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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Washington won’t work and can’t work


053013hopeWhen one looks at the monumental list of failures that exist in both our elected and appointed governments in Washington and various state capitols around the country, the only feeling available is despair.

Government is broken because the political system that supports it is flawed.  Both are failures and the various shallow occupants of office have neither the desire or ability to solve the mounting problems that face America.

If one is to believe the current failure to occupy the White House — Barack Obama — and it is increasingly difficult to believe anything he says, the President of the United States is so clueless that he did not know the IRS was harassing his political enemies.  At the same time, the nation’s lackluster and bumbling attorney general — Eric Holder — was signing off on wiretaps or reporters’ phones and harassment of the world’s largest news service agency.

Obama at least doesn’t claim to know nothing about Holder’s war against the Associated Press.  Holder was, in fact, following the President’s directive to “get to the bottom of” news leaks.

Obama has good reason to fear news leaks.  Most often, they show he is lying or leading the nation down a path of more infringement of the rights of citizens and more abuse of both privacy and standards once guaranteed by the Constitution.

One often wonders if Obama has read or understands the Constitution.  He has shown a tendency to ignore it as often as his predecessor — the rights-robbing tyrannical President named George W. Bush.

Perhaps America’s slide into oblivion begins with the election of one despot after another to the White House.

Perhaps the nation’s downfall hinges on an inability to elect a Congress that functions.

Perhaps the end of America as we once knew it comes at the hands of extreme and phony groups like the tea party on the right and whatever liberals call themselves these days on the left.

America is a nation on its knees, hobbled by extremism on all sides of the political spectrum.  Compromise is impossible in a nation dominated by extremes.  Moderation drowns in a sea of extremist mediocrity. Coalitions cease to exist because no one if willing to work together towards a common, and unselfish, goal.

America today is a hobbled, disabled cripple of a nation. National pride is gone, replaced by personal prejudice and political hype.  Leadership and hope cannot exist in a society dominated by populists, plutocrats and professional politicians.  Political agendas, by design, cannot serve patriotism because love of country is lost in a mob environment where power, money and greed dominate.

Tea party bimbo Michele Bachmann announced this week she is leaving Congress.  With her chances for re-election sinking in a state that is tired of her antics and her various misdeeds in a failed, and laughable, attempt to run for President under investigation for ethics violations, she is leaving public office to follow the Sarah Palin model of using celebrity to make money.

Like Palin, Bachmann was a celebrity, not a viable public official.  Sadly, like Palin, there is enough dead brain matter among the masses to give her a following for her insanity.

But will she be replaced by a better representative of the people?  Probably not.  Elected officials are not representatives of voters.  They are packaged commodities picked by party leaders and supported by special interests groups with narrow focus agendas.

The Mafia had a saying for such a situation:  “New boss, same as the old boss.”

And when you think of it, comparing our government to the Mafia may be closer to the truth.

The Mafia, we are told, ain’t what it used to be.

Neither is America.


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11 thoughts on “Washington won’t work and can’t work”

  1. If we truly have a government for and by the people. I suggest that the people have failed and aren’t capable of effectively performing their constitutional role.

  2. But Doug, you are the warning signs that should wake us up and drives us to read your commentaries.

    The frustration that we realize is that we elect all our representatives. We work to replace whose who fail us and bring the old ones back into power. We used to be able to know how our reps would vote but that was years ago. We elect our new congress-critters into office every two years and then are shocked when they vote the other way. We lost control over our political platforms and allowed the religious right to step in and change the agendas. I, for one, end up voting against a party instead of for anyone.

    I do not want America to become a Christian nation because I have read hundreds of books on the history of this action.

    I am just one voice here who will never give up my desire for equality for all Americans.

    • I have no solutions to the crisis that America faces nor do I need to possess or offer any. I am simply an observer of the passing scene and not a pretender to office or leadership.

      I realize that may be tough to grasp but, unlike those who seek office and power, I have no pretense of knowledge or false claim of leadership capabilities. I’m simply a citizen who watches and comments on the problems that face our society. At 65, I probably will die before America fails but fail she will because the system that controls her is corrupt, self-serving and devoid of either leadership or reality.

      • As you yourself pointed out, you are not simply an observer, you are a commentator, and one good enough at it that many of us take the time to read what you have written (and sometimes write our own remarks thereupon).


    • The first step is reinvigorating a free press. This means journalists and authors not bound by corporate dogma, directives and spin.

      Second, this press must not be barred from public officials because they ask tough questions. Why does the government get to pick and chose which reporters they will talk to?

      Isn’t this why we never get the hard questions and instead, on the eve of war with Iraq, we get questions like “Who should we pray for?”

      Third, graft should be treated like graft and should result in prison sentences for both the giver and receiver, and both should be barred from government interactions for life.

      Forth, the government will remain restrained by the Constitution, or those not abiding by the Constitution will be tried for treason and conspiring against our nation. There is a process for modifying the Constitution. Presidential directives, Supreme Court decisions, and other processes left up to a small number of individuals, ie the Executive, 8 Justices, or a “Gang of Eight” Senators with “super authority” should never be allowed by law or to modify Constitutional law. Our Constitution survived many wars through the years, why now against small bands of terrorists is the Constitution suddenly a problem?

      Fifth, government will not be allowed to hide behind national security claims as a means to obscure evidence of known crimes. This doesn’t mean everyone will get to hear the evidence, but there must be a process to allow evidence to be discovered even in issues pertaining to national security. Certainly there must be highly respectable citizens able to handle the security clearances many government officials enjoy.

      Sixth, election processes will be opened to scrutiny. Software and hardware used to count votes will be open sourced and inspected. Companies that don’t like it will need to find new things to count with their proprietary equipment and software. This is too important to claim trade secrets.

      Seven, election districts will be based on population densities and lines will be drawn scientifically/mathematically without political concern.

      Eight, political debates will be open to all balloted candidates and all candidates will get equal time and the same questions. We get to see the failures on American Idol, why shy away from some of the crazier political personalities and it might actually improve viewership!

      Nine, immigration laws will be enforced. Our laws will align with Mexico’s immigration law just so it’s fair. In the 1930’s Dust Bowl, California closed it’s border to the “Okies” but today we can’t close our borders?

      Ten, tax law will be changed to allow US companies to move overseas revenues back to the US. Companies that employ workers overseas rather than in the US will be taxed at a higher rate than companies that employ US labor to help off-set the social costs of labor arbitrage (unemployment, lost consumer income, tax base, and GDP growth, and rising trade and current account deficits from the off-shoring of manufacturing and tradable professional service jobs).

      Eleven, no company would be considered “too big fail” as it goes against capitalism to socialize losses and privatize the gains. “Too big to fail” when employed in Germany and Italy was called fascism.

      Twelve, money creation will be removed from private banks as they do not act in the best interests of the nation, but their shareholders and executives. I don’t know what we would replace it with, but easy credit would disappear and a sound form of currency, perhaps with a set inflation rate, would take it’s place. The dollar may have to be abandoned as it might be beyond repair.

      Thirteen, we won’t trade goods with countries that peg their currency rate to our own. It provides them with an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

      I’m going to stop there if anyone has bothered to read this far. 🙂

      • “…why now against small bands of terrorists is the Constitution suddenly a problem?” …extract from post

        First, I must compliment you again Woody188 on your superb postings of late. This one knocks the ball out of the park so to speak. : )

        I concur on all your well thought suggestions. The problem is that the real terrorists are not external to this nation, but duly elected, legislative ‘terrorists’ that now operate as closed door enclaves creating nightmarish legislation that virtally contramands the intent and protections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with the current overhaul of our immigration laws being a prime example, regardless of the grave consequences to our national solvency and destruction of social network programs at the expense of landed citizens.

        Thanks for your well thought creative response to this seemingly despairing editorial on the part of the editor.

        “We’ve met the enemy and he is ‘them'(not us)”… with ‘them’ being our now terminally corrupt three branches of government, all compromised by, of and for the almighty buck. : |

        Carl Nemo **==

        • Hi Carl and thanks for you kind words.

          This is why #1 we have to fix the media situation. People are not getting even a fraction of the truth from the corporate media. The same was true before the American Revolution

          I can imagine King George’s official media spin was far from the truth. This is why Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine and other independent publishers were so important. We have some thing like that in the Internet and blogs, but we need to have equal footing in the most popular medium, television, if we expect to ever have a real impact.

  3. We could hang around Starbucks and call ourselves the ‘Coffee Party’. Think that’d help?


  4. Bravo! AP, CNN, NY TIMES, etc. etc. etc. (except lickspitle Politico) for refusing to attend Eric Holder’s “off the record Justice Dept. meet” with the Press.

    Now, American Press, please shine the big bright light on them all. God bless the First Amendment!

  5. I will need to read more deeply into this commentary from Doug, this morning. This last week of news reporting has sent many of us in a mood of contemplation that should send us all into a slower reaction to his words. I will indulge my own time needed before commenting.

    Rachel Maddow’s show last night opened my own brain to slow down……

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