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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Rand Paul: Another result of inbred Republican racism

Is that Rand Paul hiding in uniform?  Could be him or most any other Republican.
Is that Rand Paul hiding in uniform? Could be him or most any other Republican.

In an all too typical move by the rabid reactionary Republicans who believe the only future for their obsolete political party lies in a return to the intolerant, racist past, the obsolete leadership of the clan of the elephant is promoting another failure for office — Rand Paul, the lackluster and racially-tinged Kentucky Senator and son of thrice-failed Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Paul — who is following in his father’s retarded habits of playing on the GOP’s inbred hatred of minorities, gays and progress — is touted as the GOP’s primary hope for a return to the White House in 2016.

If Rand Paul is the hope of the GOP, then hopelessness is the result.  Like most regressive right wingers who dominate the party Paul may appeal to hardcore racists in Kentucky but — like his father — he will lack the appeal to succeed in a far more demanding national electorate.

Is Rand Paul as racist as his former Texas Congressman father?  Probably.  He has stated publicly that restaurant owners should be allowed to refuse service to minorities and he has a long, sordid history of backing legislation that targets and penalizes those are less than white.

The unwashed and brain dead flock who claim allegiance to Paul and his father claim both are strict Constitutionalists who represent the future of the nation.  Is so, that future is warped and repressive.  Both want laws that laughingly consider any unborn festus as human being, amendments that limit the rights of gays to marry and other equally repressive laws that strip humans of rights and individuality.

If Rand Paul represents the future of the Republican Party then the party deservedly has no future.  If the GOP rallies around this miscreant then it should — and most likely will — descend into a well-deserved pit of political oblivion — one that has already consumed other failures like Ron Paul, David Duke, George Wallace, and those who deserve to disappear into the morass..

But while these bastions of inbred Republican racism, homophobia and intolerance will thankfully disappear from the political landscape, the hardcore right wingers will look for another standard bearer for a return to a past that is best forgotten and buried.

Racism — like gonorrhea and diarrhea — will remain as plagues in this country and will continue to find a home in the Republican party.


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7 thoughts on “Rand Paul: Another result of inbred Republican racism”

  1. Interesting that a raft of pro-Paul and pro-GOP comments came from fake email addresses and were caught by our spam software. Not surprising that those who claim the Pauls are the future post as phonies. Just like the party they claim to represent.

    A note to those who think they can post under fake emails or post threats anonymously. Your comments will not appear and your presence here is not welcome or allowed.

    • Ain’t it funny how Nathan Bedford Forrest, a DEMOCRAT, was the founder of the Clan (as depicted by the hooded knight picture herein) as if it were Republicans who were racist?

      C’mon Doug.

  2. Another piece of gutter journalism Doug?

    Just to play along, who would be the “obsolete leadership of the clan of the elephant” you reference? From what I can read, the GOP elite is far from happy that Paul is seen so admirably amongst the rank and file.

  3. Sandy wrote: “After all our wars have watered down the leadership that should have come from our family units, it has been discovered that our I.Q. levels have been allowed to become reduced to near idiocy.”

    Sorry, Sandy, I have to disagree.

    It’s not our IQ levels that have been watered down, it’s our education levels.

    Or, to put it another way, it’s not stupidity, it’s IGNORANCE that our nation now suffers from.

    • Well Keith, I saw what was happening in our piblic schools. The curriculum had been cut back severely with little of a fresh look at anything new even in our History classes.

      In 1947 my grandmother pulled me out of the Santa Monica school district and along with 6 of my beach bum pals, put us into a private girl’s school that had a fabulous library. I seriously doubt that any of us had high IQ’s but my grandmother’s generation wanted all of us to have a strong academic University for our extended education. The difference my my pals and many of the beach bums is shocking!

      Our private school gave us a cultural background in Greek philosophy opening up our lives to the start of classical theater, music, art and math. 5 of 6 of us became teachers and I was the odd ball and went to business school. I became the token capitalist. I realized my mistake and located the best academic structure I could find from K to 5th grade and then a college prep through the higher grades.

      The biggest difference is that my kids have read the best books possible. The grandkids of the residents here have large collections of games, but could not name a single book they had read.

      The reason I mentined the IQ ratings is that the GOP is using the lower IQ scores that they claim are from the Latinos and other minorities. The Heritage Foundation is suggesting white immigrants only for citizenship.

      I should not have mentioned this on CHB as so few understand what I’m talking about. Thos Bell curves came out in the mid 1950s but few people here bothered to read about it. I give up. We are dumb and we will stay dumb. Our government reflects how ignorant the voters are.

      I’m going to the zoo tomorrow. I have a need to look into the eyes of an intelligent face.

  4. There was a time when the GOP had the opportunity to state their positions on racial equality and how it would affect their voting habits.

    That time is long gone and nothing I can say can ever correct what is being quoted from their party.

    I put the blame on the Republican National Committee for their lack of clarity on what the GOP would be running on in the future.

    I remember after WW2 when a group from the religious right stormed in with the Birch Society to once and for all issue a statement that America is and always will be a Christian nation. Senator Barry Goldwater stood up against this threat but discovered he had only a handful of supporters.

    There was no strong agenda or platform to gather up the leadership necessary to make a firm political party.

    Even at this late date, there is no leadership found on the right side of politics. If America wanted a Christian Nation they should have stood tall behind the Pope.

    After all our wars have watered down the leadership that should have come from our family units, it has been discovered that our I.Q. levels have been allowed to become reduced to near idiocy.

    I wondered how long it would take for the GOP to dig up the old bell curve to keep unacceptable minorities out of citizenship. It happened this week.

    We are back in the same mold as we were before the Civil War. There is no light on at CHB. I’m tired of the fights and cannot assign reading material to anyone who will not turn off the boob tube.

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