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Friday, December 8, 2023

John Boehner: A non-relevant and failed Speaker of the House

John Boehner: A failed Speaker?
John Boehner: A failed Speaker?

When the clockers and watchers gather in Washington to talk about failure, a name that pops up most often is House Speaker John Boehner.

Using terms that range from “disappointment” to “massive failure.”  Boehner can’t seem to do anything right.  He ability to reign in the rowdy Republicans in the House is lacking, to say the least.  He shows no interest in building coalitions with the Democratic party or President Barack Obama.

Boehner claims anyone who dismisses him is missing the point.

“I’m a reality-based Speaker,” he says. “You’re missing my style, all right?”

Those who often attempt to work with Boehner shake their heads and wonder: “What style?”

The reality is that Boehner’s leadership from the Speaker’s office is non-existent.  Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said recently that if Boehner was a woman he would be called the weakest speaker in U.S. history.

Pelosi, herself a weak Speaker, should know.

But Boehner displays new lows when it comes to weakness.  His laughable attempts to work with the White House have failed, as have any abilities to control the rabid right-wing factions that control the Republican Party.

“Boehner is less and less of a factor,” former budge committee staffer Al Stanford tells Capitol Hill Blue. “Those who want to accomplish anything in Congress tend to work around him, not with him.””

When asked by reporters from the web site, Politico, if he or his staff have had any contact with Obama or the White House in 2013, Boehner couldn’t come up with an example.

When asked if he had tried to contact the President, Boehner said, simply, “no.”

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3 thoughts on “John Boehner: A non-relevant and failed Speaker of the House”

  1. Let’s make a list of ‘effective’ and ‘relevant’ and ‘not failed’ Speakers of the House.

    Just in this last century, please, and defend (and cite) your assertions.

    Sound like fun? No?


  2. I seriously wonder if Speaker Boehner will be reelected in the next election. My Congresscritter lost her place in the house and I will only have to be patient and wait to see who will replace her.

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