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Monday, July 22, 2024

America is rife with politicians who like to screw around

Sarah Palin hanging with the motorcycle types at Rolling Thunder.
Sarah Palin hanging with the motorcycle types at Rolling Thunder.

Let’s face it. Politics in America is stupidity on parade and randy political stupidity as well.

At the National Rifle Association convention in Houston last week, one of high profile speakers was Sarah Palin, the failed 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate, failed former Alaska governor and certified flake.

In spite of all her failures, Palin remains a favorite of the rabid — and incredibly stupid — right wing of the laughable Republican party.  Yes, the party that claims — incredibly — to stand for “family values” and decency in America still rallies around well-known political screwball whose only accomplishments in this world was as a party girl in multiple colleges and built a reputation as a sports reporter who liked to bed athletes.

Ohmigod!  Did he say that?  Did he mention that Sarah Palin likes to screw around?

Palin, as a TV reporter, was linked with athletes like future NBA star Glen Rice, who admitted a one-night stand with her.  Author Joe McGinniss documented that along with a six-month affair between Palin and  Brad Hanson, a business partner of her husband.

If reports out of the Palin camp are true, she still has a wandering eye and libido that needs fulfillment when the mood strikes and Sarah, they say, is often in the mood.

Speaking of screwing around, down in South Carolina, a well known bastion of right wing wackos in this country, conservatives rallied around once- exiled politico Mark Sanford and voted him back into the political spotlight in a special election.

Sanford, driven from the governorship in 2009 after he was caught using state funds for pay for visits to his Argentine mistress, was a well-known womanizer who remained in office because those in power looked the other way.

Sanford claims he’s reformed.  Those close to him tell Capitol Hill Blue that his only change is that he practices more care in concealing his screwing around.

Democrats, of course, can’t claim any high road when it comes to morality.  They still revere Bill Clinton, whose only real accomplish as President was the repeated nailing of intern Monica Lewinsky — and God knows how many other willing women — in the Oval Office.

American politicians, by and large, are a failed class as citizens.  They lie, cheat and steal with no regret and little fear of punishment

They use the power of their offices to get rich.  Even Ron Paul, the so-called saint of those who revere him as a one-time viable alternative, hoarded most of the millions he raised in failed Presidential elections and converted those funds to personal use for his foundations that employ family members.  Paul got into the habit of using the gullibility of the American public to cash in after he lost a re-election bid and left Congress deep in debt.  So he cooked up a series of racism-tinged newsletters that paid off big time.

Few, if any, of our so-called leaders avoid temptation and that situation has existed for a long, long time.  Former Illinois Rep. Henry Hyde, the grandfatherly Republican at the center of Congressional efforts to nail Clinton for his affairs, admitted fathering a child out of wedlock with a former paramour.  Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich turned adultery into an audition system for future wives.  Makes one wonder who is next on Newt’s casting couch.

Actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fairy-tale marriage came to an end after he was caught nailing his housekeeper and fathering her child.  Former House political power Wilbur Mills was caught with a stripper.  Another Congressman, Wayne Hays, put his mistress on his taxpayer-funded payroll as a secretary who couldn’t type.

One also has to wonder if all this screwing around is necessary training for public office.

After all, the only thing that any of these morally-deficient clowns appear to be capable of really accomplishing is the unrepentant rape of the American public.


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4 thoughts on “America is rife with politicians who like to screw around”

  1. So? This is news? Ummm…the rest of the population likes to screw around too. That’s why we have a population.

    In fact, screwing around is one of my favorite leisure-time activities.

    As far as rape goes, the Democrats are no slouches in that department either.

  2. I’ve always found it fascinating that our culture will blissfully allow all manner of illegal shenanigans to be perpetrated by our elected officials, both in and out of office.

    But just let one of them be found with a certain part of their anatomies in the help and all hell breaks loose.

    We are a nation that prides itself in allowing personal freedom and social “enlightenment”. Yet we continue to allow an ever-shrinking minority of tongue-wagging busybodies and hypocrites to obsessively foist their horribly misplaced moral agendas on the rest of us.

    Our culture’s seemly preoccupation with (and prudish over-regulation of) things sexual (particularly regarding what consenting adults freely choose to do in their private lives) is, to me, even more disgusting than letting the clearly illegal behavior of crooked politicians continue to go unpunished.

  3. “After all, the only thing that any of these morally-deficient clowns appear to be capable of really accomplishing is the unrepentant rape of the American public.” ~ Doug Thompson”

    In this kind of rape, to put into the words of Richard Murdock the former Indiana Senate candidate…what we get is not God’s will but the will of the people!

  4. I think the following sums up our political system, in a nutshell, and is the only commentary necessary…in every article henceforth. Change the title a little and repeat…

    “After all, the only thing that any of these morally-deficient clowns appear to be capable of really accomplishing is the unrepentant rape of the American public.” ~ Doug Thompson

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