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Sunday, June 23, 2024

IRS targeting of right-wing: Stupid is as stupid does


052213irs3When the incredibly-stupid Internal Revenue Service decided to target and harass right-wing groups it rescued the rapidly-fading tea party from sinking in the political obscurity it so richly deserves.

In so many ways, it’s hilarious that the IRS thought the tea party and its affiliated organizations were worth scrutiny or concern.  Public approval of the fake grassroots efforts had sunk to near zero and the effectiveness of the party was all but gone.

No longer.  The stupidity of the IRS actually has people feeling sorry for the tea party and its gaggle of political misfits and idiots.  Nothing boosts relevancy in this country like being a target of Big Brother.

While the mistake is incredible, it is also all too typical of the error-prone administration of President Barack Obama, a first term senator plucked from obscurity by a nation hungering for something it probably can never find in the American political system:  A true leader who can actually considers a nation’s needs above that of petty, partisan politics.

Like so many “agents of change,” Obama proved not only to be more of the same, but a bumbling one at that, a candidate who gave good speeches but didn’t have the foggiest damn idea how to be a President or lead a nation.

He stumbled into a second term not because of anything he did right but more from what the also inept Republican Party did wrong, fielding a loser like Mitt Romney as an alternative who wasn’t.

Romney, however, emerged from a muddled field of the worst cast of candidates ever foisted on the public by a political party.  Romney didn’t have to do that much to outshine losers like Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann or Ron Paul.  Not one of the cast of failures promoted by the party of the elephant was worthy of office and it was interesting that some were former members of a political office where voters rejected them or they resigned in disgrace.

So the IRS debacle is little more than just another shining example of a government gone sour, an administration running amok and a political system out of control.

Washington remains what it was — an insane asylum where the inmates control the agenda.

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14 thoughts on “IRS targeting of right-wing: Stupid is as stupid does”

  1. Jon brings up a point here that I was going to elaborate on. The inspector’s general report itself, the one that started this whole business, points out on page 10 that by its own assessment of the targeted groups, 69% of them were showed “significant political intervention” in campaigns that would have disqualified them from tax-exempt status. Yet they all got the statuses anyway since, as the report continues, the Cincinnati office disagreed with the IG’s assessments. (I wonder how much of that status-granting had to do with the report?)

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I actually kinda like having people investigating those who claim to be exempt from taxes.


    • Pity that investigating any church (from the Presbyterians to Scientology) is such a 3rd rail.


      • Yes, as others have pointed out, the only church denied tax-exempt status based on political activities in the last sixty years was one in California, during the Bush administration, that was decidedly anti-war.

        • Anti-war isn’t supporting one party over another.

          Odd that they’d choose that reason. Noted, indeed.


  3. Doug is right.

    This nonsense is simply yet ANOTHER indicator…as if we needed any…that the American people are suffering from WAY too much government.

    No matter what the President and/or the Congress “want” by passing legislation, it’s the permanently entrenched (and overpaid) federal bureaucrats who actually “rule the roost”. That’s because they write the rules that actually implement federal legislation.

    And because most federal legislation is written so poorly these days, the bureaucrats simply “put down what they damn please” when it comes to writing implementing regulations.

    Clearly, we could fire half the bureaucrats in today’s federal government and the “sky” absolutely would not “fall”….

    …except perhaps for the bureaucrats.

  4. Doug,

    Your credibility is at risk here. NOWHERE have I seen anything to indicate that the actions of the IRS that you characterize as part of “an administration running amok” were anything more than a few overwhelmed employees trying to do what they thought was the best thing to achieve throughput of their workload.

    This was not, much as you and others would like it to be, a concerted, controlled effort on the part of any political person in the administration to achieve political goals. It was a bumbling bureaucratic ballsup and you are falling directly into the right-wing trap of trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    • My credibility is at stake? That’s a laugh. The White House has already admitted that senior aides knew about the IRS actions long before Obama claims he knew. What I wrote was “an administration running amok.” My credibility is at stake? Look at the long — and increasingly growing — list of lies coming out 1600 Penn. Obama set his tone early when he promised in his campaign that lobbyists would not be involved in his administration and then let the health care lobbying industry write most of the health care bill. This President is a liar just like his predecessors. My credibility is at stake? I’d suggest that anyone who thinks the ever-expanding list of screw-ups by the current occupant is not worth questions has credibility problems of their own.

      • Technically, investigating political outfits that claim non-profit status is what the IRS investigators are supposed to do.

        That’s their job.


      • Doug:

        Have you seen anything that indicates the IRS actions were not as I characterized them?

        Have you seen anything to indicate that any official lied about the issue prior to the release of the IG report?

        Have you seen anything that indicates it is OK for officials to discuss ongoing (not completed) investigations?

  5. Oh, I dunno.

    An outfit that deliberately took its name from a historical moment that involved deliberately defying taxation doesn’t deserve a little inspection by those responsible for taxing it?



  6. Does the word “platitude” echo through your mind when I say: “Our governments (all levels) and elected officials don’t care what we (ordinary citizens) think or believe individually or collectively.”

  7. Thank you Chief, for bringing out the incredible stupidity of the core of our federal government. Just think of the amount of time locating a batch of crooks so adept at screwing not only each other but of the voters who elect our government. I spent the week with a visit with an old friend of 50 years and we recalled the idiocy of our local government when we were trying to add a room on a house or trying to finance a small private school that would give our little kids enough education to make it in a decent university. It was an amazing 3 days that our kids actually survived their background. Neither of us had a problem with kids in trouble. WE both recognized that we had very poor choices in our city, county and state elections.

    We must continue to work against any war actions anywhere on this globe. We will somehow manage to set our own world on fire. But no one will bother to notice as long as television continues to show us as happy go lucky singers and dancers.

    • O Sandy. Just saw your post. I have a second home in Charleston, WV near family. A new deck was in order as the old one was too large and showing its age. A neighbor was helping me to dismantle the old deck suggested I better get a building permit. This was last Saturday. Stayed in town to make a trip to city hall. The inspector was in a meeting. Apparently, it is a one horse show. I left my name and address with another city official.
      I have yet to hear back, and so far no one has showed up. I did explain to the city official I didn’t realize I needed a permit to replace the old deck. She then informed me a permit was needed to replace a toilet.
      OK. There was so much I could have said. I could write it here, but Doug would kick me out! LOL
      BTW, did Doug send you a thank you not for not selling to HuffPo while he was away? I just thought that was priceless!

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