.  The politicians and those who claim they are saving America are too busy offering fake answers to questions they don’t even understand.

For the past two Presidential elections, we heard often from the small but extremely loud and often angry populace who, for reasons only they claimed to understand, believed that now former Congressman Ron Paul was the answer to America’s woes.

What these brain-dead minions never understood was that Paul ran for President so he could raise millions from the gullible believers of lost causes and then used that money after the elections to fund fake foundations whose only purpose is to keep his family employed and in the chips.

Now those same believers in hopeless populist fanatics are flocking to Rand Paul — son of Ron — and claiming that he is the savior they seek.

Those close to Paul say he is a self-serving egomaniac who, like his father, sees populism as a way to get rich off those stupid enough to write checks to his lame causes. Rand Paul’s only real populist cause is his own ego and he is a legend in his own mind.

Politics, unfortunately, is full of populist con-artists who see quick fame and even quicker riches in pulling off an elaborate con on a gullible electorate.  Sarah Palin did it for a while after washing out as both a vice presidential candidate and an Alaska governorship she dumped before her term ended.  It took Fox News a while to see through her con and send her packing.

Now Michele Bachmann is trying to follow the same route by leaving Congress before her various misdeeds catch up with her and hitting the speaking and writing circuit to appeal to a vapid nation of celebrity followers.

When you look at the current crop of wannabes on both sides of the political fence, you cannot find a leader among any of them.

In Washington, leadership took a holiday a long time ago.

So did morality.

And ethics.

And common sense.

And reality.

Want to solve America’s problems?

Maybe we could start by cleaning house.

How about hard and fast term limits?  No more than three House terms of two years each and one Senate term.  Obviously we don’t need Senators with more than one term of experience anyway.  Barack Obama was elected with less than one term under his belt.  Now Republicans want to replace him with either Rand Paul or Marco Rubio — both first term Senators.

On second thought, forget that.  Why replace one failure with another?

So what’s the answer?

Damned if we know.

It may be out there somewhere.

Or it may not exist.

Maybe that’s the real problem.


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7 thoughts on “You want answers to America’s problems? Sorry, none here”

  1. Paul ran for President so he could raise millions from the gullible believers of lost causes

    First time I’ve ever heard of anyone referring to the Constitution and individual liberty as a lost cause. If you really believe that Doug, then there is no reason to save this nation as it’s not worth saving.

    I’d hate to think we’ve lost without any sort of fight, just given it all up as a lost cause. What would our ancestors think of us?

  2. I heard an interesting interview this morning on MSNBC. A young man who is planning opening a series of Pot stores in several legal states and his presentation was of interest to me.

    Pot dulls the tension in the human brain was the one plus that caught my attention. I had read Doug’s commentary (above) and found his peace of mind a tad shattered along with my own. I’ve stayed far away from the use of drugs or booze having come from a large family of drunks.

    My personal stimulant comes from reading books on subjects foreign to my mind. The last two years found me encased in the theory that we may not be the only residents in this universe who have the ability to think and act rationally.

    Carl Sagan keeps popping up in my mind and adds to my knowledge that far too many humans are not thinking rationally. My husband was a nuclear physicist and believed in life on other planets. Why not? He left and I filled in his space with a hundred books on the subject of UFOs. I’ve got my joy back!

    Doug tends to bring me back to earth and I’m delighted that he is writing regularly again. I have been unable to watch television when I can locate writers right here in my office.

  3. I closed up my owm several years ago. I am unable to fit within any political agenda and I’m too old to change my ways.

  4. Joe, you are absolutely correct. They got organized when President Clinton messed around with his pretty young intern. Many men do this but it was the small spark that developed into a full blown fire storm and lit up the GOP.

    I’ve been politically involved since the end of WW2 and began to withdraw from the GOP when I became aware of the increase in government growth that ended up increasing welfare instead of academics that would increase the potential of having all Americans helping themselves.

    The voters elected the government demanded who would continue to feed and shelter the people instead of preparing us all to do it on our own. The academic standards did not keep up with the need for job training that would continue to grow with the jobs developing when we continued to need war equipment. I attended business college but there was nothing stressed on the nomenclature to write about weapons and the development of nuclear equipment.

    You hit the nail on the head about the GOP wanting to destroy our federal government. They seem to want a government based on following the golden rule instead of the Constitution. The Democratic side might need a plan or two to organize a series of fixes. I truly believe the GOP is on its last legs.

    Do you have web site with more ideas of how to work out a plan to fix our problems? I like the idea of some organized plans for improvement?

    • I don’t have a web site. I muse on politics and government here and in private communications.

  5. I am a bit more optimistic that the current political situation will right itself. It will surely not be a pretty process, and may well resolve itself thru violence against elected leaders (like ricin letters, perhaps, to point out a current example?).
    What is unfortunately not pointed out about the whole 2nd amendment debate is that it is being driven by a minority of the country that is heavily arming themselves for the revolution. Those folks, by and large, are the same folks that are actively sabotaging the legislative process and by extension, any efforts of the government to perform any function at all…even disaster relief.
    I am, of course, writing about the Republican party. They are wounded, writhing and dying, but still very dangerous. What we are seeing is a rear-guard action that appears to be primarily aimed at blowing up the US political system and economy on the way out the door. A bit like salting the fields…
    The modern Republican party is circling its wagons and standing full time guard. They are behaving rather like the Afrikaners did a generation ago.
    The broad brush is swung a lot on this site about both sides being at fault. That simply is not true. The Republican party is dedicated to destroying government. There simply is no equivalent on the Democratic/Liberal side.

  6. I think you have summed up the situation very well. Many of your followers have tried to define the problems in D.C. without coming up with a single solution. There are many here who have been involved in politics for years and yet are often called liars or idiots when we do step up with suggestions.

    But chief, that is the story behind the internet. The average American of voting age gathers information from the television. Opinions are formed from the most attractive news reader. Social laws are formed from the choice of Sunday School Pastors.

    I share your frustration. Very few of your members here ever bother to read the books featured on CSPAN and would rather watch Jon from the Daily Show. Even in many of the hard core News shows on MSNBC, the hosts go for the laugh track. Obviously the hosts as well as the audience spends too many hours watching T.V. Their shows insult their audiences with only Rachel Maddow being a step above the norm.

    It wasn’t that many years ago when R.R. put together a list of 10 things we wanted our Federal Government to use for an agenda. None of those members are back. None of those issues are active. Those items were printed on many internet politcal sites and I received a request to allow Gary Bauer to use them in his speech. The team agreed and Candidate Bauer rewrote the list adding religious laws and did not get elected. There was a lesson here but few picked up on it.

    I’m moving on to work with civil rights issues with a focus on women. I am researching information on UFOs but not here.

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