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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Barack Obama: Another power mad despot in the White House

President Barack Obama: Caught lying
President Barack Obama: Caught lying

The real vengeful, power-abusing face of President Barack Obama emerged this week amid growing scandals surrounding the administration’s misuse of power in allowing — and directing — an Internal Revenue Service harassment of the tea party and other conservative groups and revelations that the President’s Attorney General spearheaded a secret investigation of The Associated Press.

Some act surprised to find out the President is a power-mad despot who uses his office to go after real and perceived political enemies.  Others say it was just a matter of time before the real Obama emerged for all of America to see.

Despite repeated denials of involvement in the scandals by the White House, sources close to Obama tell Capitol Hill Blue that the President not only knew of the activities but authorized both of the escalating scandals as well as other uses of his office to target those who disagree with his policies.

“This is just the surface,” says one former White House staff member who asked not to be identified.  “Obama is worse than Nixon when it comes to abuse of power.”

Sources say Obama not only knew the IRS was targeting the not-for-profit status of conservative groups but both applauded and approved the efforts.

“The direction from the White House was clear,” says another former administration official.  “If any group was perceived as an enemy they became a target.”

In following the President’s directions, the IRS challenged the tax status of not-for-profit groups that used the words “tea party” in materials or invoked other phrases like “power of the people” or simply the word “freedom.”

The goal was to revoke the not-for-profit status of these groups while not paying any attention to liberal groups that used words like “progressive.”

The President also authorized Attorney General Eric Holder to use secret subpoenas to seize phone records of The Associated Press because of its stories that detailed a CIA operation in Yeman to thwart a plot to bomb an airliner.

Holder now denies a role in the probe but sources say he instigated the investigation at the direction of the White House as part of Obama’s obsession with finding the source of leaks.

“Obama is a paranoid President,” says a Justice Department investigator.  “He can’t stand things he cannot control.”

While claiming no responsibility, Holder defends the secret seizing of AP phone records.

“This was a very serious, grave leak that put the American people at risk,” he now says.

In reality, the AP stories put Obama’s abuse of power at risk and that was something the President can’t abide.  Obama’s ego and lust for absolute power is beyond control.

Since becoming President, Obama has proven to be even more power mad that previous White House occupant George W. Bush.  The Obama administration has expanded the use of wiretaps by the government, broadened the abuses of power under the USA Patriot Act and used the power of his office to investigate and harass those who disagree with him.

In this case, Obama has proven to be just another power-abusing politician who tries to wash his hands of the actions of his minions when they get caught.  He likes to appear hands off but is — in reality — a control freak.

He’s a fake, a liar and a power-mad fraud.

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16 thoughts on “Barack Obama: Another power mad despot in the White House”

  1. While Danny’s post makes sense, I feel that if we loose the 2nd Amendment the rest will surely fall because the government will no longer fear it’s citizens. Everyone needs to remember that these clowns work for us not the other way around. If most of these nit-wits performed a public job like they do their political appointment that most would be fired. They violate numerous rules that would never be given a pass at a business. Not showing up for work when scheduled, lying to their bosses, ethics violations, theft, fraud, scandals, and there are many more. we must send a message that they are held accountable of they will slowly but surely take away rights until we do work for them.

  2. Wow!…Interesting commentary here…I hadn’t heard that Obama knew about this IRS intrusion into tea party and other conservative groups…I’ll wait to see what evidence emerges to back up that claim before drawing too many conclusions.

    RE: this quote from Carl: “The only thing that might cause these political despots pause is they have a heavily armed citizenry to contend with that will snipe their illicit roundup contingents from behind every tree, rock and conrete wall across this land.” Carl, I hope you don’t really believe everything you wrote in that post….No, Carl, you use the law not a gun. When Nixon abused his presidential powers, it was the law that brought him to heel. If Obama has done the same or similar, he’ll be treated in the same manner.

    • Hi Jim B. …

      I’d like to believe that ‘justice’ will be served, but seemingly that too has become compromised and totally corrupted since the Nixon era.

      “Justice is the interest of the stronger”…Thrasymachus…Plato’s Republic

      My admonition concerning citizens having to defend themselves will be if and when martial law is declared and everyone realizes it’s a function of a corrupt, failed government at the hands of knaves in high places. Rest assured our now totally compromised Congress will push this nation to the very limits of survival before they are forced to cease and desist in their endless, criminally disposed legislative ways.

      When the dollar finally goes bust and hyper inflation rages across the land and there’s no more gratuity checks in mail in the form of SS, government/military pensions, food stamp support etc. followed by rioting and blood running in the streets, then and only then will citizen patriots realize it’s time to emulate the founders of this once great Republic vs. a modern era ‘King George III of England’ and throw of the chains of a terminally corrupt government.

      I don’t relish such ideas and hopefully I’m wrong in my analysis for such a grim outcome.

      Freedom is not free…!

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. The government will attempt to justify anything and no doubt will drag out “national security” and “The Patriot Act” somewhere along the line.

    To use an often used phrase this administration has a “culture of corruption” with a President more willing to pass the buck rather than having it stop at his desk.

    I guess it is all the fault of Bush?

  4. Hi Doug,

    Longtime reader of the site, and understand and applaud its philosophy. But I also remember allegations of Presidential misconduct (Bush, Constitution, piece of paper — enough said??) on this site that didn’t pan out.

    So I have to ask: What real evidence do you have that Barack Obama and/or his closest advisors directed an IRS crackdown on tea party groups?

    Someone saying he did just isn’t enough.

    Dates, conversations, actions. That’s the kind of journalism that makes a difference. Many thanks.

  5. Faces come and go in government, but the long-time systemic problems and growing incompetence maintains a steady course.

    I doubt I’ll live long enough to see the end game. But it should be quite a show.

  6. I’m not an opponent of the 2nd Amendment by any means, but I am getting a little weary of the “Government is afraid of our guns” and “We have the 1st Amendment because of the 2nd Amendment” mantras. My take is that we still have the 2nd Amendment–and all the others–because they’re protected by the 1st.

    Was it our guns that revealed Benghazi? The AP records-snatching? Or farther back, the ignored bin Laden intelligence report and the stonewalling of the 9/11 Commission? Change–change for the better, I mean–in this country is going to be brought about by words and ideas put forth by Doug and many others like him, not armed revolution. Change will come by using our 1st Amendment right to blow holes of transparency into government’s dark places, then spread far and wide what the light reveals.

    The government could use a missile from hundreds of miles away to take out you and your AR-15. But ideas are a whole lot harder to kill.

  7. It’s no surprise. Remember the days when one could go to a political event and protest?

    Today protesters are corralled into “free speech zones” surrounded by chain link and riot gear clad police. They can expect to be beaten, arrested, and shot with “non-lethal” ordinance.

    Remember the days when one could expect a modicum of privacy when speaking on the phone or sending email?

    Today your ISP records, your email, your phone conversations can all be intercepted, recorded, and monitored without any warrant or even probable cause and without your knowledge.

    Remember the days when the government had to show evidence in a trial of their peers and prove someone guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt?

    Today the government can snatch a person, whisk them away to a torture prison, hold them indefinitely or simply assassinate them on the word of a single man, a known “…fake, a liar and a power-mad fraud.”

    Seems to me our firearms really are the only reason we are still pseudo-free. Most our other “natural rights, inalienable right, God given rights” have been stripped from us by the Junior and Obama Unitary Executives in the name of protecting us from terrorism. Were we ever really free?

    • I’ve got to hand it to you Woody188, this post along your recent one concerning “The Second Amendment never was a guarantee to own firearms” represent some of the finest posts to this site over time. You very eloquently lay out this incrementalist erosion of our ‘rights’ and privacy in our persons and papers to date.

      Maybe some of these “Second Amendment” revisionists might think twice before being so eager to allow the government to first force mass registration of weapons then on to confiscation in order to protect entrenched despots such as this president and future far worse ones to come. Bush/Cheney were a preview to coming attractions for sure and Obama is nothing more than the equivalent of a third term for G.W. Bush & Co. / : |

      Americans won’t wake up until they see their neighbors and friends being rounded up at 4AM to disappear into the “night and fog” aka known as “Nacht und Nebel” as implemented by the Gestapo (NAZI FBI) from the mid 30’s til the end of the war in ’45’. Think it can’t happen here folks then you best think again.

      The only thing that might cause these political despots pause is they have a heavily armed citizenry to contend with that will snipe their illicit roundup contingents from behind every tree, rock and conrete wall across this land.

      The resistance’ mighty cry shall be “no pasaran” while they, the usurpers shall not prevail.

      Carl Nemo **==

  8. Now if the rest of the press holds this President’s feet to the fire, we just might have a free nation again.

  9. Many of us remember your long tirades on both sides of the aisle. Some I have agreed with and some not. My approach to politics sits on how people are defined to any form of government. I got thrown off the LP forum for daring to suggest equality be the only subject of definition.

    My terms of definition are very clear in my own mind and impossible to discuss anywhere here.

    There is no right from wrong in our government and people are too damn lazy to define anything of value.

  10. 62? My god Bill you’re a youngster.

    Wonder how the right-wingers, tea party types and gun owners who think it is all right to question anything they are against but unpatriotic to use the same standard on them will see this piece? They claim CHB is now a left-wing site, which means they ignore our long history of applying the same standards for scrutiny to all sides.

    Hell, they will probably claim that someone else wrote this under my name. 🙂

    • I think Doug Thompson is a power-mad despot who uses his office to go after real and perceived political enemies. 🙂

      Welcome to humanity. We all do that.

      Attributed to Abraham Lincoln is the quote (roughly paraphrased), “Any man can rise above adversity. To really test their mettle, give a man power.”

      Hi Sandy. I got thrown off Reader Rant for enquiring after the possible biases of our esteemed Publisher’s ‘anonymous sources’, so I’m with you on that.

      I’m about to get thrown off this site entirely…


    • Doug, yep I’m still a young pup (well at least much of the time I feel like one). 🙂

      As to those who don’t know you and your equal disgust of both sides, I would not give much credence to anyone posting anonymously in the first place. From my view point it appears those that judge you, often arrogantly, are nobodies not worth your time to even care about. A coward’s opinion means nothing to me and I tend to ignore any post that doesn’t have a full name attached to it.

  11. Doug, I believe it obvious to all who pay any attention that In Washington DC scandals metastasize changing and growing until we can’t remember what they were about in the first place. At the age of 62 I have become numb to our governments endless folly.

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